New York State Education Department Assistant Commissioner David Abrams Finally Fired

Written By: Robert Cox

DavidAbramsDing, dong, the fool is gone! the fool is gone!

Happy days here at Talk of the Sound! It is great pleasure we announce that David Abrams, the incompetent, corrupt clown who has been posing for years as a testing and assessment specialist despite no particular qualifications, has has finally been fired by New York State Education Commissioner John B. King, Jr.

Hooray for King! Long live the King!

Abrams held the title of Assistant Commissioner of the Office for Standards, Assessment and Reporting in the New York State Education Department.

If you want to read why he was fired you can read the article in The New York Post by Yoav Gonen (h/t Warren Gross) but I do not really care why he was fired just that the fact of his firing is a cause of great celebration here at Talk of the Sound. That Abrams has finally been deposed is about a clear a sign we are going to get that Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Board of Regents Chair Meryl Tisch and Commissioner King are serious about reforming the corrupt educational testing system brought into being by Abrams.

It would not be an understatement to say that no person in New York has done more damage over the past decade to both to the quality of education in the State and the national reputation of the statewide public school system.

If you want to read why Abrams has been such a disaster for New York education read The Testing Mess by Sol Stern.

As longtime readers know, it has been David Abrams who has single-handedly blocked my efforts to get justice for my son over the past two years.

In 2007, New Rochelle High School Chemistry teacher Marissa Raniolo and Science Department chair Joyce Kent, I believe, conspired to purposely fail my oldest son in his Chemistry Honors class by artificially lowering his grade on the Regents exam. The New Rochelle Board of Education did their normal “circle the wagon to protect the scum” routine and did their best to help Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak bury the matter.

My response was to launched Talk of the Sound in 2008 which has, time and time again, exposed Organisciak for the lying piece of poo that he is.

Can you tell I am happy about the news of Abrams firing? Hopefully he will crawl down whatever rat hole he came from and never be heard from again.

If you are interested to know the details you can read the links below but suffice to say Abrams departure has breathed new life into my effort to appeal the decision of Abrams to close my son’s case despite clear evidence that Kent and New Rochelle High School principal Don Conetta lied to a State investigator assigned to my son’s case.

I just got off the phone with Amy Paulin’s office and they are already in process on setting up a meeting in Albany with the new Deputy Commissioner of Education. Paulin has offered to join me in the meeting. Stay tuned.

You can see the the documents that are the evidence that Conetta and Kent lied here.


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