Unable to Contain Student Vandalism, New Rochelle Closes High School Library

Written By: Robert Cox

NRHSLibrary 131The New Rochelle school district has shuttered the library at New Rochelle High School until further notice due to repeated and unchecked incidents of vandalism during the school day, sources say.

One source familiar with the situation tells Talk of the Sound that the library has repeatedly been “trashed” by students leading to the decision today to close the library until further notice. Unable to contain the problem, the matter was referred by Security Director Bruce Daniele to Assistant Superintendent John Quinn who made the decision to close the library.

The library services as a resource to assist students with successful completion of school assignments, according to the New Rochelle High School web site. Students are often required to use library resources to research school work. It remains to be seen what alternatives will be arranged for students seeking to complete class assignments.


5 thoughts on “Unable to Contain Student Vandalism, New Rochelle Closes High School Library”

  1. Bruce Daniele is an incompetent crony
    So let me get this straight. We pay this so called “security director” how much? And he in turn has a cadre of , well you fill in the blanks , people who are paid almost twice the prevailing wage and they are so impotent they can’t stop vandalism in a controlled room like the library? This is what you get when you have a corrupt system, when you use the high school as a holding pen for animals instead of a school. Shame on all of them. Shame on New Rochelle for allowing this to go on. Where are PTA kool aid drinking supporters now? This is what you get when the graduation rate is so pathetic.
    “Unable to contain the problem”? Are you kidding me? Daniele, YOU are being PAID to control problems like this. If you’re not doing your job, you’re stealing from the taxpayers. Disgusting , yet nobody in New Rochelle will say a word or complain . Will you ?

    1. NRHS Security Joke
      The head of security at New Ro HS, is a former cop name Daniele. Just a few years ago he taught D.A.R.E at Ward schoool to 4th graders, telling them not to get high off their glue sticks. New Ro is a God damn joke with who they hire, it’s all to save money. meanwhile on union avenue there are twenty mexicans to one house screwing like rabbits and hatching more people for us to pay for. while mayor bramson hangs out in a bagel shop on the north end of new ro and is clueless to the other ends of the city.

  2. Librarian
    1) Is there a Librarian on staff? If so, would they not hear the library being trashed?

    2) Could they invest in a couple of security cameras that record images of all those who enter the library? You can get some pretty high-end web cams for $600 and just have them stream all pictures to a computer on the network when they detect motion.

    If the PTA collected money for #2, I would be more than happy to contribute — especially if it led to those trashing the library being expelled from the school (at the very least).

    1. Unless the librarian is Steven Seagal…
      or Bruce Lee, I doubt they could have much effect on young hoodlums bent on destruction. I don’t think martial arts is currently being taught at library school.

      So where is the security (rent-a-cops anyone?) at the school that is being paid for out of NR taxes?

      Oh, wait, I know, it’s going to Bramson.

      Can New Rochelle GET any more disgraceful before its citizens demand a change? Oh, wait, I know – yes and no.

  3. Spot check bags of students or “check bags”
    It should start with new procedures that all bags should be checked or at least inspected as the students leave. Cameras in the library would be an obvious way to start checking on “trashing.” Students with no morals or scruples are obviously the root of the problem. What are they being taught by their teachers and their parents?

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