The New Rochelle Armory Roof- Someone Used to Care

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In the photo above you can see the remnants of a former temporary roof repair. At one point, someone in the city cared enough to secure a blue tarp to protect the roof. It worked, for a while. Now, all we can do is stand by and watch the condition worsen as we drive by. A Main Street display for all to see. A microcosm of what’s happening downtown.What happened to the resolve that led to the original temporary repair? As the building awaits its fate, what can be done to halt the continued damage? How can we help?

Meanwhile, the leaks continue.

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3 thoughts on “The New Rochelle Armory Roof- Someone Used to Care”

  1. armory
    the armory is a complete waste of time and money trying to save it. its waterfront property.put a memorial up and move on.

  2. Armory Committee
    John how are you and great job. I would be proud to add whatever value I can to the Armory Committee if you need support or help.

    I am a veteran and I think a voice for change in the City. I was happy to hear that many of the ideas or thoughts I formulated and posted on or sent to one or two councilman and jim killoran were part of the proposal

    I am also happy to reflect on the fact that it should be full steam ahead given the provision of the “sale” to New Rochelle by the State. It is well past time to leeveraage that. Also, the stain on the moral imperative of the City allowing Ratner to even submit a MOU or RFD is reprehensible to the spirit and ethos of any citizen veteran or not.

    Looks like New Rochelle East can replicate many key community benfits enjoyed by the west side and others; boys and girls club, doyle center, etc. The mix is great and I hope it also contains a reflecting chapel to pray, meditate and honor those we lost.

    I don’t know how to contact yuo… I am an open book. I live at 620 Pelham Road, New Rochelle, Apt 2A and my email address is Put me to work. If you don’;t see this, perhaps some mutual acquantence or friend can forward it. Don’t know your last name.

    God Bless warren

  3. Can we purchase the Armory?
    Perhaps the mayor will sell the Armory for $1. It seemed to have work for the church on North Ave. I am sure many people will volunteer to help to restore this building. The number of suggestions for reuse will certainly start the rebirth this city needs.

    Even if the mayor takes credit for the idea let him have that and he will be able to move on in his political career.

    After all the committee involved in saving the armory are honorable citizens and not in this for any glory. But I surely thank you all for your hard work and caring about this structure.

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