New Rochelle DPW Employee Arrested After Threatening to F— Up a New Rochelle Cop

Written By: Robert Cox

Nana K. Boahene, 29, of 126 Franklin Avenue, a New Rochelle employee with the Sanitation Department was arrested on charges related to threatening a New Rochelle police officer responding to the scene of a collision between a municipal garbage truck and a passenger car near Sickles Avenue and 4th Street.

At a court appearance on September 28th at New Rochelle City Court, Boahen was charged with 3 counts of disorderly conduct: violent behavior, unreasonable noise, and obscene language. His next court appearance in New Rochelle City Court on October 26th.

Police were called to the scene as part of standard procedure when a municipal vehicle is involved in an collision. When officers attempted to collect information Boahene became enraged, saying he was going to “F— You Up!”, sources say.

The arrest occurred on September 16th. Police were dispatched to the scene after a call at 9:55 AM.

After the arrest of former DPW Fleet Manager Richard Fevang City Manager, Charles B. Strome made a public statement claiming that he holds all employees to the highest ethical standards and that he would stack up their ethics against anyone. Talk of the Sound is awaiting further information from City Hall including a comment on the arrest of yet another City employee.

Mr. Boahene joins a long (and growing) list of New Rochelle public sector employees on the Talk of the Sound “naughty list”.

NOTE: This article originally reported that Boahene works for Parks & Recreation; this information came from the New Rochelle Police

Mr. Nana Boahene
Hired full-time on 4/25/05
2010 Salary: $50,576.96
Overtime $5,107.35
Skill/Premium Pay $4,448.35
Total Compensation for FY 2010 = $60,942.17

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  1. passed
    sorry big guy , is your name on the naughty list? alan silverman is beverly,s kid and sister works at nrpl.

  2. naughty list
    brian (acorn) not his real last name is related to fevang. carlos was let go, he did not resine, so brain could get his job in witch he did not past test. twice he failed , carlos pasted . so you go figure. bob you just scrached the furface please keep digging.

  3. Lowlife
    Nana (nice name) is a total low life and his co-workers despise him and hate working with him. Seems the pre-requisite to being hired by the DPW is to be a pot smoking low life who lives on section 8 with their baby’s momma.

  4. names
    the worker who rigged bids and pocketed cash from the auctions was Carol Gallace.Also there is a rumor of another public safety worker suspended over a crack bust in Jersey.This I am told happened about a month ago and is pending.I will attempt to get a name,I believe he is FD.

  5. Have to clean house
    There was also a arrest of a BOE employee made from I believe Mr.Bonnano’s crew (William Clark.)   We really need some one to clean house in city hall 

    1. Details please!
      If you provide some details — where was he arrested (New Rochelle?), by the police or DA?, the nature of the allegations? when? — I can get the records and write a story about it.

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