Former New Rochelle DPW Fleet Manager Richard Fevang Pleads Guilty, Sentencing in January

Written By: Robert Cox

Former New Rochelle DPW Fleet Manager Richard Fevang plead guilty this morning in a Westchester County courtroom to the top count of tampering with public records. Fevang was charged in June with 66 counts of fraud.

“We are seeking jail time,” said Lucian Chalfen, spokesman for the Westchester County District Attorney’s office.

Fevang appeared before Judge Albert Lorenzo to enter his guilty plea. He is scheduled to be sentenced sometime in January, 2012.

The guilty plea ends a decade-long series of investigations into fraud by Fevang, first reported to the DA’s office in 2001 by DPW mechanic Pat Papallardi and other municipal workers.

The recent investigation began after allegations against Fevang were first published on Talk of the Sound in 2009. New Rochelle City Council Member Louis Trangucci played a critical role in advancing the investigation when he delivered boxes of DPW invoices to Assistant District Attorney Brian Conway Deputy Chief of the Public Integrity Bureaus in early 2010.

“I am pleased to know that Mr. Fevang is no longer working for the City and will pay for his crimes against the people of New Rochelle”, said Council Member Louis Trangucci. “Now we can move forward on a more positive basis for the Department of Public Works.”

Trangucci singled put Papallardi for praise.

“I want to extend my sincere appreciation for Pat Papallardi who took to the initiative to come forward with information that led to the 66-Count indictment against Fevang,” said Trangucci. “Pat is an example of how one person can make a difference. I would hope his brave actions will inspire others to come forward knowing it is possible to have a positive outcome in a case like this.

The Westchester County District Attorney is expected to issue a statement shortly.

Messages left for City Manager Charles B. Strome and City spokesperson Kathy Gilwit were not returned.

Conway and Assistant District Attorney Shara Abraham of the Investigations Division worked with Conway in prosecuting the case.



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8 thoughts on “Former New Rochelle DPW Fleet Manager Richard Fevang Pleads Guilty, Sentencing in January”

  1. I hope Fevang rolls over
    I hope the DA gets Fevang to roll over on all involved and if he refuses he should be sentenced to the max of 7 years. The sad issue is that Fevang was allowed to resign before being indicted so he keeps his pension.

    1. How about restitution to the city for all the money he stole?
      What he gets to keep his pension? That’s outrageous.

      How about he’s forced to make restitution to the city for all the money he stole? Only in NY does a crook get to keep his pension.

      1. 5th Ave. I couldn’t agree more…..
        I couldn’t agree with you more. Let’s not forget Procopio prospered from illegal Veteran and STAR tax benefits. He made restitution for the Veterean benefits because he never served but was allowed by the assessor to forego restitution for the tens of thousands in STAR benefits. Soon after being exposed on TOTS Procopio put the house up for sale. Then there’s two building officials who resigned and are pension eligible. One that was accused of soliciting bribes and another who resigned after harassment charges were filed by a female employee. Someone should ask Bramson about this one as it was a close family member of one of his staffers.

  2. Is he co-operating w/the DA?
    Does he have to confess his crimes & tell the whole story?

    Is he co-operating w/the DA?

    1. mich were are you
      noam and chuck were at city hall when this clown got caught the first time and nothing happened but pure hell for the men . so give trangucci the gold star for stanging up to the devil (noam,chuck,ect)

    1. The guy is a clown!!!! I new
      The guy is a clown!!!! I new it the first time i met him.

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