New Rochelle is Hit on Face Book: You Know You Are From New Rochelle If…

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YOU KNOW YOU ARE FROM NEW ROCHELLE IF…This two week old entry on Face Book has attracted thousands of comments from all over the country galvanizing current and former natives and former residents of New Rochelle from all ethnic backgrounds including instant “hometown” commentary like no other vehicle before it on the Queen City of the Sound.

Hundreds of people with multiple entries from every walk of life are excited about their and others reflections on everything from historic New Rochelle neighborhoods, landmarks, people, incidents, clubs and associations, nicknames, retail, positive and negative news, teachers, principals, gossip, sports, parties, festivals, teams, romances and many other delights of the heart that are obviously — still aflame.

For this writer it is refreshing to hear from people collectively who even know what it was about historically in New Rochelle and to have an immediate and welcome platform for commentary.

Face Book once again has revolutionized access to friends and people with something in common through the commentary about love of our hometown. What a great opportunity to not lose touch. Go to the Face Book ( )and try it, it is fascinating and a very real reconnection covering many generations.

2 thoughts on “New Rochelle is Hit on Face Book: You Know You Are From New Rochelle If…”

  1. New Rochelle, NY – The Past & Present
    Your a little late to the party Mr. Anderson. The FaceBook group “New Rochelle, NY – The Past & Present” has been going strong for over 3 years, has an extensive collection of photos (over 600), videos and over 2700 members. I’m happy to see another New Rochelle group, but give respect where respect is due.!/groups/31735413172/

    1. New Rochelle Celebrated
      No disrespect intended to you or others and thanks for the information. I do not reside in New Rochelle and I was moved by the enthusiastic reflections still mounting. We can never get enough of the old days I guess. Call me

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