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I visit hudson park on a daily basis.I have done this for over fifty years and just love the place.My recent visits to the park have certainly changed.As a senior my price has risen for entry for myself and my car.The addition of the new bar and res’t are a good thing if it is done right.When thisw tiki hut was being built the had no permits from city hall how is that possible do you mean to tell me that not one city worker,police officer,or a member of council never saw what was going on here?My questions to city hall will be as follows;
1-where are there permits posted like health lic.liquor lic.sales tax lic,? every bar in New Rochelle except this one has that.
2-who is picking up there garbage as of today the garbage and the stink of it was unreal.What is the city going to charge for this? As a former bar owner in this city i had to prove to city hall who hauled my trash.
3-Has the board of health even seen this place yet?they have no running water to the bar area the power is very limited there are no sinks to clean the bartenders or servers hands.
4-do they have a lic for music like all others bars have to get.Where is Ms. Sanchez and the crew of city officals who visited my place 3-4 times a year?
I know some people will think i’m againest this project and that is the furthest from the truth. This is just another example of New Rochelle city hall turning a blind eye to something they want done.I wish i could open a business that fast in this city. Someone in city hall should have to answer to this. Mr.Cox i heard your site looks into things at city hall i hope and pray you can get to the bottom of this. I wouild like to send some pictures of the trash and no permits posted. to whom do i send them?

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  1. Mr. Hudson Park, you remind
    Mr. Hudson Park, you remind me of Apple Computer. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, they went crying to the government over everything Microsoft did. Nobody wanted their crappy Mac computers back then. They got their wish, and the government came in with anti-trust laws and cost Microsoft millions of dollars. Now, Microsoft has to spend millions on lobbyists to keep the government off its back. Now they’ll be there with case law on its side going after Apple when it “screws up.” Lesson: If you don’t like the competition, DO SOMETHING BETTER. If you don’t like the laws that apply to your business, FIGHT THEM, not your competitors. You seem to be all over the place. You claim The Beechmont is there because of connections. Connections to????? Local government officials? The same ones you want harassing other businesses? You then point to spots on North Avenue rampant with drug use and sales – why not complain to NR about that? I’m not questioning your facts, nor do I care to verify anything like Tom seems to have the time to do. As a business man myself, I never felt the need to go to any authorities on my competition. We’ve already got a president who wants to fine people for not having health insurance. His socialist policies are also pushed in the name of fairness.

    1. Kidding me
      I remind you of apple Get a life. I’m talking about small business in New Rochelle the people that hire most if not all the folks looking for work. The competition there is no competition in the bar and res’t business we all work together. You don’t get it this TIKI bar at Hudson Park did not open by the so called RULES of New Rochelle.This is a FACT there is no way under the laws of this city that this bar and res’t is LEGAL. As a former owner in this business i can state this place was and still is not got the permits to be open! Mr. Cox gets things done in this city and Chuck and Noam and crew are running for the hills,but he has no back bone to look into this.I love his site and i like him but really This is a story of City Hall of New Rochelle as the norm.

      1. Mr. Hudson Park
        I don’t think you’re being honest. Firstly, you come up with the name Hudson Park, then you proceed to attack the new business there. You claim to be in favor of it but your hidden agenda is showing due to your anger. I too love Mr. Cox site. He has given us all a place to express our opinions and discuss issues, he has gone after corruption but one thing I have not seen him do is attack the small businessman . I have not seen him attack anything that is positive in New Rochelle.
        Mr. Hudson Park, do not ask Bob Cox to do your dirty work. If you have legitimate concerns then walk into City Hall like a man and demand action, then if they don’t respond and you have proof of your claims you can tell us about it here. But please don’t ask Mr. cox to be your thug. Once again, what’s going on at Hudson Park is the best thing to happen to this area in a long time.

      2. Tom
        I am honest and you can’t handle that because you know i’m right these are friends of yours that own this tiki bar but if they were not YOU would be sitting at your computer doing the same thing i’m doing. Enough people in City Hall read this site so i’m sure there watching and listening you are a Noam fan AND A CHUCK FAN I GET IT.I can ask cox you don’t speak for him and niether do i but i can ask’Like i said before if you don’t like what i’m writeing then don’t read it.Either way i don’t give a damm and yes i got anger at city hall because when they want something they will do anything and i mean anything to get it no matter how the SCREW people.

