Who I Think I Am and Why

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The other day there was a post announcing a $500,000 matching grant for Facade Improvement. I expressed my point of view which, if you read my posts, essentially points out that this was not exactly great news for the City and why. Perhaps the rather solemn faces of the people on hand indicates some shared values and so I posted and with the lingering question of why a college head is the BID head (yes I know $$$$$) I put it out of my mind.

A veteran poster, NR Old Timer by name, asked an open question which had to be directed at me. It said in part, “are you disappointed in him also (meaning Noam Bramson). It was a fair question and led me to examine a number of factors that have changed me over the past year or two. The most pronounced are changes in my behavior… I am less a hothead….. and also in my iron clad belief that it is far less Bramson at fault than it is politics. I do not think for a moment that there is someone out there that would manage the City in everyone’s best interest and I cannot find any evidence of his guilt in fraud, defalcation, etc… what I find are some significant issues in managing a City and mostly, in acting out as a politician. This is a disease that is shared by just about every office holder and only term limits, additional political parties, control over lobbyists, campaign contributions, etc.

So I continue to support as I do people of both parties in nys, county and new rochelle offices. Most financially as little as it is, one or two simply by affirmation.

But, NR Old Timer deserved a direct response and I gave it. Of course I am disappointed. If you read my posts, you will see the specific areas that trouble me if you can wade through my typical wordy responses.

But, these troublesome days have brought to bear people who serve in a number of capacities disappoint. There is a lionized non-profit head who works out his need for self affirmation and fear of his God via the Internet. There is a college educator who thinks that money will get him certain advantages in the City in terms of expansion opportunities and it does. So many others.

Then there is ME. Some, maybe much too much of what I say is driven by being ignored or not used in terms of what my pride and need for self affirmation requires for me to get up in the morning. It stems from my personality more than my abilities… I tend to compete for air, perhaps recognition, and I have worked and prayed for change in these areas. I haven’t seen it yet, but it may come.

So, in my heart of hearts, in the workings of my mind, I cannot condemn Noam without condemning all people who fall short in their jobs, who don’t seek help from all corners, who put aside personal pride for the sake of others. He is us, or at least, certainly me.

My thanks to NR Old Timer who asked a fair question. And, as I have said earlier in other posts, I have learned the value of TOTS and of Bob Cox. In the former case, all views are tolerated unless they violate some matter of law or in cases, decency. You can be less than brilliant and find a place to post

In Bob’s case, I have put aside any feeling of distaste on how he presents which is trivial compared to what he presents. Every political figure, every relgious figure, every citizen who wants this City to progress and prosper, and every office holder should make this required reading.

And yes, I am by the phone if any organization, governmental or otherwise would like some assistance at no cost… I am not looking for work, I am looking to contribute and I can deal with no thanks as well as I appreciate the input.

So, if I support the mayor, remember it is my spiritual view to condemn the sin and not the sinner. He may change, the lionized figure in New Rochelle may conquer his hate, and the college head may learn that money doesn’t buy you everything.

3 thoughts on “Who I Think I Am and Why”

  1. RE: Response to Tara’s question.

    $ 500,000 or $ 5 Million or even $ 50 Million in cosmetics will not help the image of downtown New Rochelle. Spending this money on improving the facades of the city is akin to painting a corpse to make it seem alive when in fact, it is not. As Gertrude Stein would put it, " A corpse is a corpse is a corpse". 

    As for Warren? We all honor and appreciate his contribution to the dialogue. I read all his posts with great enthusiasm. Thank you Warren for your wit, your words, and wisdom.

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all from TB and family.

    1. Todd Brent 19 etal
      Thank you Todd Brent 19 for your kind words and they mean a great deal to me. You represent what it took me too long to find; voices in this community that had an important stake in its welfare, strong, intelligent folks who want to and can do the rights things for this community. The voices are largely at TOTS.

      Yes, the matching grant is actually an issue in itself and perhaps the faces of the people at the presentation mirror that. It certainly is time for significant, meaningful, planful change and it is possible, no even probable if the right emphases is placed on the right things. I believe there are some people in and out of government that know what these right things are.

      Again, thank you Todd and I echo your sentiments for the holiday season to all readers and others of good will.

      We can and we will be a force for positive change next year. God Bless us; each and every one.

  2. Isn’t the question: Will another $500,000 inporve downtown?

    This is taxpayer money, even if it does not come from the local budget.  The BID received a previous grant and did make some changes which improved the appearance of downtown.  But the sales tax has gone down in spite of the facade improvements.  Isn't the real issue how can we get more tax generating businesses in downtown?  Using taxpayer money to fix facades in my opinion is not going to help the City gain more sales tax.  Problem solving should start with the real problem. 

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