Campaign Manager for New Rochelle City Council Candidate, Former Planning Board Member, Arrested in Saxon Woods Sex Sting UPDATED

Written By: Robert Cox

RobertoSilvaRoberto Silva, 49, of New Rochelle, NY. was arrested at Saxon Woods Park on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains, NY by Westchester County Police. He was charged with public lewdness on September 30th.

Silva is a co-Manager of the Roberto Lopez Campaign for New Rochelle City Council District 1, sources tell Talk of the Sound. He is said to have managed at least one previous Lopez campaign.

Lopez has denied any relationship with Robert Silva.

“He is not my friend”, said Lopez. “I know who he is just like I know who you are (Robert Cox) but he is not a friend of mine.”

NOTE: I have met Roberto Lopez once, last December, while reporting how DPW workers led by Joe Cotroneo, were caught clearing a commercial parking lot owned by Quitupan Realty Corp. Quitupan is owned by Roberto Lopez:

City Manager Chuck Strome calls it all a big mix up, former District 4 City Council Member Roberto Lopez said it was lies being told by liars then later admitted it was true but that he had nothing to do with it, and DPW workers were broadcasting over the radio saying “we’re going back to Lafayette and you’re not going to believe why!” In the end no one could quite make explain what had happened or how.

Six months later, Cotroneo who had served as Acting DPW Commissioner after the unexpected resignation of former DPW Commissioner Jeff Coleman, was terminated for cause.

Quitupan is a town in Mexico that was the subject of a New York Times article in 1992, This Road to New Rochelle Begins in the Hills of Mexico.

It is 2,800 miles from the peasant mountain communities of Cotija, Quitupan and Jiquilpan in Mexico to the cracked sidewalks of Union Avenue here, but hundreds of Mexicans have found a direct route.

Quitupan is a town and municipality located in the southeastern region of the Mexican state of Jalisco between Guadalajara and Acupulco.

Sources familiar with both men tell Talk of the Sound that Lopez and Silva grew up together in the same town and have know each other most of their lives. After denying a relationship with Silva, Lopez did not respond to a request to clear up whether he and Silva both came from Quitupan and knew each other growing up back in Mexico.

Lopez and Silva worked closely with a third person, a woman named Alida Yoguez. She owns a liquor store near the store owned by Lopez not far from Silva’s home. Yoguez previously ran for New Rochelle Board of Education. Described as a “three-pack”, the trio has worked together on various issues in the Mexican/West End community over many years.

Lopez denied Silva is or was his co-campaign manager or in any way associated with his campaign now or in the past.

“He never worked on my campaigns,” Lopez told Talk of the Sound. “He attended a meeting or two but never got involved”.

New York State records show that Silva was a contributor to Lopez in past campaigns. So far, Roberto Lopez has failed to any of the required campaign donation reports so there is no way to check whether Silva has donated to Lopez current campaign.

Sources tell Talk of the Sound that Silva was present at campaign meetings and has been actively campaigning with Lopez prior to his arrest.

Silva served on the New Rochelle Planning Board after a recommendation by Lopez, sources say. Talk of the Sound is working to clear up the details of his time on the Planning Board but sources tell Talk of the Sound he was appointed by Tim Idoni. Lopez says this is not accurate.

City spokesperson Kathy Gilwit tells Talk of the Sound that Planning Board members are mayoral appointments. and that Roberto Silva was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Roberto Lopez.

“He assumed the position on February 2, 2004 to fulfill the remaining time for the seat and was reappointed on February 28, 2004 for a three year term” said Gilwit. “He was not reappointed further.”

The time frame indicates the appointments were made by Tim Idoni and continued under Noam Bramson after Bramson replaced Idoni was Mayor when Idoni was elected as Westchester County Clerk.

Asked about Silva’s appointment to the Planning Board, Lopez said he did not recommend Silva to fill out his unexpired term and that he had nothing to do with Silva going on the Planning Board. Lopez left the Planning Board after the was elected to City Council in 2003.

Lopez said that at the time, the Mayor and City Manager were looking to put more Hispanics on the Planning Board and Silva was known to them through his work with Columbus Elementary School. He said that Silva attending one or two meetings and then did not return to the Planning Board. The City says Silva served for over three years on the Planning Board.

Roberto Silva owns a landscaping business in the West End of New Rochelle. He is married with two children and attends services at the Roman Catholic Church of Saint Joseph. Lopez also attends mass at Saint Joseph.

