Retro Fitness New Rochelle to Contribute Monthly Fitness Column

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Hello New Rochelle!

My name is Mario, and I have been the General Manager of Retro Fitness Club and its predecessor for the past 6 years. We are located at 236 North Ave, New Rochelle, NY, 10801. As a resident of Westchester for the past 25 years, I take tremendous pride in overseeing the daily activities of this great 13,000 square foot fitness club. Our aim is to help our members achieve their fitness goals, and not to just sell them a membership. I am a certified personal trainer, and know most of the members on a first name basis. We provide our community with a fitness facility that offers an inexpensive, clean, friendly, and healthy environment to exercise in. In addition, we offer FREE child care and FREE group fitness classes. For less than 67 cents a day, we provide the same brand new state of the art equipment and services that many of the higher priced fitness clubs offer.

Using my 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry, each month I will strive to provide you with an informative article to help assist you in your health and fitness journey. My aim is to keep it simple yet exciting for you.

This month we will talk about the importance of free weights and weight training, an emphasis we strongly suggest at our facility. Whether its 2 lb dumbbells in your home, or 100 lb dumbbells at our club, there are many benefits to using free weights instead of weight machines. In my opinion, the best workout would incorporate both in your exercise routine.

When using free weights, your muscles are completely engaged as you both lift and balance the weight. Weight machines keep the weights steady and moving in the proper motion. With free weights, it is up to you to maintain proper form and engage your muscles to their fullest extent. Never lose sight of the importance of proper form. Using proper form when lifting will help avoid injuries, get fit, and allow you to enjoy your results and exercising as well.

Please feel free to come in to meet my staff and I, or to just check out our facility. Stay tuned for next month’s column. You can also find us on twitter and face book @RetrofitnnesNR as well.

Have fun and be fit,

Mario B!

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Mario is the General Manager of the Retro Fitness Club in New Rochelle. He is a certified personal trainer and has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry.