CONGRATULATIONS: Dr. Anthony Bongo Earns Doctorate from Columbia University Teachers College

Written By: Robert Cox

Anthony Bongo.jpgTalk of the Sound is happy to announce that Anthony Bongo has met all requirements and graduated from Columbia University Teachers College. Congratulations, Dr. Bongo!

It has been a long road with many fits and starts but the Office of Doctoral Studies has confirmed that Dr. Bongo’s diploma has been mailed to him.

As we have said before, when he has actually earned his doctorate we would be happy to announce that here on Talk of the Sound and offer congratulations.

So, there you go.

23 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS: Dr. Anthony Bongo Earns Doctorate from Columbia University Teachers College”

  1. How long did it take?
    This guy has been in charge how many years and how long did it take for him to get this done WHAT A JOKe

    1. Congratulations
      What ever your feelings are, it is not an easy task to obtain a PhD. Whether it takes 15 years or four. He got it, he did it. It takes a great deal of persistence. Dr. Bongo should be congratulated for his effort and his contribution to middle level education. PhD’s represent 1% of the education degrees. No one can take that away from him nor should they. Again congratulations. Lovelle Ruggiero (former IEY middle school teacher).
      Dr. Lovelle Ruggiero

  2. Student Reviews
    According to “”, Dr. Bongo’s former students think very highly of him.

    The most recent reviews are positive, but earlier reviews are a bit disconcerting.

    One student in particular said:
    “Yo, he’s rocks. he curses the most than anyone and anyone can do anything and he doesnt care. we rule the school.”

    Given that the most recent reviews are positive, Perhaps Dr. Bongo is a changed man?

  3. Cox, let me speak for
    Cox, let me speak for Dr.Bongo, take your sarcastic comments and contratulations and stick it up your fat ass…. Your gonna post something on here one day about the wrong person and then your gonna have to face the consequences…..Keep taking pictures and writing bogus stories about innocent people and one day hopefully it will all catch up with you

    1. Gee, that sounds familiar!
      This comment seems like the exact sort of language and threats made by Louis Apicella to me at the Quaker Ridge Shopping Center a few days ago. Could it be that RickyRat is actually Louis Apicella? Sure sounds like it.

      1. Threats
        I don’t hide behind names buddy, if I have something to say about Ricky or anyone else i say it, so I decided to join your website so i can defend myself. I never threatened you all I wanted to know is why you were taking pictures of me and you gave me a wise ass answer. There was nothing threatening about our conversation especially when there was a women in your front seat and i was there with George Feretto also. So please dont make false statements about me on your website or my lawyer will be knocking on your door.

        1. Enough with the threats, Louis

          If that is really you then I do give you credit for using your own name. However, so far, you seem incapable of communicating WITHOUT making threats. You are making another here about having someone come knocking on my door. Lawyers do not typically knock on people’s doors so what are you trying to say here?

          As far as “All you wanted to know”… Let me refresh your memory.

          You came towards me while I was sitting in my car, waving your arms, shouting in an angry tone, making all sorts of accusatory statements. You came right up to the side of my car, placed both hands on the roof of my car and leaned into the window, shouting. Your supposed concern for my wife not withstanding, she found your behavior frightening and intimidating especially in light of the previous death threat your pal Little Jimmy painted on his daddy’s boat. When I asked you to identify yourself you refused. When I asked you to take your hands off my car you lifted them about one inch off the roof of the car but otherwise kept them there, above my head while continuing to loom over the car, your face in the window, shouting, making various vague threats similar to the comment above about “keeping taking pictures” and “consequences”. It is my understanding that you then spent a good part of the day making all sort of threats against me to anyone who would listen. You continue to make threats here.

          If you wish, have your lawyer give me a ring I can show him the photos of you advancing towards my car, arms raised up. If he still wants to proceed with litigation I will produce witnesses. As you are so interested to make this a public issue, I can still file a complaint with the New Rochelle Police if you like and then you can tell your story to them and get that on the record as well.

          As for my answer to your question, you asked why I was taking pictures of the van. I gave you a straight answer. I have a database of school district vehicles. I want to have a photo of every van along with ID like license plate and VIN and so forth. When I saw the van at the bagel shop I looked on my list, saw I did not have a photo of what appeared to be E-61 and took pictures of the van. I cannot be certain it was E-61 because part of a number was scraped off — not the first time I have seen that in a van that you use.

          If you will go back to that location, at that time, on a nice sunny day, you will see that from where I was parked the glare from the sun makes it difficult to see the passenger seat of the van. I was unaware you were in the vehicle until you opened the door and began to advance towards me in a menacing way.

