Updated 10/31/2011: Trinity Elementary School Stakeholders Organize and Mobilize Seeking Answers

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UPDATE: Several parents and stakeholders addressed the Board of Education during the public comment period. They express their concerns regarding this situation.

UPDATE: Principal sends out generic robocall regarding PTA meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 3 2011. As indicated below, this is a special meeting that was scheduled to address questions and concerns regarding the Assistant Principal situation at Trinity Elementary School.

TrinitySchoolUPDATE:The New Rochelle Board of Education will meet tonight at 7 PM at City Hall where the Illegal Hiring of the Trinity Assistant Principal will be addressed.

This weekend, a group of Trinity Elementary School Stakeholders met to discuss the recent recent letter drafted by the Superintendent of Schools, Richard Organisciak and the President of the Board of Education regarding the issue of the Assistant Principal at Trinity Elementary School. This group believes that it is important for as many Trinity stakeholders as possible to let the members of the New Rochelle Board of Education know how dissatisfied they are with what has transpired the past week.

Important Update 10/31/2011:

From: Trinity School PTA <ptatrinity@gmail.com>
Subject: Special Trinity PTA Meeting on Nov. 3–Reunión especial de la PTA de Trinity el 3 de nov.
Date: October 31, 2011 10:18:29 PM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;

Dear Trinity Families:

There will be special general PTA meeting this Thursday, November 3 at 7pm at Trinity School to address questions and concerns regarding the recent resignation of Mrs. Nadine Pacheco. A number of parents have expressed that they still have questions and have requested a meeting from the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools. Both, the Board of Education President, Chrisanne Petrone and Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Jeffrey Korostoff, will be at the meeting to address questions and concerns.

We also would like to remind you that there will be a Board of Education meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 at 7:00 PM at City Hall.  You may also address the full Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools during the public comment session of this meeting.


Estimadas Familias de Trinity:

Este jueves 3 de noviembre a las 7pm habrá una reunión especial de la PTA para discutir las preguntas y preocupaciones que tengan sobre la reciente renuncia de la Sra. Nadine Pacheco. Varios padres han expresado que aún tienen preguntas y han solicitado una reunión con la Junta Directiva y el Superintendente de Escuelas. Ambos, Chrisanne Petrone, presidenta de la Junta Directiva y el Dr. Jeffrey Korostoff, Asistente Superintendente estarán presentes en la reunión para contestar sus preguntas y preocupaciones.

También queremos recordarles que mañana, martes 1 de noviembre a las 7pm habrá una reunión de la Junta Directiva en City Hall. Usted también puede asistir a esta reunión y hablar frente a la Junta Directiva y el Superintendente de Escuelas durante la sesión de comentarios públicos de esta reunión.

Trinity School PTA


Letter from Board President and Superintendent of School:


October 28, 2011

To the Members of the Trinity School Community:

We apologize for the manner in which the recent resignation of the Assistant Principal at Trinity Elementary School was communicated. We hope that this letter will clarify and address any remaining concerns.

We have recently learned that, in the fall of 2009, Assistant Principal, Nadine Pacheco, realized and indicated to our Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources that her provisional School Administrator and Supervisor (SAS) administrative certificate had expired. Mrs. Pacheco was advised that as long as she enrolled in a School Building Leader (SBL) certification program, she would be able to continue in her position. We now understand that this advice was not correct.

In early October, recently appointed Assistant to the Superintendent for Human Resources, Reza Kolahifar, was made aware of the fact that Mrs. Pacheco’s provisional certificate had expired and that being enrolled in a SBL program was not sufficient. Mr. Kolahifar immediately brought it to the attention of the Superintendent of Schools.

Mr. Organisciak met with Mr. Kolahifar, Principal Rolando Briceno, and Mrs. Pacheco and, after again verifying that she lacked the current certification, requested her resignation as Assistant Principal. Within two days, she delivered her resignation letter. It is our belief that Mrs. Pacheco’s performance in a school leadership role over the past four years and maintaining administrative stability should be the major determinants in how best to proceed. Accordingly, it has been recommended to the Board that they accept Mrs. Pacheco’s resignation as the Assistant Principal of Trinity School. It has also been recommended that Mrs. Pacheco be able to continue to serve at Trinity School in a teacher role, for which she possesses permanent certification, and temporarily maintain those leadership functions which she can be assigned in the capacity of a teacher. These would include: program development, providing professional development support to staff, student management, and handling matters related to students and their families. Without appropriate administrative certification, Mrs. Pacheco cannot formally observe and evaluate staff and, as a result, additional supervisory support will be needed. In the coming weeks, we will decide how best to provide this support and further discuss this temporary course of action.

