As Bleak Clouds Linger Over New Rochelle – Residents Reach for the Silver Lining at the Voting Booth

Written By: John D'Alois

Copy (2) of IMAG0590 Nearly 3 years since I wrote Even a Bleak Cloud Has a Silver Lining and 2 years since the follow up piece Even a Bleak Cloud has a Silver Lining:One Year Later and I’m still waiting for something to give. I remain stalwart in my belief that the answers to our success reside right here in this fine city. But something has to change, room has to be made to allow opportunities to rise to the surface. The constraints that bind our growth are part and parcel of the natural evolutionary life cycle of the political machine. When any group becomes entrenched for too long, the payback to the constituent begins to give way to a partisan view that favors the special interest of the party in charge. For that reason alone, there needs to be a certain level of change that disrupts the comfort level of those who become enamored with their empire. Just as a merchant needs to rotate his stock to prevent things from becoming stale. This is especially true as we find ourselves having the same dialogue over and over without anything new coming from it.

We have become stale. We need new stock, new ideas, new people who can shake off the dust of a vision that hasn’t had any real meaning in the last 12 years or so. You can argue along partisan lines with healthy debate, but push it a little further and think in terms of the candidates who stand apart from the entrenched machine. Notwithstanding my own thoughts on who should emerge this Tuesday, I feel compelled to reinforce how nothing will save you or your wallet if a Democratic supermajority should prevail. Tax caps can and will be overridden. The ability to bond their way out of anything will become the pillar of progress all at the expense of the taxpayer. Bonding to move the city yard will be just the beginning of our next downward slide. There’s already been behind the scene discussion about how it would be packaged. Fees will be introduced to supplement the failed economic models to date. Failure to address the connection, or lack of, between the city’s health and the school system, cronyism disguised as networking, special interest campaign contributions, neglected Main Street, it needs to be turned around. We’ve spent years trying to contribute to the city’s future through private funding for a vibrant, renewed Armory, however, as our Commander in Chief “promises” to have troops home for the holidays, we find ourselves lacking in our ability to proudly provide a much needed service to those who deserve our support. Another missed opportunity to make a difference because of that pesky special interest issue. Maybe if the Mayor didn’t take the thousands of dollars in campaign money from the principals of Forest City Enterprises the ruling party wouldn’t be so reluctant to allow positive options to emerge. It isn’t necessarily an indictment on someone’s character. “We thank you for your service but we’ve decided to explore our options” could be the phrasing.

Nothing will change unless YOU make it change. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “Things are bad. For many, it’s as bad as it will ever be in their lifetime. But, it will get better, and perhaps it will have more to do with what we do rather than what the politicians do.”. What WE can do is change the guard, change the paradigm by electing some new blood to mix with a little of the old. Mayo, Trangucci, Spertus, are all far and above their competition. This is all too apparent after you spend just a few minutes listening to them. Rackman doesn’t seem to have a clue and is a direct decendant of the party genome, Fertel has done nothing for the forgotten section of his district (East End/ Sunhaven)and of late, has become content with his role as the party henchman and spin doctor.Lopez, well, this poor guy hasn’t had an original thought since he lost the last time he ran.I say 4 to 3 republican majority for a change and let’s see what happens, and given their propensity towards a conservative lean, I would even say 5-2 would work. I can guarantee you I will hold their feet to the fire without reserve. We will vote them all out after a while anyway for much the seme reason stated above. It’s only a matter of how long they serve responsibly.If nothing changes, I’ll lead the next uprising, but for now we need change.

Go out and vote, bring a friend or two. A few moments of your time will make all the difference. Did I say to go out and vote? I know I will, for as many people as I can. Thanks New Rochelle, I’m counting on you!

I’ll leave you with some entertainment and final comment on how the more things change, the more they stay the same because It’s a Ball of Confusion for sure