          I had not intended to make an issue out of it but as you seem to want it that way, I would also point out that each photo I took is electronically stamped with the time and geolocation. The metadata on the photos show they were taken between 9:05 AM and 9:15 AM. The van had actually been parked there for more than five minutes when I took the first photo and remained for several minutes afterwards. There is no school close by so there was travel time to and from the shopping center. So figure you were not working for about 40 minutes from about 8:50 AM to about 9:30 AM.

          Now, when is your break time? You said you were on “break” but last time I checked you do not have a break until 10:00 AM, right? That Anthony Rigos has repeatedly attempted to bring up on charges two of your work colleagues for precisely this sort of alleged infraction, I find it interesting that YOU are permitted to do something that results in disciplinary charges for others.

          Satisfied, or do you want me to publish the photos as well? It’s up to you. I was content to leave your aggressive, menacing behavior off my site but as you seem to want to air your dirty laundry in public so be it. Rest assured, I can do this all day long with what will be an increasingly unhappy result for you.

          There is a saying, Louis about not picking a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. You should look it up.

          1. Let me start from the
            Let me start from the begining by saying once again, I never threatened you in the parking lot. Yes I did get out of the van to see why this man was taking pictures of me and yes I did come to your car and ask you why you were doing so. Your wife didn’t seem a bit threatened while i was speaking to you, she was playing on her phone not paying any mind to me. What does Jimmy have to do with any of this and you go on the make another speculatioin that he painted something on a boat. How do you know he did that? Anyone at Cliff St or anyone from the oil company could of wrote that. But that has nothing to do with me. Next, you said I was at the bagel store at 9:05, WRONG, I knew this would be a issue so when I went into the bagel store I called the BOE to record my time at the bagel store which was 10:05. Another fabrication of the truth by you. And another thing I need to point out, the van where the number is missing isn’t issued to me it is issued the other painter I was with that day in the parking lot.
            I’m not on your site to go back and forth with you,I just want everyone to know the true story not a fabrication made by you to lure visitors to your site. I actually enjoy reading some of the articles you print and do believe you have good intentions behind your madness but othertimes you seem mad at the world and everyone in it. So Mr.Cox, If you have a problem with me or any questions that I can answer for you, you can e-mail me to the address I registered with.

          2. I forgot to mention, If i did
            I forgot to mention, If i did in fact scare you or your wife, I TRULY DO APOLIGIZE.

          3. Mr. Apicella running scared?
            Sounds to me like Mr. Apicella is running scared!

            Really Louis? You want the readers to believe that you phoned into your supervisors to document the time you were at the bagel store? Do you think I believe such nonsense as that?

            First of all, Mr. Cox has the time stamped on his photos, in which I think he should post on this website so we can see how menacing you were AND that’s the time that should be believed. Why would anyone believe your supervisors Paganico and Rigos? These are the same liars that covered your ass while you vacationed for 3 or 4 days on company time!! Imagine that? Not even being in the State of New York and being paid for work done in the New Rochelle Board of Ed while you were vacationing elsewhere! THIS IS what I and anyone else in their right mind would consider “stealing company time”.
            What gives Paganico the “illegal working foreman” the right to allow theft of serivices along with Mr. Rigos?

      2. Louis Apicella & Rickyrat
        Dear Mr. Cox- I don’t think Louis Apicella is Rickyrat- BUT I do believe that Louis and Rickyrat are “partners in crime”. Maybe you should be keeping your eye and camera on Louis and his cohort and you will soon realize who rickyrat/worm is.

        And to you Rickyrat- I am quite sure that Dr. Bongo does not need you speaking for him. So just shut up. Slither back into your hole and learn how to spell.

        1. Lets get one thing straight,
          Lets get one thing straight, Ricky and I don’t and never did have a problem. I posted on here because Mr.Cox made a false statement about me and put my name on his website. NewRo 10804 your just another one of these cowards that come to this site and hide behind a computer. Everyone should come on here like a man and put there name but we all know that will never happen.

          1. Dear Louis
            I’m curious, why did you start your response with:

            “let’s get one thing sraight Ricky and I don’t and never did have a problem.”

            I never said you had a problem with Mr. DiBuono. Mr. DiBuono’s name wasn’t even posted in any of these responses.

            As far as Mr. Cox defaming your name- he hasn’t done that either. He was simply asking if you were Rickyrat because the rat/worm posted about pictures being taken and language that was possibly uttered by you in the parking lot at Quaker Ridge. If you read the post again, Mr. Cox was simply asking if Louis Apicella was rickyrat. Thank the rat/worm for bringing attention to you. Don’t take it out on Mr. Cox. Your altercation with Mr. Cox took place I believe a couple of weeks ago and he never posted the pics or commented on the incident. Rickyrat/worm has called attention to you so you can thank him for that.

