“We’re Watching You” Onlookers Shout as New Rochelle Police Make Arrest on Lincoln Avenue

Written By: Robert Cox

NRPDArrest Lincoln 127New Rochelle police responded in force to an incident on Lincoln Avenue near the intersection with Memorial Highway. Officers from throughout the city responded at high speed. Two arrests were made.

As the police questioned two men, before handcuffing them and taking them in patrol cars, a crowd watching from a nearby apartment building at 33 Lincoln Avenue shouted down at the officers.

“We are watching you”, several onlookers shouted.

Carrington Arms Community House at 33 Lincoln Avenue, is a family low income housing apartment subsidized by the federal government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development,

Some people shouted various derogatory remarks at the officers, others shouted words of support and encouragement for the two men taken away by police. Police officers ignored the remarks.

The arrests were made in front of the #1 American Deli at 41 Lincoln Avenue. Police searched a white vehicle in the parking lot adjacent to 33 Lincoln Avenue.

Police officers left the area without incident.

NRPDArrest Lincoln 128

NRPDArrest Lincoln 129

NRPDArrest Lincoln 130

4 thoughts on ““We’re Watching You” Onlookers Shout as New Rochelle Police Make Arrest on Lincoln Avenue”

  1. Monroe Students at it again ?
    Did anyone check their college ID ? They might be entitled to a student discount from the bail bondsman ? I will gladly “watch them” clean up the streets , next stop Main Street .

    1. The Trash of New Ro
      “Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.” Taxi Driver

  2. What is amazing is the
    What is amazing is the garbage yelling at the Police Officers are the first ones to call the police when they are getting beat the hell up.. Morons..

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