Finally, we believe it is important to mention that until the Board of Education and administration had the opportunity to review this matter, specific details could not be discussed. We hope this answers your questions and provides a measure of reassurance of our commitment to the Trinity School community. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Superintendent directly at 914-576-4200 or by e-mail at rorganisciak@nred.org.


Chrisanne M. Petrone Richard Organisciak President of the Board of Education Superintendent of Schools




Responses from stakeholders: Although omitted for posting purposes, all correspondence was signed by their authors.


Distribution list:

jkorostoff@nred.org rorganisciak@nred.org cpetrone@nred.org jhastie@nred.org nbrickel@nred.org dlacher@nred.org lmerchant@nred.org vorellana@nred.org dpolow@nred.org mjreddington@nred.org rrelkin@nred.org commissioner@mail.nysed.gov nbramson@newrochelleny.com LatimeG@assembly.state.ny.us oppenhei@senate.state.ny.us louistrangucci@aol.com ataranti@newrochelleny.com jrice@newrochelleny.com rstpaul@newrochelleny.com bfertel@newrochelleny.com mariannesussman@optonline.net robertcox@newrochelletalk.com news12wc@news12.com rcweiner@lohud.com erauch@lohud.com askthetimes@nytimes.com letters@nytimes.com news-tips@nytimes.com evening@cbsnews.com earlyshow@cbs.com 60m@cbsnews.com 48hours@cbsnews.com info@cnbc.com comments@foxnews.com letters@newsweek.com letters@time.com info@ap.org letters@washpost.com

October 30, 2011

Dear Ms. Petrone and Mr. Organisciak,

On October 24th, the Trinity Community was hastily notified of the resignation of the Assistant Principal for personal reasons, as well as the fact that she would be continuing on at the school in a teaching capacity. Many concerned parents have communicated their displeasure with the situation, as well as the fact that they were aware of the misrepresentations of the notification. During this time, it would appear that Mrs. Pacheco was continuing to perform the same duties she had prior to her resignation and reassignment. Our concerns were not immediately addressed and – in fact – on at least one occasion, the building was left without an administrator on site for at least an hour. When questioned about who was in charge of the building in case of an emergency situation, no staff member had been made aware of a contingency plan.

On Friday, October 28th, Trinity parents received an additional message from Principal Briceño, directing us to the school website for the district’s response. This response failed to add clarity to the situation concerning the resignation of former Assistant Principal, Nadine Pacheco. Moreover, it has created an entirely new set of questions and concerns. In the interest of transparency, we would like responses to the following questions:

● Who was involved and had direct knowledge of the conversation in which Mrs. Pacheco was advised that as long as she enrolled in a School Building Leader (SBL) certification program, she would be able to continue in her position?

● Was the New York State Education Department contacted to verify the accuracy of this advice? When? Since school districts are required to submit Basic Educational Data Systems (BEDS) annual reports verifying certification status of school employees, what has been reported on Mrs. Pacheco’s BEDS form since 2007?

● Who made Mr. Kolahifar aware of the fact that Mrs. Pacheco’s provisional SAS certificate had expired and that being enrolled in a SBL program was not sufficient? On what exact date was he made aware? Are there supporting documents to this effect?

● Who was involved in the decision to hire Mrs. Pacheco in 2007 and subsequently promote her to Assistant Principal in 2009? Can the school district produce a copy of Mrs. Pacheco expired certification?

● How does the New Rochelle School District typically verify administrative/ teacher credentials? What has happened to other employees who have been deficient in their certifications?

● The letter from Mrs. Petrone and Mr. Organisciak states that Mrs. Pacheco offered her resignation two days after the meeting with her and the superintendent of schools, Richard Organisciak. According to the board resolution 12-153-4, Mrs. Pacheco’s resignation was effective as of October 14, 2011. Parents received a call from the Trinity building principal informing them of said resignation on the evening of October 24th. Why did it take over 10 days for parents to be informed about the resignation? If the Board of Education was not ready to address the issue properly, why was the resignation misrepresented as a “personal matter” rather than “personnel issue?” Why did it take an additional week for the district to respond to the communities’ concerns?