RobertoLopezThe arrest came as part of a months long sex sting named “Operation Overexposed” which was begun in response to complaints from county residents. 16 people had been arrested since May 2011 on charges of public lewdness or forcible touching. Some of the men were arrested after they were observed engaging in sex while others were arrested for exposing themselves to police or groping undercover officers in the park’s bathrooms.

Public Safety Commissioner George Longworth noted that the park had become a popular trysting place for men seeking anonymous sexual encounters. He hoped that by publicizing the arrests, the public would get involved and help deter men from using the park for sexual activity.

“We will not tolerate this kind of activity in any county park,” said Longworth in a press release. “If you come to Saxon Woods Parks for this purpose, you will be arrested and your name will be released to the media.”

Police acted on reports of suspicious activity near a picnic and restroom building in the park.

Public lewdness and forcible touching charges are misdemeanors.

Bramson LopezCampaignSignNoam Bramson has distributed joint campaign signs throughout the city for the Democratic candidates for City Council with Bramson’s name on top and the Council candidates name below. In the upper left corner of the sign is a banner which reads “We Support” except for the Bramson-Lopez signs which simply reads “Vote”.

Bramson LopezCampaignSign2One of the more high-profile Bramson-Lopez signs had been displayed on Webster Avenue at Van Guilder Avenue. That sign has now been removed and replaced by a Robert Lopez for District 1 sign. Another Bramson-Lopez on Walnut and Grove Street was found on the ground.

NOTE: This story has been updated several times since the story was originally posted based on information provided by Roberto Lopez, Kathy Gilwit and other unnamed sources.

14 thoughts on “Campaign Manager for New Rochelle City Council Candidate, Former Planning Board Member, Arrested in Saxon Woods Sex Sting UPDATED”

  1. SAD

  2. Lopez
    It is not schocking at all to hear that Lopez is involved with this guy. For those who haven’t met Mr. Lopez, he is quite flamboyant and I would bet he favors the company of men over women. If I was a betting man I would bet that Lopez’s denial of knowing Silva stems from the fact that Silva knows Lopez’s dirty little secrets.

  3. Dont throw stones
    Mr. Lopez should choose his words wisely. I know for a fact because i have been present on many occasions where Mr Lopez has been personally invited to many family events for Mr Silva and his entire family. Such as sweet 15, baptisms, birthdays and so on and so forth. Now i dont follow politics nor do i care to get involved. However, as a “political ” man you dont deny any such knowings of a person. Rather leave it proffesional and say i dont associate with him on a friendship level(which is a lie) because it always comes back to bite you in the ass.

  4. RE: Jen is correct. and The Lopez-Silva Soap opera continues.
    Jen is correct; Silva is from Cotija, the same town that Lopez is from. It is a well known fact among those who are part of his congregation. Knowing this, the public must ask itself these simple questions– WHY is Lopez DENYING any and all association with his long time friend, campaigner, and “presumed” appointee? What else is Lopez hiding? What other skeletons will fall out of his ‘closet” next? Tune in next time, same bat time, same bat channel for another episode of ” Negarte es mi pecado” New Rochelle’s latest Telenovela brought to you by the over taxed, over burdened, and misrepresented citizens of New Rochelle.

  5. one quick comment Roberto
    one quick comment Roberto Silva is not from the town of Quitupan, he is from Cotija about 45 min away from Quitupan . Saying that Quitupan is next to cotija is like saying new Rochelle is next to Bridgeport .

  6. RE: Be careful who one throws UNDER THE BUS !
    Lopez better think long and hard before he opens his mouth again and throws more people under the bus. There are many skeletons in his closet just begging to fall out. The Press should scratch beneath his ‘ new exterior’ to see exactly what he is hiding. In the case of Mr Silva, all we can hope for is that he seeks some sort of professional help and that his family is not ” ostracized” by its community. A married man and father who suffers from an acute form of man on man sex addiction is not really ‘well received” by his congregation. An hispanic friend of mine who is also a member of Mr Silva’s church has informed me that the revulsion his fellow congregants feel is very profound. Seek help and heal, Mr Silva. Good luck to you and your family.

