New Rochelle Police Capture Bank Robbers Following High Speed Chase on I-95

Written By: Robert Cox

WebsterBankRobberyNew Rochelle police responded to reports of a robbery at the Webster Bank branch located next to the Radisson Hotel on River Street, chasing the suspects until the driver of the getaway car crashed near Exit 14 on I-95. Two men entered the bank around noon on Tuesday. They were wearing masks. One displayed a hand gun while the other demanded money from a bank teller.

After getting money from the teller, the pair left the scene in a blue SUV with Pennsylvania plates driven by a third man.

One of the responding officers from the New Rochelle police department saw the blue SUV and engaged in pursuit of the vehicle which was heading southbound on I-95. The officer observed one man throw something out the window. A gun was later recovered near that location.

The chase ended at the I-95 Exit 14 for the Hutchinson River Parkway. The driver lost control of the vehicle, struck a barrier and rolled forward onto a grassy area.

3 thoughts on “New Rochelle Police Capture Bank Robbers Following High Speed Chase on I-95”

  1. I also heard a similar news.
    I also heard a similar news. An Oregon couple were arrested Sunday following a high-speed chase by law enforcement in 2 various states. The pair were wanted in the shooting of a Wyoming man. They were stopped when the man was not able to drive a standard shift. Source of article: Getaway thwarted when suspect is not able to drive a stick. Police visibility is important at all times so law offenders won’t succeed with their stealth.

    1. On Tuesday
      I can assure you my intent was not to mislead you. To address your concerns I have added “on Tuesday” to the article. Hope that helps clear up any concerns you might have.

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