Why Can’t City Hall Coordinate with Utility Companies on Paving and Excavation on New Rochelle Roads?

Written By: Deprecated User

What does it take for someone in New Rochelle city government to check with the main culprits (Con Ed, Verizon, etc.) that disrupt our roads by digging, and ascertain when they would be excavating so that new pavement could be delayed????

Does it make any sense for the city to pave a road and then have that road excavated?? I would think not.

I am sure that Con Ed, Verizon, etc., with the exception of emergency repairs, have plans in place far in advance so that the city could coordinate with them and pave AFTER the digging.

Case in point: Warren Street between Union and Grove now has blue markings all over this section of roadway apparently indicating that digging will soon commence. This section of road was recently paved.

Such a waste of taxpayer dollars and manpower.