William O’Shaugnessy: Profiles in Integrity

Written By: Funtime

Author, gadabout, politico, inherited upper-cruster, dog-fancier, radio mogul, tall, car passenger.

These are just some of the words that define New Rochelle's white fox: William O'Shaugnessy.

For years, his privately owned radio station WVOX 1460 am has been ruling the airwaves spreading the message that the people have a voice to be heard! The 12 watt station is the cornerstone of the O'Shaugnessy empire and serves as a symbol for all that Mr. O, as he is lovingly called, represents.

As soon as you enter the studio, you are innundated with photos of Mr. O and his famous friends. Standing arm in arm with other beacons of professionalism and integrity, pictures of William Jefferson Clinton and Donald Trump immediately lend credibility to the station.


The impressive peer group Mr. O has built over the years speaks to his character and shines impressively in the hall of the station. It is a reminder, frozen in celluloid, of the modesty of a such a proud man.

In another display of sheer restraint, hardbound copies of Mr. O'Shaugnessy's books are framed and nailed to the door frame above the office. Dozens of copies lay about the station as well, but these glorious tomes have earned a spot centerstage. If you haven't yet picked up a copy of one of the many masterpieces Mr. O has put out, you are missing out on some great anecdotes about what exorbinantly wealthy people do with their fame and fortune. Mr. O's first foray into the literary world More Riffs, Rants and Raves is just the kind of light reading any sadomasochist would have on their shelf.

The sequel delves a bit more deeply into the world of running a dinky radio station that panders to whatever current political administration has been compelled to purchase advertising.

Shitty Book.

The title loosely translates from Latin into the rather clunky voice of the establishment in English. Though a bit hamhanded, the point is made.

His impressive and mounting professional credentials aside, it is the approachable, avuncular nature of Mr. O'Shaugnessy that casts such a dynamic figure.

As anyone who has visited the station would know, there is a distinct homey atmosphere that separates WVOX from any station operating in the universe today. Be it the extremely casual nature under which the station functions or the adorable pet pooch who freely roams the studio halls, WVOX has an unforgettable ambience that just seems to say: welcome home.

Due in large part to Mr. O's professional wardrobe, WVOX, again, stands as a microcosm representing the man who so laboriously built it. The doors are always open and if you happen to come on by, you might have the honor of being shushed by a subordinate as Mr. O loudly talks to someone very important on a random phone in the main office.

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6 thoughts on “William O’Shaugnessy: Profiles in Integrity”

  1. Jackass

    This guy is nothing but a blowhard thats been in bed with every Democrat he comes across.Sure he is the voice of the people except when he caves to political pressure.Nice pic of him and Madoff,cant imagine the nice things he said about Bernie until the chips fell.They probably just climbed out of bed together.He loves to hear himself talk.He's a cunning linguist..Hows Larry's ex wife doing?

  2. Fathers and Sons

    Hmm..looks like Matthew O'Shaughnessy got himself a blog to slam the Old Man.

    Classy move.

    1. I stand corrected…

      On further review, I see that it isn't Mr. O's kid, also named Matthew, who's slinging this nasty shit at WVOX.

      It's this loser wannabe producer for Bob Cox, who courageously stormed out of WVOX studios months ago, along with his boss, and now roams the internet on BlogTalk Radio, along with about 400,000 other bloggers who couldn't get arrested on real broadcast radio, or hired to take out the garbage.

      Bet you guys are really crackin' those listener numbers on BTRadio, huh? 

      Nice photoshopped Madoff pic alongside Mr. O'Shaughnessy, though.

      Radio envy..such a dark place.


  3. I heard the whisper

    I heard the whisper 1/4 mile away, Mayor Bumson telling Mr. O'Shaugnessy  to "find a way to get Bob Cox off the air! we cant have the truth about our crime ridden city come out"

    Ever since then i have never listened to WVOX any more, I do how ever listen to BTR to find out what's truly messed up with your city and only Bob Cox goes out on the limb while WVOX talks bullshit.

    1. Sign yourself up

      While you're checking out BlogTalkRadio, see if they offer an english grammar show you can tune in to.

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