Shocker – RE The Democratic Pledge – Your Voice Counts if it is Ours

Written By: Deprecated User

I have said this before but I will say it again. The Democratic Party/Committee in New Rochelle are like the Masons. You know who they are but no one is allowed inside the walls and to all those that break the pledge untold touble will come to you.

I have my concerns with the Republican Party in New Ro but who is more transparent? The NR GOP will post meeting notices in bagel shops and telephone polls. Not really but the point is that it is a party/group/meeting open to the public. I have never witnessed a notice of an open democratic meeting. Heaven forbid a perceived interloper show up. Meetings in secret, pledges in secret, government behind closed doors. That is how you keep a machine going.

Do I have an axe to grind? No, not really. I have chosen not to run this year and have been pretty much out of the mix in terms of politics except as a commentator on my radio show. But, between the shared campaign signs and the secrecy I feel that government is being taken away from me and those I know. Your voice counts as long as it echos ours!

I am loathe to vote for a party over people but the NR democartic party is strangling independence. As it plays out the mayor is telling us a vote for Bramson is a vote for Rackman, Fertel, Rice, Lopez,Hyden or any combination of. Don’t separate this winning ticket, don’t think for yourselves! Vote for those that support me. Vote for those that are indebted to me. Vote so we get a super majority on council and can do as well as bond/tax you for anything and everything we please.

Jeez, a message to all those running for office. BE YOUR OWN MAN OR WOMAN AND RUN ON YOUR MERRITS AND NOT THE COAT TAILS OF THE MAYOR. You no longer have the right to tell me you represent the people. You represent yourselves and the man you share a bed with… I mean a campaign sign with.

I guess if you buy in from the begining nobody can call you a sell out. Thanks for shutting out the modrerate voice of New Ro.

From a previous post on NRTOFS

We request that Chairman Klugman pose two straightforward questions to the candidates at the beginning of our meeting on May 24th and that each of the candidates be given an opportunity to reply:

If you do not receive the Committee’s designation, will you pledge to refrain from mounting a Democratic primary?

If you do not receive the Committee’s designation, will you also pledge to decline the nomination of any other political party in the November general election?

“District leaders deserve to know the candidates’ positions on these subjects before selecting a designee.

It is not our place or intent to curtail anyone’s rights under election law, nor to dictate a position to the Democratic Committee – every District Leader and every candidate is entitled to make his or her own judgment. As elected officials, however, we feel a special responsibility to make our own views and intentions clear.”


Timothy Idoni, County Clerk
Noam Bramson, Mayor
James Stowe, Council Member
Barry Fertel, Council Member
Marianne Sussman, Council Member