Rock of the Sound: Considered the Source

Written By: Deprecated User

Dear Readers,

Embedded below is a track I wrote and recorded with direct inspiration from Talk of the Sound. The lyrics are printed underneath and contain some cheeky puns and slight inside-jokes about the city and its inept administrations.

It also explicitly refers to the movement that you are helping get moving by simply visiting this site and reading the real current events that happen inside our beloved city.

This tune is a rough take considering I recorded and mixed it unprofessionally on my phone. Please excuse the bum notes in the vocals; I’m practicing and improving every day, but I’m not there yet.

I hope you like it.

Matthew Pryce
Contributing Editor


The politicians smile
When they tell you everything is fine
But you don’t need to go to Harvard
to know when it is they’re lying

They tell us lots of fairy tales
but the details they omit,
well, the devil’s in the details
not in any made-up net benefits

the grass can get much greener
no matter what they say
the underbelly’s peeking out
and the writing on the wall is clear as day
they might pollute the water
the scum is extremely thick
some unrequested transparency
might just do the trick

The grass roots are growing
they’re blooming in full force
So if you want the story
We’re considered the source

The powers that be
They’re playing with the rules
Puppeteering media
and playing you for fools
Talk is getting louder
a new sound is on the rise
holding feet to the fire
for a million pairs of watching eyes

The headlines keep on coming
and the airwaves are alive
the corruption starts to crumble
the criminals will not survive
you can be a part
of this ever-growing force
Get aboard the new machine
that’s considered the source