  2. Tom and ????
    Tom, I think you’d find a joker poker machine in almost every bar in NR. They are for entertainment purposes only!!!!! I haven’t seen the place nor have I stepped foot in that area for years. I think Mr. Anonymous should use his energy to fight the absurd regulations rather than trying to use government to put a place out of business. He is a liberal’s dream come true. Anyone with eyes and ears can come up with something on every bar in the area. I won’t name any names, since I’m remaining anonymous myself. If you’re known, you can walk into many bars in that area and buy cocaine, crack, heroin, etc…. Is there a permit for drug sales? Both you guys should get off your fat behinds (I have seen you before Tom) and get some business friendly people in local and state government. How’s that North Avenue bar business doing guys? ONE bar left in the area. Maybe we can all go back and forth telling on our neighbors until government makes us all equal. Then we’ll all play “by the rules.”

    1. Hey Willyrand
      What bars do you go in? You could not name 5 bars in this city with so called joker poker machines.For you Mr. willyrand to say that you can walk into bars and buy crack etc etc is nuts.You call me a fat ass i’m sure your a good looking guy ha ha! As far as the bars on north ave. go look what the city has now? Every neighborhood in the area around iona is screaming about house parties.Yes the city chased out t6he bars but what did they get in return?

      1. Exactly my point. The city
        Exactly my point. The city chased out the bars by using LAWS. It wasn’t a lack of interest in the bars. It wasn’t that The Beechmont provided better service and better drinks. IT WAS GOVERNMENT. That’s the problem. Like you said, the neighbors now have bigger issues. Like I said, I won’t name any names. I could easily come up with 5 bars with poker machines. Further, I know of 4 off the top of my head where drugs are easily bought. Obviously, you can’t go up to the bartender and order crack off the street. I don’t know if the owners know or not, but the fact I know makes it hard to believe they couldn’t. If they just banned all bars and restaurants in New Rochelle, we wouldn’t have any of these problems. We can convert them into 99 cent stores. Not many permits involved. The Democracts would be happy, and many local consumers.

      2. good idea
        The beechmont made it because a city council members son in law owned the place and chuck and crew ate and drank there often.When the new owners took over t6he city went after them two fold as a matter of fact the police comm. got mad at them when they would not give him steaks for his police foundation golf tour at wky. country club.KINDA funny all the city council’s dinners came from the beechmont when one of there son in laws owned it.As far as your drug buying goes i think your in the wrong town for that and if you do know of that call the police drug line and give them a tip.You say ban bars and drugs are gone you my friend don’t know a damm thing about this city go to 309 north and take a look,go to the corner of brook and horton,main and echo,just to name a few and this happens every night go ask the people who live there.
        The bars and res’t due this city a lot of good we have more fund rasiers to help people in need more than any person or business in this city we help this city and it’s people more than anyone my friend and that’s a fact

  3. Hudson Park
    I too have been to Hudson Park, however only recently have I enjoyed it. The food and Beach bar are fantastic and the clientele they are bringing in are from Connecticut, Larchmont, Scarsdale, Pelham and New Rochelle. I was curious about your post so I did some research. They have all licenses posted in the snack bar as instructed to do so by the various agencies. They are registered with sales tax as a second location ( it seems these fellows own another restaurant in town) They have their Liquor license posted, their heath dept certificates are posted, the temporary CO is posted, etc… I called the Westchester board of heath and they meet all the state regulations. They use plastic cups so no glass washing is necessary etc…They said they get one dumpster from the City and Kleen Sweep carting of Yonkers has taken their other dumpsters, They told me the smell of the garbage was the beach debris and seaweed that was not picked up over the long holiday weekend. Wouldn’t it have been easier for you to actually stop and talk to someone from the place rather than post false accusations? Why you would take the time to Libel the best thing to happen to New Rochelle since I live here is beyond me. Especially when it took me all of about an hour to find out that every claim you’ve made is false. The kids at the snack bar are very kind and friendly I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you. But once again I must ask you why you want to destroy such a positive thing going on at Hudson Park?