● Since Trinity has been without an Assistant Principal for the past two weeks, what plan has been put in place to address the supervisory duties that the former assistant principal is not certified to perform?

● The letter states that in the coming weeks a decision will be made about supervisory support. Why is it taking weeks to decide how best to provide a temporary course of action? Why was this not an ongoing discussion since the realization of the situation and the request for Mrs. Pacheco’s resignation?

● In your letter you state, until the Board of Education and Administration had the opportunity to review this matter, specific details could not be discussed. When exactly did the Board of Education and Administration meet to review this matter?

● Would the Board of Education and Mr. Organisciak be willing to meet with members of the Trinity School community to openly address the lingering questions and concerns?

This matter continues to be of utmost importance to the families of Trinity School. We as adults still have questions and our children are asking questions of their own, many that we do not have the information to adequately respond to. We ask that you evaluate the inadequacy of your response and rectify the situation as soon as possible. The stability of Trinity School depends upon open communication and honesty by this administration and the Board.

Yours sincerely,



Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2011 9:07 PM To: rbriceno@nred.org; rorganisciak@nred.org; cpetrone@nred.org Subject: Mrs. Nadine Pacheco

Dear Principal Rolando Briceno, Superintendent Richard Organisciak, President of Board of Education Chrisanne Petrone,

I’m writing because I am a Mother at Trinity Elementary School and I am very concerned by what I have learned of Mrs. Nadine Pacheco. I hope Mrs. Pacheco is ok. I was originally so worried she might be ill. Mrs. Pacheco has always been good to the children. I’m writing to you because you are on the letters. I do not understand what has happened? I received your telephone call Mr. Briceno but I mistakenly kept going to the district website, my apologies. How can it happen that an Administrator does not have their proper certification? Did anyone check? Did you know about this Mr. Briceno before you left your earlier message that Mrs. Pacheco was resigning because of personal matters. My family and I were very worried for her. Thank you Superintendent Organisciak and President Petrone for your letters. I still have questions. Will you be at the next PTA meeting to help parents with questions?

On another note, Mr. Briecno it was very sad to see that you could not be the cat at our Halloween party. My children always look forward to seeing the cat at the party. I hope the cat can be at our next party.



Date: Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 8:15 PM Subject: Trinity Elementary School in New Rochelle Administration Certificates To: rbriceno@nred.org, jkorostoff@nred.org, rorganisciak@nred.org, cpetrone@nred.org, jhastie@nred.org, nbrickel@nred.org, dlacher@nred.org, lmerchant@nred.org, vorellana@nred.org, dpolow@nred.org, mjreddington@nred.org, rrelkin@nred.org Cc: commissioner@mail.nysed.gov, nbramson@newrochelleny.com, LatimeG@assembly.state.ny.us, oppenhei@senate.state.ny.us

Dear Principal Briceno, Superintendent Dr. Organisciak, and the Board of Education:

On Friday evening at 7:30PM, Principal Briceno sent a connect ed message instructing families to go to the NRED website, the wrong website (and a seeming misleading intent), with the expectation to find, download, and read letters from School Superintendent Dr. Organisciak, President of the Board of Education Mrs. Petrone, and Former Assistant Principal Mrs. Pacheco. This process caused difficulty in finding the letters and was confusing. Also, the telephone call came during the Fall Festival, which many families attended, ensuring people did not get the call. Once the letters were correctly located, at the trinity.nred.org site, they brought up more questions than answers.

The letter from Superintendent Dr. Organisciak and President of the Board of Education indicates that recent retiree, former Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, is to blame for improper advice to former Assistant Principal Mrs. Pacheco. Is there documentation to support this? Mrs. Pacheco mentioned in her letter that “she had no recollection her license had expired and in a conversation with Principal Mr. Briceno in the Fall of 2009 questioned why she had not received the same certificate that he had received.” Did Principal Briceno follow through with proper channels checking to see if his employee was properly certified? Yearly, school districts must submit Basic Educational Data Systems reports verifying certificate status of school employees. Who is responsible for the filing? Does the Principal receive a copy? Yearly, what has been reported on former Assistant Principal Mrs. Pacheco’s report?

