Minivan Plows Through Restaurant Window Near New Rochelle City Hall

Written By: Robert Cox

A Honda Odyssey minivan collided with a Ford Escape on North Avenue near Coligini Avenue and crashed through the front of the Cosinita Restaurant at 570 North Avenue. Amazingly no serious injuries we're reported. The driver of the Ford Escape was on Fifth Avenue heading towards North Avenue, turned the vehicle northbound onto North Avenue and struck the Honda Odyssey. The driver lost control of the Honda Odyssey and drove straight into the front of the Cosinita Restaurant. A dozen or so people gathered on the sidewalk across the street to watch a Safeway tow truck work to extricate the vehicle from the storefront. "It's good thing the food there isn't very good or some people could really have gotten hurt," said one wiseacre, to the general amusement of the crowd. The man later admitted he had never eaten there but couldn't resist getting off what he thought was a funny line. PHOTO CREDIT: RW, RC

8 thoughts on “Minivan Plows Through Restaurant Window Near New Rochelle City Hall”

  1. Eating minivan parts in La Cosinita Restaurant


       All the jokes about this accident are ugly, why not say lets all get together when they reopen and have tacos like good Gringos. I will invite you all.          



  2. Come on Bob

    I'm sure this restaurant didn't need you to repeat an unfounded comment made by a bystander trying to get a laugh. As you probably know, it is critically important to any restaurant to have the quality of their food viewed in a positive light.  Repeating that comment doesn't help regardless of the explanation that followed.

    1. He’s 100% right Bob

      He's 100% right Bob! we should all go and eat there tonight, the  menu specials are:

      Spare tire w/motor oil $15.99

      Headlight glass sprinkled over primed hood $14.99

      Fender w/ undercoating $8.99

  3. smashing through

    haha..I laughed at that comment made by the bystander. But certainly, the restaurant owner would not find that comment amusing after what had happened to his place. The driver has lots of paying up to do with this.

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