More Vandalism at New Rochelle High School as Heavy Wrought-Iron Gates Ripped Down

Written By: Robert Cox

NRHSGate 136A heavy wrought-iron gate was ripped from its moorings on a brick pillar near the football field at New Rochelle High School.

A security guard at the scene this morning said “We have a line on the person who did this”.

The belief is that someone used chains hooked to the back of a vehicle were used to pull down the gates.

UPDATE: Several high school students are said to have been involved in the incident. According to knowledgeable sources, students in two cars tied chains to the gates, attached them to their vehicles and accelerated until the gates were pulled loose.

New Rochelle High School was forced earlier this week to close its library due to an inability to curtail repeated acts of vandalism at the school.

NRHSGate 137