Former New Rochelle Assistant Principal Jose Martinez Sentenced: Time Served, Registered Sex Offender, Probation

Written By: Robert Cox


Jose Martinez was sentenced by Criminal Court Judge Susan Cacace six months time served SHOCK and ten years sex offender probation on October 11, 2011. A permanent order of protection is in effect until October 11, 2019 for the victim.

The sex offender status is the subject of a separate court hearing under the Sex Offender Registry Act (SORA) in which a judge will assign a level 1,2,or 3 depending on various risk factors. A list will be read through with numbers assigned and the final number will determine the level of sex offender status.

Martinez was released from the Westchester County Jail on July 20, 2011 after he entered a guilty plea as to a course of sexual conduct against a child in the 2nd degree, a class D violent felony. Under the plea agreement, Martinez admitted he had anal and/or oral sexual contact with a then 14-year old male student at the Isaac E. Young Middle School. Martinez was released on his own recognizance.

In exchange for admitting guilt and avoiding the necessity of the victim having to testify at a trial, Martinez received a “sentence promise” from that he will receive a six month sentence of “shock probation” which will amount to 119 days in jail or “time served”, according to Tracey Everson, spokesperson for the Westchester County District Attorney. Martinez was otherwise facing 7 years in prison.

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4 thoughts on “Former New Rochelle Assistant Principal Jose Martinez Sentenced: Time Served, Registered Sex Offender, Probation”

  1. Personnel Decisions
    Another brilliant personnel move by Organishit and company that make up the administration of the NRSD. Shameful that they hired such a loser in the first place. Even more so that they promoted him. Even more so that they moved him around to try and hide his misdeeds. Even more so that they tried to cover up for him. Even more so that he was barely punished for the harm he caused. What a joke. Educational leadership in New Rochelle is the equivalent of lets do whatever we can to f**k up the system………pisses me off but not to the point where I will blow the lid off the whole kitten ka boddle……not yet anyway! More to come….Stay tuned!

  2. “Jose Martinez” + “New Rochelle” + ” Brentwood” Child Rapist
    “Jose Martinez” + “New Rochelle” + ” Brentwood, New York”+”New York State Department of Education” Child Rapist

    Shameful that he gets off with less trauma than his victim. Hopefully in the future this will haunt him long after his probation runs out. his record may be sealed but google will follow him to the end.

    Rot in hell jose, alongside anyone who knew about this and didn’t speak up.

  3. Bubba will be pissed
    Well this is sad news, I’ll have to call the jail and tell Bubba that Martinez is not coming
    He’s going to be pissed, he was looking forward to seeing him!

    This is all this bum got. This judge is all wrong why not a longer sentence give him some time in a state pen where the boys will really make him a man that he wants to be.

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