What Do You Do with a Knife-Wielding Third Grader in New Rochelle?

Written By: Robert Cox

KidwithKnifeTalk of the Sound is getting word of an incident at Jefferson Elementary School where a 3rd grader was found with a knife at the school. While students with weapons at the middle schools and high school are commonplace (not that you know it reading the VADIR reports filed by the district with NYSED), it is not often that a 7-year old is walking around with a knife at school.

As is often the case, word is that administrators at the school are refusing to take action and trying to sweep the matter under the rug. The principal at Jefferson is Kimmerly Nieves, a woman fired from her previous job for dropping the F-bomb during a parent-teacher conference, sources say.

This report comes on the heels of another report, from Trinity Elementary School, where a student is said to have set fire to seats on a school bus. The report states that the Trinity principal Rolando Briceno refused to get involved in the incident.

If these reports are accurate — and given the long history of failing to report similar incidents to law enforcement and NYSED — they ought to be disturbing to senior school officials.