The letter from Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Organisciak and President of the Board of Education mentions additional supervisory support is needed at Trinity. Does this mean there will be a posting for the position of Assistant Principal? Also, there was mention that, “In the coming weeks, we will decide how best to provide this support and further discuss this temporary course of action.” Is it the intent to fill the Assistant Principal position in a temporary capacity giving former Assistant Principal time to get properly certified? Have certifications for other Administrators/Teachers expired in the past? If so, what was the district policy then? What happened to anyone involved?

Why did Principal Briceno mislead the Trinity Community through his initial connect ed message that stated former Assistant Principal, Mrs. Pacheco was resigning due to a personal matter? This was completely false. Teacher/Administrators Certification is a matter of public record. With that said, what did the Board of Education and the Administration have to review and why could details of a matter that is public record not be discuss with the Community? When can the community expect transparency? When will open meeting been set where the community can ask questions and get answers?

Thank you,


Dear Commissioner King:

I am a parent at Trinity Elementary School in New Rochelle, NY. The School Administrator and School Officials are not being truthful with the Trinity Community in regard to the resignation of Ms. Nadine Pacheco, former Assistant Principal. Please address the situation.

Thank you,


Date: Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 1:51 PM Subject: Fw: Re: Untruthful Resignation of former Assistant Principal, Nadine Pacheco, Trinity Elementary School To: rbriceno@nred.org, jkorostoff@nred.org, rorganisciak@nred.org, cpetrone@nred.org, jhastie@nred.org, nbrickel@nred.org, dlacher@nred.org, lmerchant@nred.org, vorellana@nred.org, dpolow@nred.org, mjreddington@nred.org, rrelkin@nred.org Cc: commissioner@mail.nysed.gov, nbramson@newrochelleny.com, LatimeG@assembly.state.ny.us, oppenhei@senate.state.ny.us

Dear Members of the Board of Education, Dr. Organisciak, Dr. Korostoff and Mr. Briceno:

My family and I received a connect ed message at 7:30 PM Friday evening from Principal Briceno. The message instructed families to go to the Trinity website to read letters from Dr. Organisaciak, Superintendent of Schools, Mrs. Petrone, President of the Board of Education, and Mrs. Pacheco, Former Assistant Principal. The manner in which information has been disseminated to the Community has created more questions. The letters speak of clarity and addressing remaining concerns however it lacks answers to questions. FACTS: Person Inquiry


Description Effective Begin Date Effective End Date Status Date of Certificate Action Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten And Grades 1-6 Permanent Certificate 09/01/2000 Issued Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten And Grades 1-6 Provisional Certificate 09/01/1996 08/31/2001 Expired School Administrator/Supervisor Provisional Certificate 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 Expired Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten And Grades 1-6 CQ 02/01/1995 01/31/2000 Expired As seen here Mrs. Pacheco’s Certifications for School Administrator/Supervisor Provisional Certificates has been expired since August, 2005 and her Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten And Grades 1-6 CQ has been expired since January 2000. Mrs. Pacheco began her employment at Trinity Elementary in 2007. Mrs. Pacheco began her employment at Trinity in an Administrative role. While employed at Trinity Elementary Mrs. Pacheco has never been properly certified.

Questions Still Left Unanswered as well as New Questions: During the hiring process of Mrs. Pacheco for Trinity Elementary School 5 years ago, did Mrs. Pacheco indicate on her job application, resume, or during the interview process that she was properly certified? What individuals interviewed Mrs. Pacheco? Who during the hiring process verified her credentials? What are the procedures for verifying credentials? Back in 2009, upon the district acquiring this knowledge, why wasn’t the Community made aware of the facts? According to the letter written by Dr. Organisciak, Superintendent of Schools and Mrs. Petrone, President of the Board of Education, Mrs. Pacheco learned in the Fall of 2009 her provisional School Administrator and Supervisor Administrative Certificate had expired and she told the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. In the Fall of 2009, who else was made aware Mrs. Pacheco’s Certificate had expired? Is the Principal kept abreast of all employee status? Is the Principal responsible for knowing all building employees are in good status? What are the procedures and protocol upon discovering proper Certificates have expired? Who is contacted and alerted and in what order? Has this happened to other Administrators/Teachers in the past? If so, what was the outcome? According to the same letter; “Without appropriate administrative certification, Mrs. Pacheco cannot formally…. and, as a result, additional supervisory support will be needed.” Will there be a posting for the job of Assistant Principal? Will a new Assistant Principal been named? Again, according to the same letter, Dr. Organisciak, Superintendent of Schools and Mrs. Petrone, President of the Board of Education felt it was important to mention that until the Board of Education and administration had the opportunity to review this matter, specific details could not be discussed.

