Liberty Lines and TWU agree to new four-year contract to operate Bee-Line Buses

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

Bee Line Bus

County Executive Robert P. Astorino today congratulated the management and union workers of Liberty Lines, the private bus company that operates most of the Bee-Line buses that serve 100,000 Westchester residents a day, on reaching a tentative contract settlement.

“Through good-faith bargaining, an agreement that protects the interests of both sides has been reached,” said Astorino. “Most important from the county’s standpoint, the agreement will provide uninterrupted service for the next four years to the more than 30 million passengers who ride the Bee-Line buses annually. I want to thank management and the union’s negotiating committee for working through the issues in a way that protected the interests of the public.”

The contract between Liberty Lines and the Transport Workers Union, Local 100 shows give and take on both sides. Workers will receive salary increases of 1.5 percent, 2.5 percent, 3 percent and 3 percent over the course of the four-year contract. To help offset those costs, employees will increase their health care contributions from the current 3.5 percent on a sliding scale over the four years of the contract. With respect to pensions,  management and labor will both increase their weekly contributions to the company’s pension plan.

Commenting on the agreement, Jerry D’Amore, the president of Liberty Lines, said: “This agreement is the result of concessions on the part of both management and employees. We are very pleased that we have come to terms without a strike and any inconvenience to our loyal passengers.”

The contract now goes to the full union membership for ratification before it can be finalized.