New Rochelle Fire Fighters Bring Holiday Cheer to Others That Are Less Fortunate

Written By: UFFA Local 273 - New Rochelle Firefighters

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On December 23rd the New Rochelle Fire Fighters organized their 6th annual “Bring Holiday Cheer” to others that are less fortunate. This year and for the past 5, fire fighters and their families gave back to their community. This year the Fire Fighters were able to visit 5 families where Fire Fighters and their family members went to the homes of those that are less fortunate to spread holiday cheer by bringing Christmas trees, wrapped gifts and food. It’s just another way that Fire Fighters give back to their community; it’s something that they love to do it.  And just this past Halloween and for the last 10 years, the New Rochelle Firefighters bring Halloween to the Children’s Cancer Hospital where they dress up in various costumes, deliver candy, and spend the day face and wall painting with all of the children bringing smiles to those that sometimes find it hard to smile. The New Rochelle Fire Fighters are always finding ways to give back to the community that they protect.

We want to wish Happy Holidays to all!

New Rochelle’s Bravest

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  1. Now if Bramson

    Now if only the Mayor and City Council would go back to what the pay scale is in the city charter maybe we can save some firemens jobs

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