Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard House Up For Sale, Patrick Hickey Leaving Town Three Months After Talk of the Sound Exposé Reveals Years of Tormenting Innocent Neighbor

Written By: Robert Cox

110StephensonListingThe house at the center of the Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard is up for sale. 110 Stephenson Boulevard is currently listed at $489,000.

Patrick Hickey, the primary owner of the house spent years orchestrating a campaign to drive his next door neighbor out of her house. Now, just three months after the final installment of a Talk of the Sound series exposing Hickey’s relentless harassment of Suzanne Ribando, it is Hickey who has been driven out of his house, and the City of New Rochelle. Hickey is looking to move to Mamaroneck, sources say.

Suzanne Ribondo, who had previously moved back into her family home to care for her ailing father, was mercilessly hounded by Hickey, Tracey Hickey, his wife, and their two children as well as members of the New Rochelle Police Department. Hickey, who made a series of false police reports intended to drive Ribando from her home, is now facing a civil lawsuit.

NRPD Detective (ret.) Jeff Wilson retired shortly after Ribondo’s lawyer filed a notice of claim against Wilson and the City of New Rochelle. Also named in what has now become a Federal RICO lawsuit is Detective (ret.) Vincent Mirabile who retired several weeks after the publication of the Talk of the Sound series.

A jury dismissed 6 of the 8 charges against Ribondo in November 2009. She is currently appealing the other two charges. Her lawyers are confident that the remaining two charges were will be overturned on appeal.

Due to roadblocks at the New Rochelle City Court, Ribondo was unable to appeal her two convictions for a year and a half as a result of unprecedented delays in sentencing. When Ribondo finally was sentenced this past July, Judge Anthony Carbone sentenced her based on a recommendation of Conditional Discharge by the Westchester County Department of Probation. Carbone described the recommendation of Conditional Discharge, a highly unusual and light sentence, “unusual”. Westchester County Department of Probation noted that despite claims to the contrary, they had delivered the recommendation in February 2010, 17 months earlier.

Carbone also vacated an unconstitutional Order of Protection imposed on Suzanne Ribando by Judge Gail Rice in 2008, lifting a ban on Ribando entering or enjoying the use of her own backyard.

Ribando had been facing up to two years in prison and three years probation as well as fines, community service and other punitive measures. Other than a mandatory New York State surcharge of $250 there was no punishment at all.

At the center of the matter has been New Rochelle City Court Clerk James Generoso who used his connection with the Westchester County District Attorney’s office and the New Rochelle Police Department to provide unique assistance to Hickey who worked at Beckwithe Pointe with Generoso’s daughter. In a deposition, Generoso admitted getting involved in the matter at the request of his daughter.

Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard is an eight part series which traces the history of a dispute among neighbors that spiraled out of control and came to consume members of the New Rochelle Police Department, the City Court of New Rochelle and the Westchester County District Attorney’s office and raised serious doubts about the justice system in the City of New Rochelle.

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  1. Haha!
    Glad to see them go. They are a burden to all of New Rochelle. Not to drudge up “old” news, but I had to say something, because, what the hell, right?

    I had worked for BP for many years and can say that some of the officer’s assertions during trial that they “didn’t really know” Pat are complete and total BS. Maybe they didn’t know his shoe size but they sure as hell were buddy-buddy. Anyone who has belonged there, worked there or even visited on occasion can see that Pat was and probably still is everywhere in that place, even more so now that some of the key people from the past are gone. Anybody who’s anybody, visiting or belonging to BP, is going to know Pat, there are no two-ways about it. There are no. Two-ways. About it.

    I’m so glad you put this out there. I know some people don’t really care about the spat between the two, but it really underlines the problems within the New Rochelle courts, and those who patrol the streets. Economy is a small problem is New Rochelle, but corruption is abound and needs to be brought to the center of attention.

  2. How is this news?
    With all the legitimate issues confronting the Queen City of the Sound, why print this tattle-tale he-said-she-said excuse for journalism ? Baseless accusations between quarreling neighbors….I’m not sure why Mr. Cox endeavors to print this. I don’t know these people and I have no interest in their private affairs. What about tackling real issues that face our city – such as the incredibly high vacancy rate of our office buildings? Main Street looks like a ghost town …revenue is lost by the minute…and Mr. Cox
    uses his position to print the fodder for daytime talk show feuds. Pathetic.

    1. My question is…
      regardless of the spat he wrote about (which details corruption within NR/Westchester city municipalities), how does him blogging about the disappearing businesses on Main street help, at all? It gives no tangible effect on anything, anywhere. If people don’t want to rent out the space above the 99cent store, what is Mr. Cox’s blog gonna be able to do about it?

    2. How is this news?
      You say: “What about tackling real issues that face our city…” Do you not think that Police Corruption rising to the level of a RICO complaint is not a “real issue” for New Rochelle?

      Perhaps you do not understand the difference between “news”- meaning the significant events of a 24 hour cycle – and investigative journalism. Look at the front pages of the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal and they will usually have an investigative piece (often similar to Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard) in the lower center of the page, surrounded top right and left by News stories.

    3. We cover all that we can
      You might not read this site very much to think that there is not much coverage of the many problems downtown. If you have information on vacancy rates please share them.

      As for this post being “Baseless accusations between quarreling neighbors”. It is an update on an 8-part series based on court transcripts, observing judicial proceedings, depositions, legal filings and extensive interviews. It is not about “quarreling neighbors” but about one man using his connections to powerful people like James Generoso, the New Rochelle City Court Clerk to torment an innocent woman. The victim in this case, Suzanne Ribando, fought the false charges brought against her in court where 6 of 8 charges, many based on the testimony of New Rochelle Police officers, were dismissed. The other two will certainly dismissed on appeal.

      As one of the most impactful and widely-read stories on Talk of the Sound I believe that readers will be interested to know that the mastermind behind the plot to get the courts to forcibly remove Ms. Ribando from her childhood home is himself, the one leaving town. In other words, a bit of justice for the downtrodden.

  3. Rico Complaint
    Do we know if the RICO complaint was filed by the US Attorney or if it is just part of Ribando’s lawyers complaint against Hickey.

  4. This should not be the end of the affair
    This should not be the end of the affair. A full investigation should be initiated. If one is already in progress, it should be completed ASAP.

    1. I am sure she is happy
      I hope he won’t let the door hit him in the rear end on the way out.

      Good riddance.

      1. I for one
        I for one…..would hope that the door hits him in his ass on the way out and he has to go to the hospital to get the knob out of his rectum.

      2. are you sure?

        mr. cox, I first off commend for being able to weave this whole story into a way that suits your needs. Now, are you 100% sure of the credidibility and truth to this post and ALL of the "Nightmare on Stevenson Boulevard" series because to be quite frank, I have some details that you seemed to left out and i'm certain that my sources are 1000% more reliable than yours…..and on a side note, how can you say that the side of the story of a woman that clearly isnt stable enough to almost KILL herself that she is more reliable in FACTS than people who are actually sane (the HICKEYS). and to even build on that, don't you think that a man that works 70+ hrs a week, a woman that is on the PTA of BOTH schools of her children, a teenager that got a full scholarship into high school, and a little boy that is on 3 basketball teams have ANYTHING better to do than "harass" Ribando for 7 years

        and if you wanna suspend my account because you dont LIKE what i'm saying or that you think i'm a "troll" go right ahead because frankly I dont like reading lies on blog during my spare time



      3. Back up your claim

        So, now that you have set the stage, produce the facts you claim to have! We're all waiting……

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