Job Market Looks Good

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As per the City of New Rochelle’s website they have several job postings. The link below offers a decent salary and “excellent benefits”.

The kicker though is that it requires the applicant to have an 8th Grade Education! Is this 2011 or 1911? I guess NRHS’s graduation rate has pressed Civil Service.

4 thoughts on “Job Market Looks Good”

  1. Guess who will get this job?
    This has all the aroma of a Domenic Procopio Special. Anyone want to bet me that the person who gets this job will have not graduated high school or earned a GED (which is the standard minimum educational requirement on every every CSC job posting I can recall seeing).

    1. There is another..
      posting on that page for a job in the mid-sixties for a secretary. Minimum Education is only a high school diploma with one year office experience “dealing with the public”

      So you mean to tell me that an entry level position in a near bankrupt city can command a salary that would be comparable to two DPW Workers or Firefighters?

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