Ilyse Spertus Seeks New Rochelle’s District 5 City Council Seat Fresh Perspective Strikes a Chord with People of New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

New Rochelle, NY, August 29, 2011- – District 5 City Council candidate Ilyse Spertus’ is taking New Rochelle by storm with her refreshing, clear positive message for a revitalized, energized and prosperous Queen City of the Sound.  
Upon announcing her candidacy, Spertus received endorsements from the Republican and Conservative parties, established a strong following of Democrats and unaffiliated New Rochelle voters, and is now seeking to secure the Independence Party vote in the September 13 primary. 

Spertus’ broad appeal stems from her thoughtful, independent, inclusive approach and her ability to distill the essence of what matters most to the people of New Rochelle.  A dedicated advocate for New Rochelle, Spertus’ platform centers on attracting new business and revenue, controlling taxes and stewardship of parks, roads, historic properties and development projects. 

“My decision to run for city council was motivated by my love for New Rochelle coupled with my concern for New Rochelle, and knowing that I can effect positive change,” says Spertus. To this end, she is committed to attracting new business, both merchants and services to create a vibrant town center that will become and exciting destination for all, and generated much needed revenue for New Rochelle. “Ilyse has one goal in mind and that is to do what is in the best interest of New Rochelle,” says Candice Denslow, business owner.  “She has a deep understanding of the complexity of the issues, and is attuned to what matters most to the people, not what matters to developers or politicians. She is not afraid to ask the hard questions.” 

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