    1. Well TOM
      Excuse me Mr. know it all. But if you read my post i said the place was good. If you know any thing about the liquor laws which i’m sure you don’t you would have some idea what i was saying.A bar must have there liquor lic. clearly posted where alchol is being served and the day i posted this story they did not and they still don’t not at the tiki bar,they do not have all the signs that must be clearly posted every bar and res’t must do this maybe you should stop by some and then you will know what i’m talking about. As far as the water deal they need running water to clean rags and wash hands.They do handle food and ice for drinks so that is a requirement even if the do use plastic cups.As far as the dumpster the city has a couple of dumpsters there my question was who are they using because at the time of my post the city was the only one there.As a former bar and res’t owner in this city i had to prove to city hall this by posting in my window who picked up my garbage and i if i used city pick-up i was only allowed two 35 gallon pails twice a week i’m sure this place produces more than four pails a week.There lic’s were not up either at the snack bar or at the tiki hut at the time of my post so maybe someone read it and notifyed the owners and they read up on it and quickly posted them i will check tomorrow and see if you are correct.I am in no way tring to destory this place as you tom have stated,like i said i’m a former bar and res’t owner in this city for over 30 years.I own 4 other place in and around New York city I must say by far New Rochelle has rules here that i have never seen before and i tell you Tom call officer sanchez at the new rochelle police dept.and ask her to send you a copy of all the rules you must do in this city.For city officals to state that this place does not need a calbert lic. like mostly all other places in this city is beyond beleif.The city knows if this place needed one they would never pass and that’s a fact.So my point is here is that New Rochelle officals look the other way when it benifits them they the owners of this tiki bar and res’t should have to go through what every other bar and res’t owner has to go through.That’s my point.I’ve lived the nightmare of owning a place in this city and beleive me it’s no walk in the park and you can ask bar owners if i’m wrong.AS for your last statement i’m in no way tring to destroy a positive thingand i do beleive it is a positive thing but they have to play by the rules like every other bar and res’t owner in this city.

      1. Fair enough
        My wife and I walk there every night, it’s beautiful and I would hope the city wouldn’t go out of their way to make life miserable for them. Sometimes when a business comes in that is actually beneficial to an area, an intelligent management will work with them and not against them. But I would have much more respect for your posts if you used your real name or told us what establishments you owned. Without this information one will assume you are a competitor or just have an ax to grind. In my experience in New Rochelle, most bars encountered trouble with the police and City officials because of a few things. Either it was a drug spot, joker poker machines, after hours or under age drinking was allowed. It seems to me, unless you go to every bar and restaurant in New Rochelle and do an inspection and report back to us, then you are singling out this new place for a reason.

      2. Enough said
        I also go to hudson park on a daily basis. You my friend have no idea how the city treats bars and res’t in this city.They have a TASK FORCE made up of the police and fire departments,the electric’plumber’building’health,tax,law,departments and the state liquor auth, they come out at night and walk into places with jackets and badges out right in the middle of dinner. Image this 12 people like that walking in while your dining.They go through everything they look under tables they question patrons they ask 35 year old people for id they go behind the bars and pick up every bottle and look for fruit flies anything they can fine you on they will.Remember they are all on overtime so they have to show there bosses something even it is minor thing.The real kick in the ass is the fact that the SLA watch’s and if you get a minor violation it go’s to the SLA court and that’s a 2500.00 fine plus law fees the board of health can be anywhere from 250-5000 a pop.Remember this we as bar and res.t owners have to go for our lic’s evry year we have to show that we have all permits or we don’t get our lic.The board of health and the fire and police can come anytime and i and many other owners don’t mind that but all of the other departments is a kick in the butt.My whole point of this post is that since this place sits on city property they should have to go through the same process as every other bar and res’t in this city and i can tell you and every offical in CITY HALL that this has not happened. They started work on this place with no permits and that’s a fact ask Mr.Vacca i was there when he put the stop work order on them!They only posted there permits at the stand after i posted this story fact.They still do not have the proper signage in place at the tiki bar fact.Every bar and i mean every bar must have running water to clean hands fact.
        City officals are looking the other way and its wrong fact.I dare you to call officer sanchez and ask her why they don’t need a city lic. she will say outdoor venue does not apply well thats a load of crap if my place or any other place in this city has a band they need a lic from this city why don’t they??? Let’s see when MR.Bramson or any city council member is having a fund rasier at one the beach clubs this election season if the task force will pay them a visit. I’LL give anyone odds on that.

      3. Mr. Hudson Park
        simple question. What bar or establishments in New Rochelle did you own? If you can’t answer this please stop with your posts. No disrespect, but I do not like people that stir up trouble and won’t identify themselves.

      4. Like i said
        I will not disclose that info because my notes have not been met and i will not let City Hall and this police dept go and destory someone else’s life’s I will not stop with my post’s you don’t own this site and if you don’t like what i post well then don’t read it. Either way i don’t give a damm what you think of me these are the facts and if you can’t handle the truth then i suggest you go read Patch or the Mayor’s news letter because that’s where you will find the real crap of this town.

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