Robin Vester – Williams

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December 23, 2011

God comforts people with gifts.

Like the metaphors in Isaiah

with the “The Rose of Sharon”: Kingdom glory;

beauty on hills, splendor; support for

miracle reversals from weakness to strength and blindness to sight;

the ability to recognize joy, good people, happiness and growth.

You are a gift and you are my people as far back as

I have memory in New Rochelle. As far back as Rev. Cructhfield

crying in the midst of sermon and the Sweet Hours

Of Prayers at Shiloh sang right through — the blue and speckled stained glass.

I recall your dad belting-out, punctuated hymns that stirred the

sisters and the brothers too and also made your momma proud.

I remember you as J.V.’s sister and then “our’s too” in kind.

Each laughing moment with you took the relationship to new bonds and you always

pushed for the best to come out of everyone else at each level we reached.

We were all hen-pecked by you and groomed in your love for us.

No smile could “get cha,” like yours Robin.

You had a straight forward love for everyone and you belted it out love like your dad’s songs.

You made the sisters listen and the brothers know we had

a sister just as much in love with us

as J.V. had perhaps it was like the “The Rose of Sharon” with

Kingdom glory; beauty on hills and horizons; seeing always the splendor and sporting a smile

for miracle reversals.