  7. Maybe he was just raking leaves?
    This is great, campaign season in full swing.All this aside,Mr Lopez served a term and really,what did he do? Unless you are hispanic,nothing has been done.Mr Trangucci at least stands up for the city,he has shown guts and he has gotten action.This story,as well as Mr Martinez, the shooting at the Avalon,well look aroud you,its a third world nation out there.Its no wonder the Democrats control.People in the North end have the cash to pay the high taxes,this keeps the riff raff away and thats how they want it.What about us downtown? We have a voice and pay our taxes too.Very few up North wander downtown, maybe just commuting to and from the train station,but the way things are laid out, we have no choice.We need all the Dems out,its time for a change! Lets take back our city.Truthfully, is it at all like it was 25 years ago? Hell no.We want our city back. Make your vote count!Get em out! Thanks

  8. The Mayor and Mr Lopez Obviously Subscribe to This Behavior
    Using the mayor’s publicly stated logic, whereas since St Paul “worked” for Pedro Espada, he ( St. Paul) obviously approves of Espada’s behavior, wouldn’t it hold true that, considering Silva works for the mayor and Lopez that they ( Bramson and Lopez) also subscribe to Silva’s behavior? The mayor’s accusation is on the record, in public, in front of city council. The Mayor was verbally chastized by Al Tarrantino for the wild accusation. Maybe spending more time in church would keep them from indulging in their perversions.

      yesterday I am reading the paper in a run downn pub in Pelham and I come across this story. It looked like a mass release of some gay old folks home with planning and logistics that would help this city in other, more acceptable ways. I am going down the list of 70 or so peope from many communities, religions, nationalities, races, likely religious affiliations and it appear the aveage age was in the mid sixties. Like you all probably did, you looks for townies and lo and behold we not only had a new rochelle townie but I think the youngsest guy in the bust.

      Here is where I knew the fun would begin and he old mercy might be that the families of these old man would be somewhat spared if attention was directed elsewhere. Of course, it would only take a brief movement for the anti-bramson boys and girls to line up and label him the gay maker, the midnight cowboy, and the man behind the man (bad reference) who is behind he candidate. Sho nuff here it is.

      No John D. this faills a long distance below the pecking order of the St Paul.Espada situation if there is a crime there in the first place, But that only relates to Espada; not St Pual if he simply is serving as counsel. That is a lawyers job. By below I mean these men were caught in a sting dealing with some acts allegedly of aberrant sexual conduct. I read abut a half dozen charges of touching, the rest perhaps didin’t get that chance or were voyeurs, who knows. A major bust like growing marihuana or an easy cop like invading the scary island of Grenada,

      We had a lock of granpops and yes, they should not be liet of the house because I don’t make light of involving children even if there didn’t seen to be any involved.

      But, out came the long knives…. Where are the headlines…….”Bramson sets up senior citiZen bordello, or this would happen only under a Democratic controlled party.

      It is going to get even dirtier. Bramson had nothing to do directly or indirectly with this gaggle of gaggers who came from New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Rockland, Ulster, etc.

      Get the house artist out perhaps he can draw a cartoon of Noam walking with Harvey Fierstein and Nathan Lane over the downtrodden bodies of families in New Rochelle.

      I will say that Lopez is likely throwing this guy under the bus. That you don’t do.

      Comeon, look what is happening in this sinkhole we call a world. We all need to be better and do better and support

      I was in the military from 1957 to 1063 and later took on some work for the DOD and State Department.One thing you learned earlier on and I’m sure the veterans who read this posting know this like the catechism. When you salute, you do,t salute the man, but the uniform and brass (grade or rank) carried by the man. Bramson is our commander and chief; if he is failing knock at the door, say Private Inmana or Corporate John D wish to see him and have it out. Let him know who you are and what you mean. Otherwise salute the symbol of rank knowing many good men and women fell under the this rating.

      Look at the bright side — this likely cememts it for Louis Trangucci; I am a fiscal conservative, social progressive and Lou is the best in the district by far. I also mentioned the fine work done by Jared Rice and he is another straight, spiritiual family man. I was disappointed in reading the politicial web site from Ilyse Spertus (or is it doctor spertus) and sent her a pleasant email and received no response. Not a good sign so don’t be too happy evn though she is heads, shoulders, and other body parts over Fertel.

      In 2013 or so when Bramson forgives me He will mature, be less prideful, and remember my contributions and what I contribute and know. I offer the same to anyone who wants to stop bitchin about how terrrible this city has become and learn how to critically think, strategically plan, divest and timeline symptoms from problems, and as important how to get good people from all thorughout the city working for one single purpose only and if they are all of one party, count me out.