What did the Board of Education and the Superintendent need to review before alerting the Community? Why did you choose to disseminate this information via a letter posted on a website versus a open meeting with the entire community? The Trinity community is known for being mostly working parents without computers. Is there a plan for a open meeting where the community can ask the questions they have and answers are given? Why have you chosen to wait until Friday to make information public that you have had for weeks, if not years? Back in 2009, are we to believe that Principal Mr. Briceno, Superintendent Dr. Organisciak, and/or the Board of Education were not made aware of the facts discovered by Mrs. Pacheco and the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources? Finally, Superintendent Dr. Organisciak and President of the Board of Education Mrs. Petrone speak of hopes of this letter answering questions and provides a measure of reassurance our your commitment to the Trinity Community. Why was the Community mislead from the start? The matter of Mrs. Pacheco’s and any other Administrator/Teacher certificates is one of Public Record. Mr. Briceno stating Mrs. Pacheco’s resignation was a personal matter is nothing short of misleading. The Communities initial belief was one of concern that Mrs. Pacheco might be ill and in need of our help. Are Prinicpal Briceno, as well as Superintendent Dr. Organisciak, and the entire Board of Education able to display transparency? Thank you,


Date: Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 10:04 PM Subject: Message from Principal Briceno Regarding Mrs. Nadine Pacheco To: “rbriceno@nred.org” , “rorganisciak@nred.org” , “cpetrone@nred.org”

Dear Mr. Briceno, Mrs. Pacheco, Mrs. Patrone, and Mr. Organisciak,

Thank you so much for letting my family know what is going on at our school. It was so good to read your letters and know Mrs. Pacheco is good. My family has been praying for Mrs. Pacheco. Mr. Briceno, I hope you are fine, as I was at the fall party I was passing by your door and overheard you requesting security out of the building. I hope you are feeling better. I am a bit confused as to what happened with Mrs. Pacheco certifications. My boys adore Mrs. Pacheco. Will you Mr. Organisciak and Mrs. Petrone come to Trinity and explain what has happened? I’m not sure how this has happened and we need to help Mrs. Pacheco and parents with the proper answers.




12 thoughts on “Updated 10/31/2011: Trinity Elementary School Stakeholders Organize and Mobilize Seeking Answers”

  1. pta
    nov 3 at 7:00pm the trinity school pta is holding a special general meeting.They will address all questions regarding mrs.pacheco resignation.Christine Petrone,Dr.Jeffery Korostoff will be there.

  2. The Community Speaks
    What a joy to see the positive work being done by citizens in this one community to understand what is happening and to make things right.

    I congratulate the parents who have taken the lead on this, this blog who has provided a forum for new and old voices to contribute, and for an insight rarely seen by large segments of a particular community at risk into what the positive and committed actions of a community could bring.

    I was a substitute at Trinity some years earlier and enjoyed and profited from the experience. I got to know Briceno a little bit and he seemed open and honest in his role as Assistant Principal at the time. I read the various correspondence thus far and I think the situation will likely continue to point out issues with more senior administration; and not so much with Briceno and the Trinity Staff. I don’t know Ms. Pacheco, but I am not a fan of Korostoff either through his skills as an administrator or with his pedadogic contributions re: elementary pre k through 5. As far as Richard O is concerned, the record as established in TOTS speaks volumes for his on-going dismantling of what was at one time a thriving and high performning academic system.

    Trinity provides a vital TESOL service and I have fond memories of the school and of many talented and dedicated staff. I have insufficient knowledge of what has really happened here, but there is a whiff of minimally poor process and maximally, something worse. The parents and community leaders will ferret this out.

    You will sadly notice an absence of city administration support who have borrowed the washcloth of Pontius Pilate to distance themselves from an integral business and moral responsibility in terms of serving the citizens of the city. Rationalizations around enfranchisement or separate voting powers is a cop-out that more enlightened cities have addressed understanding the active role and indispensible role a successful, functioning school district play in the business planning for a growing and successful city.

