Man Found Dead in a Van at HSBC Parking Lot in Downtown New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

VanDeath1A man was found dead in a van at the HSBC parking lot this afternoon. Police say the man appears to have died of natural causes. The Westchester County Medical Examiner has been called by New Rochelle Police.

The parking lot attendant says he was asked to go check on the van because the van had been parked in the same spot overnight. He says he looked in the window and saw a man leaning back in the driver’s seat. The attendant could see that the man’s diaphragm was not moving, that he was not breathing. He went back and told his boss who then called police.

The van was parked in the back of the lot near Lawton Street across from the New Rochelle Public Library green.

UPDATE: Journal News is reporting: “The Westchester Medical Examiner’s Office identified the man as William Garris of 64 Lincoln Ave.”