    2. Mr. Rickyrat:
      If you have a

      Mr. Rickyrat:

      If you have a dispute with someone, don’t take the law into your own hands–you take then to court.

      That is, if you have any evidence against Mr. Cox. Otherwise, if anything should happen to him, your comments on this blog may be used against and provide the police with probable cause for your arrest.

      The name RickyRat has been changed to protect the innocent.

      Best wishes

    3. Please don’t!
      Please don’t speak for Dr. Bongo-you can’t even speak for yourself.

      Let me ask you something Worm- While your driving around all day getting stoned on BOE time, where is Mr. Purdys? Your problem is that you are a spoiled brat and should have gotten your butt kicked a long time ago. You should have had the likes of Paganico as a father.

      Signed, NewRo10804 formerly NR Res.

      (Is RickyRat and Sandy27 the same person?) I am assuming you are the and only Worm.)

  4. News flash: “Ricky the
    News flash: “Ricky the painter”, has been caught on video at NRHS wandering around goofing off during business hours, yet again not doing his job.” Ricky D aka NR RES is always asking where the proof is, well we found it in the possession of Chief of security Bruce Danielle’ hands. This is why it is believed that Ricky has retained himself an Atty, not to protect him from so called harassment but in reality to save him from getting his butt fired. Back when Ricky was arrested by NR police for stealing a case of toilet paper he didn’t get fired Mr.Cox, all Ricky needed was Uncle Phil to have a closed door meeting with Tom Ryan. Word on the street is Tom Ryan is long gone and Ricky now has to contend with Mr.John Quinn, poor Uncle Phil has washed his hands of Ricky and all his nonsense. Dear St.Anthony please pray for “Ricky the painter” because his a** is grass and Mr.Quinn is the lawn mower.

    1. Video Footage? for Sandy Baby/RickyRatWorm
      I personally don’t think anything Bruce Danielle has on video of “Ricky the Painter” wandering around and goofing off during business hours has any merit.

      The only reason Ricky was put in that hallway to paint, during school hours no less, while sturdents are walking about trying to get to classes, was to TRY and get footage SO MORE harassment cound ensue. I’ll tell you what Bruce Danielle SHOULD BE looking for: is video footage of his security guards having sex with teen-aged students!!!!!!!!

      But the orders from Rigos and Paganico were to get footage of “Ricky the Painter.” That’s ok though, No Worries. And for your information, lawyers were obtained long before this video footage was taken.

      Don’t you think video cameras should be posted on Grove Ave.? IMAGINE all the stealing AND selling of BOE materials that can be captured on video! Not to mention the stealing of company time! What a video that would be!! Grove Avenue would be shut down for good!

      Signed, NewRo10804 formerly known as NR Res.

      1. Well then Mr.10804 = Ricky
        Well then Mr.10804 = Ricky Dibuono did you pay for your own lawyer or did you have to beg uncle Phil once again? Was it maybe the big union official Billy Coleman?
        If it was Billy Coleman it wouldn’t surprise me, that clown has his head so far up his own a** he can’t see his face, instead of working for hard working honest union members he wastes his time on parasites like yourself that’s why Martin Dailey never wanted Coleman in the union office to begin with, that’s why he endorsed Mel Dardenbut, you Ricky and Coleman devised your little scheme that afternoon at NRHS at the union meeting you both plotted against Mel and Billy couldn’t have done it without you now I understand why Billy Coleman would defend a thief like yourself you steal toilet paper and Coleman steals elections and Cox supports both you guys nothing ever changes in New Rochelle.

        1. To Samdy Baby = RickyRatWorm
          Just as expected writes and speaks just like the Worm. Never acknowledging prior posts- just rambling on about toilet paper for the millionth time. You
          really need to get a life. Maybe you should check into rehab, then get back into school. Getting stoned everyday and writing on walls really isn’t cutting it at your age. Do you think?

          And to answer your idiotic questions:

          Yes Mr. DiBuono paid a retainer for his lawyer and is continuing to pay without the help of his Uncle Phil- but thanks for the concern.

          And No- Billy Coleman hasn’t contributed financially, but has helped of course in other ways. Don’t be a hater- Mr. Coleman is working for hard working honest people who are being harassed on a daily basis. But thanks again for your concern there too.

          And who cares what Martin Daly wanted- I certainly don’t.
          And no one cares what you have to say either- so keep on slithering worm.

  5. Mr Cox you once stated on
    Mr Cox you once stated on your radio show that you were not done with MR Jimmy Bonanno you said you were coming after him in a threatening manner not long after that Mr Bonanno had you fired from WVO. Bonanno 1 Cox 0

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