      Cox, you keep this up and there’s a Pulitzer Prize in the wings for you; the White Plains get was enormous, but going beyond warning your families of such people brings no honor to anyone

      1. Warren – I Didn’t Say it, the Mayor Did
        In a room full of councilmembers, televised and archived for full public view, the mayor did, in fact, accuse St Paul of agreeing to, and approving of, the methods used by Espada solely based on the fact that he “works” for him as legal counsel. Absurdity is the point. Following this publicly stated logic why wouldn’t you make the same inference in this case. As with any military heirarchy, you are bound by the rules and regs set forth by the UCMJ when you take your oath. This doesn’t apply. You would be hard pressed to find a commanding officer make such a wild accusation against a fellow officer in public without formally making a charge worthy of courts martial. Considering this isn’t a military tribunal, none of this applies.

        If the house artist were to provide a parody that reflects the moment, it wouldn’t be with Harvey Fierstein or Nathan Lane. They may be gay, but they’re not criminals skulking in the woods. Jose Martinez would be a better pairing.

        I have the utmost respect for you and will always value your opinion, be it in agreement or not, so please don’t be offended by my response.

        I do agree with the idea of utilizing the wealth of resource we have right here within this city as long as it isn’t of any one party. How do we get there? We do need to change the paridigm of putting the political party’s health above the city’s health and, unfortunately, this is where we’re at with the current administration. That alone is reason to clean house. If the next regime fails us, i will be the first to rail against them, but I won’t sell them out before they have their chance.

        I will leave you with this. When the motion was made to bar councilmembers from accepting campaign money from developers who wish to do business with the city, why was it voted down along party lines? Could it be because the mayor owes his position, in part, as a direct result of the thousands of dollars contributed by the principals of the company known as Forest City?

        Dona Nobis Pacem

      2. John You Could Never Offend Me
        Thank you John for your words and be assured that you could not offend me. In fact the Administration offends me by not using the talents of a man like you, and others almost of your quality, to make this a better place to live and raise a family.

        You were one of the key people to change my views on the Armory, for example, and I take whatever you say with gravity and truthfully, as a learning experience.

        I missed the colloquoy that painted St Paul with the brush of guilt by associated. I may have stumbled on the point of thinking Noam was simply affirming Richard’s responsibility to defend any and all clients of his choice, to give them a proper and skilled defense. Your ears are a hell of a lot younger than mine, and I accept what you say without the need for going back and reviewing the actual tape. I will not and cannot justify it despite any prior provocations. It is dead wrong period and a stain upon the political and surely, personal relations in the Council. I will bear this in mind and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

        As a man committed to the Spirit, I recently took a little time to try to get my arms and heart around all this. I still cannot; it is a national disease, but perhaps that doesn’t mean as much here where the divisiveness is on going. I hope for a change, but find all I can and should do is to become as issue oriented as I can and run the risk of losing any connections I may have had as well as any support I could conceivably get from the blogging community. What I continue to press on are much more important to the survival, much less the growth of the City and I see really nothing of any substance being done — City Charter, School District, Business District Development, Safety and Security of Downtown Area by bring police and city departments to Main Street, etc…… you know where and what they are and that is what I will try to work with.

        Politics has basically burned out better men and women than me. My examples using the military protocol are correct, but essentially have little meaning in this day and age. My comparisons to Lane and Firestein were an attempt at humor, Lane I don’t even think is gay and the comparison was meant not to denigrate gays at all, but to point out how too many people perseverate on something that should be better thought of as you did, the Jose Martinez situation. I knows lots of gay people who would punch the lights out of any child molestor. You get my point. It is a mind boggling story and the meat is the reaction of Lopez to me,not whether the man is gay. By Lopez, I mean if he is a friend or campaign worker, just own up to it as no one in their right mind should blame you for this man signing up for this obscene park meeting.

        John, how do we or I if you prefer get people involved in changing the system. Again, Noam’s personality, attitudes, aside, I am looking for open and honest government beginning with the basics. Dear God we need basics. Some of the older heads like Ron Tocci immediately grasp the school district impact. And, if Louis Trangucci had a “discussion” at Council Meeting, it is a start, but not enough. The party needs to put things on the table for a vote. You do that, you got a record, and that is what you run on.

        This election should cut into the registered voter conumdrum and I think it might. But if the new folks are the same as the old folks, we all lose.

        Let me come out of the political closet once again. I am an independent period. It is in my mind totally impossible to be an ideologue on either side of the aisle.

        Dona Nobis Pacem. You are one of the best we have and will make a big difference someday in New Rochelle. Warren

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