New Rochelle Armory – Looking Back to the Future

Written By: John D'Alois

Armory postcardTaking a look through the archives of the New Rochelle Armory website, two stories caught my attention. The first was an editorial wherein former city manager Peter Korn attempts to set the record straight about the deed transfer from the State to the City. Mr Korn asserts the deal was made, in part, for the purpose of “preventing its sale to a private party” (as in Forest City?). Continuing on, in spite of the deed restriction the city agreed to, “There was no desire at any time to utilize or preserve the Armory”. A stark contrast to comments made in a 1997 Journal news article by the man Mr Korn partnered with to “negotiate” the deal. Former Public Works Commissioner Robert Dolan is reported to have said the building will have to be used for public purposes. In fact, Mr Dolan was chairman of a “new Armory committee” set up by the city to figure what to do with the building. (Not the Save Our Armory Committee). Former Mayor Idoni is quoted as saying “It will be used for public purposes until further notice”. Makes you wonder. Was the deal made to preserve the premises as stated in the deed, or did the city agree to anything just to get the property knowing it would be sold out? I suppose agreeing to use it for a noble purpose such as “public use” helped secure the one dollar purchase price. Seems like the mayor, city manager and the commish can’t pass the smell test this time around. One thing Mr Dolan and Mike Scully appear to agree on “It has a great view, too, at high tide”

It’s YOUR Armory
Use it- Don’t Lose it

One thought on “New Rochelle Armory – Looking Back to the Future”

  1. If this building…
    If this building were in the north end of NR, it would be an indoor tennis court and community center. The lawn and windows would be looked after and spotless. This is no longer a “perception” that the city has no intention of maintaining the structure. Perhaps our mayor will see the light and sell it for $1 to the Save the Amory committee and they will clean and repair the building and grounds. I wonder when the mayor will wake up and start having faith in the citizens of New Rochelle.

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