    So, I continue to raise this, it is not “theoretical” or “impractical” to raise this. Every council member or on the ballot member should recognize this very critical point as a core requirement for the growth and development of New Rochelle. Try this for size…. (Developer — I am prepared to build a combined high net worth residential and commercial development downtown with successful prospects for both property tax and employment potential. But, I am troubled by a continuous downslide of student performance and graduation rates. what are your plans to turn this around. City—– er, listen Beavis, isn’t this the responsibility of the school board who people vote for separately. it is not our job. talked to Butthead over at the district administration office and he says “back off city.” So our hands are tied. Developer — thanks but no thanks. we will look elsewhere. Our folks want to promote New Rochelle as a place where the administration is committed to and takes responsibility for its urban plannning and development responsibiliities.

    So, if this is incorrect or unfair, I am sure this blog will sing out loud and clear that it is. While doing so you might join me in the loud and clear chorus to sing the praises of the parents and community supporting Trinity School. With some important adjustments and dogged fact finding, this will be a school ANY community can be proud of and any CITY could speak forwardly to a developer of its merits to its future.

    1. The Community Speaks
      I am not sure you are aware of the fact that the Trinity PTA invited the community to come and talk to New Rochelle City Council members Al Tarantino, Lou Trangucci and Richard St. Paul. A discussion on issues of the state of the neighborhood/city and their impact on Trinity Elementary School. The meeting was held on Wednesday, October 5 from 7pm to 9 pm at Trinity Elementary School. This meeting was a follow up to last year’s meeting where the council members heard and discussed neighborhood and city concerns. I did not attend this year’s meeting, but I was at last year’s meeting. I am not sure if the PTA knew that Barry Fertel is the council person for District 5(Trinity is part of District 5 neighborhood school), but he did not attend. He should be at the Thursday night meeting, but as far as I am concerned he has washed his hands of this area.

  3. Trinity Parents Just Don’t Realize
    To all Trinity parents. It is imperative you all understand the power you possess as a community. You are an amazing group when you come together as a single voice, but only when you ALL stand up to be heard. This fiasco has gone way beyond Ms Pacheco. This is more about the lying and cover up by the administration and the Board to self serve their own agenda. Many can agree Ms Pacheco is a valuable asset to the school, but what could explain the way this was handled with deceit and cover up to the parents? Every school MUST report who is/is not certified through the Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) so the board either lied or misled the state in it’s reporting. Briceno has shown himself to be nothing more than a puppet without the courage or spine to advocate for your child, so it’s time for you to step up and speak for your own children. The district will stop at nothing to cover their tracks to make themselves look good at the expense of your childs protection. Ask any parent from Isaac or Jefferson how they were treated during the Jose Martinez rape case. When it comes to your child, there is no “little” lie that can be told that will help with your child’s education or protection, We’ve seen the Trinity parents come together for the Thanksgiving Day parade. Perhaps the largest gathering of parents from any school. Come together again and march to the Board of Ed and protect your children from the manipulation of their success. Reach out to the new board members in hope they have yet to be corrupted. Do what it takes to find the truth for our city, but mostly for the children, your children. Nothing will affect the success of your children more than the way they are treated in these early stages. Do the right thing now, or as they say, speak now or forever hold your peace.

    1. Los padres Trinidad no se dan cuenta
      A todos los padres Trinidad. Es imperativo que todos entienden el poder que tienen como comunidad. Usted es un grupo increíble, cuando os reunís como una sola voz, pero sólo cuando todos ponerse de pie para ser escuchados. Este fiasco ha ido mucho más allá de la Sra. Pacheco. Esto es más acerca de la mentira y el encubrimiento de la administración y la Junta para servir a sí mismo su propia agenda. Muchos pueden estar de acuerdo la Sra. Pacheco es un activo valioso para la escuela, pero lo que podría explicar la forma en que esto se manejó con el engaño y el encubrimiento a los padres? Cada escuela debe informar quién es / no es certificado a través del Sistema de Datos Básicos de la Educación (CAMAS) por lo que la Junta mintió o engañó al estado en que la presentación de informes. Briceño ha demostrado ser nada más que un títere sin el coraje o la columna vertebral para abogar por su hijo, así que es hora de que un paso adelante y hablar de sus propios hijos. El distrito no se detendrá ante nada para cubrir sus huellas para verse bien a expensas de la protección del niño. Pregúntele a cualquier padre de Isaac, o Jefferson cómo fueron tratados durante el caso de violación José Martínez. Cuando se trata de su hijo, no hay una “pequeña” mentira que se puede decir que va a ayudar con la educación de su hijo o de protección, hemos visto a los padres la Trinidad se reúnen para el desfile del Día de Acción de Gracias. Tal vez la mayor reunión de padres de cualquier escuela. Y volved a juntaros en marcha a la Junta de Educación y proteger a sus hijos de la manipulación de su éxito. Llegar a los nuevos miembros del consejo con la esperanza de que aún no se han dañado. Hacer lo necesario para encontrar la verdad de nuestra ciudad, pero sobre todo para los niños, a sus hijos. Nada va a afectar el éxito de sus hijos más de la forma en que son tratados en estas primeras etapas. Hacer las cosas bien ahora, o como ellos dicen, hable ahora o calle para siempre.

      He utilizado un traductor para expresar mi mensaje a las familias numerosas multa de Trinity School. Me gustaría que este mensaje llegue a tantos padres como sea posible. Por favor, acepte mis disculpas por los errores del lenguaje. Gracias.

  4. Nadine Pacheco
    Nadine Pacheco is unprofessional and mean spirited. Now that I have learned that she does not have the necessary certification, it is no wonder that she behaves the way she does. She is simply not qualified. Yet, she is “in charge” of children every day. And we as parents cannot protect our children from the likes of her because we are unaware of her professional status.
    Would we allow an unlicensed doctor to treat our child’s illness? Or an unlicensed dog groomer to groom our dog, for goodness sakes? Of course not! But it’s ok for an unqualified administrator to interact, discipline, and punish our children on a daily basis. What’s the sense of having a certification process at all if we are going to ignore it? Do we only comply with laws when they please us? Nadine Pacheco should be fired on the spot – it would serve her well.

    i dont know what anyone is waiting for any other teacher without up to date credentials would of been fired on the spot. Why is it that Ms. Pacheco can keep a job as a teacher i feel she has deceived parents for to long should be let go completely and is she keeping asst. principal pay? Why she has special treatment i dont understand and parents of trinity and taxpayers need to unite.

    1. Trinity School Situation
      Basically the answers to all the questions can be summarized as “oops, sorry”! It was an oversight. The hope is that the community will be satisfied with that and everything will be fine. Why should this community be satisfied with this response? It’s not even okay for children to forget to do their homework, and it’s okay for an Educational Leader to say she didn’t know she had to file for her license? Who does the School District’s administration think we parents are?
      The facts are that:
      A) Personnel must be certified. Teachers at Trinity and at other schools have been terminated because they didn’t hold the proper requirements.
      B) It is extremely simple to check a person’s certification status. Cannot believe the district’s personnel requirement didn’t know about this.
      C) When individuals go on interviews, licensing and certification status is always one of the questions when necessary.
      D) Information about certification is submitted every school year in the form of a BEDS survey. What did Ms. Pacheco’s survey state?
      E) The New York State Education Department’s website lists certification requirements and fees. Ms. Pacheco didn’t know she had to file for her license? Should professionals in any field know whether they have to file for their licenses?

      My question is WHY? Why was she hired without qualifications and why is she being given these opportunities that have not been allowed to anyone else in the district?

      If the district thinks taxpayers and parents are buying the “oversight”, “We didn’t know story”, they are really insulting us.

  6. Speak Up and Stand Up
    To all Trinity Parents, it is important for you to ask all of these questions in person: One by one on Tuesday Nov at 7PM at the Board of Ed meeting at 515 North Ave. Your voice and your numbers is important. Sometimes, the school leadership expects that parents will not show up or care so that they can move on. Please be there.

    1. Next BoE Meeting Date?
      Please provide the date in November of the next Board of Education meeting in New Rochelle. I agree with you, strength in numbers in PERSON would be ideal. Thanks for your support.

    2. Speak Up and Stand Up
      As a soon to be senior citizen and have just paid my school taxes and Trinity is my neighborhood school, I wholeheartedly support the parents who have come forward. Please try and get as many as you can to speak this evening and demand answers. I truly believe the young people of New Rochelle are our future and deserve the best education no matter where they live.

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