BOARD OF ED MEETING TONIGHT: Third Time the Charm? New Rochelle BoE Will Try Again to Justify Hiring People Without Background Checks

Written By: Robert Cox

The New Rochelle Board of Education will discuss tonight, for what will be the third time, why the school district is hiring people without background checks as required under New York State law. The above video is a compilation of three clips, the first from the November 29th Board of Education meeting, the second two are from the December 6th Board of Education meeting which represents the entirety of the public dialog that has taken place so far.

Residents who are concerned that the District continues to hire employees without first completing the required background checks are encouraged to attend tonight’s board meeting at the Linda Kelly Theater at the New Rochelle High School tonight at 7:00 P.M.

So far, the district has put up a variety of explanations and excuses and more can be expected tonight so those who intend to come tonight need to watch the video above, paying close attention, and then contrast that with the claims made by the district tonight.

8 thoughts on “BOARD OF ED MEETING TONIGHT: Third Time the Charm? New Rochelle BoE Will Try Again to Justify Hiring People Without Background Checks”

  1. Bruno Monteroso
    Why is Bruno Monteroso starting work at 6am? When everyone else starts at 7am? Is he cutting grass or raking leaves around premium point again? Why is Jimmy Bonnano allowing this to continue.

  2. More wasted tax dollars
    Why was the Barnard school gym teacher at a private gym on East Main St at 9:30 when he was supposed to be at Barnard at 8:30 this past Friday?

  3. Happy days are here again!
    Well happy days are here again, 4 painters took the test, 2 passed and 2 failed. I guess one of the failures will be building sandcastles down at Hudson Park this summer.

  4. Whatever Happened to Minimum Wage?

    I'm well aware that many of the part time ladies hired each year to handle various duties throughout the elementary schools are getting paid $18 hourly.  Quite generous for us tax payers!  They do have a background check, yet what skills are they providing without having to take a test! These are women being paid above minimum wage and working around our children, not to mention, you have to know someone to get this job!  Only in New Rochelle!

    1. You can’t pay New Rochelle property taxes & earn minimum wage!

       You can't pay New Rochelle property taxes & earn minimum wage!  The mathematics just don't add up. 

      In fact, to buy average priced house (say $550k) in NR, you actually need to earn quite a lot and how many of the people that can afford NR would pick NR over say Scarsdale, Eastchester, Chappaqua, Stamford, CT or Greenwich, CT?  These are all comparable to NR in someway or another. 

      If anyone wants, I could come to a fairly close minimum household income needed to live here, just shoot off some sort of reply. 

  5. Custodian
    Board of Ed hire anybody,crackhead,pothead,also convicted racist.Convicted racist Martin Freiman was interview for another shot to be Head Costodian of Albert Leonard Middle School.This racist shouldn’t be even got an interview.

  6. How many glaziers does the school district need these days?

    The BoE really should put in a hiring freeze as I'm sure Quinn won't be able to balance the budget without trying to override the tax cap 1st.    

    How many glaziers does the school district need these days?

    1. I believe the answer is five.

      I believe five. One to hold the putty knife and four to move the window up and down.

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