New Rochelle Board of Education Tables Resolution to Bring Bill Evans to Ward School for 6 Weeks

Written By: Robert Cox

BillEvans ALMSThe New Rochelle Board of Education tabled a resolution at its December 6th meeting that would have brought Bill Evans, former Albert Leonard Middle School principal, back to New Rochelle early next week. A draft resolution the week before stated that Evans would fill in for the Assistant Principal at Ward Elementary School for 36 days. Kimberly Peluso will be out on parental leave from January 3, 2012 until March 16, 2012.

Some board members were uncomfortable with the generous pay package offered to Evans: $830 a day for 36 days or $29,880 which is just $20 below the maximum Evans could earn and still receive his full pension for 2012. On an annualized basis, $830 per day is $215,800 a year. These board members wanted to the district to find a less costly option to cover for Peluso.