CLARIFICATION: New Rochelle Mayor Says Never Planned to Attend United Nations Conference in Brazil

Written By: Robert Cox

Talk of the Sound has previously reported that Mayor Noam Bramson was planning on attending the United Nations Rio + 20 Conference in June. Our reporting was based on an initial source and then confirmed by multiple sources. The information has been published at least four times on Talk of the Sound since March. Given this, we were surprised to learn that in response to an article in another publication for which Talk of the Sound was a source, City Spokesperson Kathy Gilwit requested a correction of that publication. As we were the source for a story in the Westchester Guardian we will certainly take the hit if our reporting was wrong. If there is a correction it should come from Talk of the Sound.

Our original source still stands by the original information so our reporting remains correct, sources did tell Talk of the Sound the Mayor was going to Brazil in June for the Rio + 20 conference. The Mayor has emphatically denied that report. Readers will have to draw their own conclusions.

While it is our conclusion that a correction is not in order, we do want to make a clarification and we offer it here: Mayor Noam Bramson has stated that he was not aware of any such conference, never intended to go and never said publicly or privately that he planned to attend.

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  1. Not the first time the Mayor has denied something he said
    This is not the first time the mayor has denied something he said. One time in particular the statement denied was made by him in front of a large audience of people.

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