A Blantant Attempt for Review, Reflection, and Feedback

Written By: Warren Gross

Notice that the most read articles today were two on Pharmacy Closings, one on the Mayor apparently saying he never intended to go to Rio, a burning boat and one or two others.

I am writing about the significant needs for serious change in New Rochelle as well as finally demonstrating some significant personal issues about how our nation and city work or should work.

Our nation, state, and city are held captive by rabid ideology or a continuation of political correction buffeted by liberal guilt.There is little in between but apathetic people and those who leave it to others to take the burdens of change.

These articles are The Courage to Be and Damn It Enough, sometimes emotion trumps intellect.

The readership is sparse and the comments non-existent on both postings.

Since the editorial staff at TOTS is completely fair; it has to be I need to be more tabloid oriented, apathy has invaded even TOT’s readers or no one cares to put forth their views on these topics or stand up and be heard.

This seems like a bare-arsed plea for an audience and yes, I am guilty. I want to feel that people here feel as much about the forest as they do for the trees. I don’t mean Forest City, I mean cohesive planning, downtown development, safety and security and much, much more.

I have the right to mention this in an unfiltered and non-accusatory way and already have taken responsibility for not srriking the right chords with the readership.

But, ladies and gentlemen, if this was a city government publication or something on the order of the Pulse you wouldn’t have this opportunity. It would be sanitized or done behind closed doors.

So, as several blockers such as Mr Colucci, have already stated in the past, without feedback, support or contrary opinions, it doesn’t work, at least not for me.

thanks for listening.

5 thoughts on “A Blantant Attempt for Review, Reflection, and Feedback”

  1. Marketing, “Talk of the Sound
    Warren dont give up, what i see is a need to market this site, perhaps a summer picnic fund raiser to purchase bumper stickers, T-shirts or what ever works…

    1. Sorry, Warren…
      downtown development,………..

      I’ll play DA here, but until Idoni II is out of office, New Rochelle is finished.

      What’s it been, over 40 years of apathy for any revitalization to downtown New Rochelle? I appreciate your plea to an internet board of like-minded residents and former residents (and as always some sycophants of the status quo), but Warren – no one cares anymore.

      They ‘may’ care about your other issues, but downtown New Rochelle? Idoni II has bigger fish to fry, and until he’s out, as I said: New Rochelle is finished.

      Go ahead, New Rochellians, prove me wrong.

      1. you guys are great
        A good, solid exacta from two solid guys. yes, it did begin with Tim with some earlier help from others in office who played God. It is what it is now.

        I think the bumper sticker, sign and similar visible symbol of people demanding change is on the money.

        reminded by listening to a fellow named jon meacham that we have gone through this type of stuff at the dawn of our nation’s founding.

        it is time it ends. enough! a march on wykyll or its equivalent might be the beginning.

        if you and others can, try to hear what john murtaugh says tomorrow night at 8pm at the American Legion Post 8. He will tell you how things were/are working in Yonkers and the similarities are chilling.

        thanks again.

  2. New Rochelle is listening I believe, I hope!
    You are not alone. We are on board and there are people out there that do care. We are in a slow news cycle as they would call it. All is quiet on the western front for now. That is where the masters of deception with in our local government thrive, Out of sight, Out of mind. This however is the time the few should start gathering together and continue the task of holding our City Manager, The Mayor and The City Council Members accountable. It is easier to put information before the people when there is nothing on the agenda for City Council. There is plenty to do behind the scenes. Their wheels haven’t stopped turning. Neither should yours or anyone else’s. Everyone should make their point and make it loud.

    As I read the Journal news on Saturday. I saw another example of our government at work. Or should I say, they have already made up their minds. Remember, Super Majority. You can read between the lines of the announcement for the Request for Proposal regarding the Armory. The announcement is the good news that the city is finally looking at some other ideas. The RFP is for the Armory is good but when you read the article it says a lot more. Development Commissioner Michael Freimuth said Friday that, “He expects 15 or 20 — perhaps 25 — to submit plans by the July 20 deadline, showing how the vaulted-ceiling building along East Main Street would tie into the massive development planned to replace the adjoining public works yard on Echo Bay”. You see, it says the massive development planned to replace the adjoining public works yard on Echo Bay. It doesn’t say the Proposed Development Plan for Echo Bay. It seems a decision has already been made and they are just going through the motions until the vote for the Forest City Plan. This is not something I say on my own. It is something that is said to me time and again by the people I meet every day.

    The council also hires a consultant to help New Rochelle make development decisions which grew from The City Council asking Development Commissioner Michael Freimuth to explore adding a staff position in his department that could bring retail businesses to the city back in December. The National Development Council is a nonprofit organization. We will still pay them $100K. They aren’t doing the job because they like us. There is a profit motive here. I am all for the idea of getting assistance and think it is a good idea. However, don’t we pay the City Manager and Commissioner Freimuth to explore the same thing? Aren’t there others on the city, county and state payroll that do this same thing? We have duplication of services again. If we need to hire someone to do your job, why do we need you in the first place? Don’t get me wrong, I respect Commissioner Freimuth and given a chance to do his job the way it should be done, he would be very successful.

    Keep up you fight sir, it is not in vain. I believe the few will grow and have grown already. You see, we can’t give up. That is what they want us to do and plan on it. You see it for yourself. Year after year they count on the people to become discouraged and turn away. The only problem now is that not only are the people with ideas slowly being disenfranchised but they become frustrated enough to finally give up, no longer care and even move out of New Rochelle. You have suggested the same yourself as many others have on this site. We can’t stand by and let this happen if we love the City of New Rochelle as we truly say we do their political antics that anger me so are the same fuel that is the catalyst for my fight to turn things around and wake up the citizens of New Rochelle. As I said at CTBH the fight starts when the man says no. You don’t give up until the no becomes a yes.

    Pipe Dream, maybe but a dream just the same and no one takes my dreams away. My life and my family rely on it. I beat cancer twice. I can fight City Hall and the sickness with in its walls. That sickness is like a cancer and can’t be allowed to spread any further.

    “Common Sense for the Common Good”

    1. further reflections
      It is apparent to me that planning in our City is both incoherent and not inclusive. We learn of a Comprehensive Plan being offered in 4 locations in New Rochelle. Apparently this is done every ten years; this year is not on anniversary, but several years later. Few people have any sense of how people are chosen, who they represent, what criteria is necessary, and exactly, what value added a comprehensive plan provides in an age where situational management is the key to adapt and adjust to oft-changing times. And, it might be nice if the City Council, to a man and woman, talked about this in open forum and discussed its value. It would be nice to learn more about who is conducting the sessions as well; she appears very infrequently in the public eye. Perhaps she is a staff member; perhaps not, likely surplus to requirements.

      Cutting to the chase, such a process has never been systematically reviewed and updated by Council to my knowledge. It is I should think a ephemeral guidepost and has little tangible value.

      Here is another point. So far, it seems we have a Comprehenive Plan, a Sustainability Plan, a Citizens Budget/Plan, and who knows what else. Oh yes, we have a Planning Committee which appears to be largely stocked with people associated with the City in some previous capacity. I suppose you might lump in the IDA Committee as well.

      Thus, incoherent. The part that is most disturbing however is its lack of openness, inter-administration relationship, in sum, it lacks plain common sense. It also is largely non-inclusive as I am sure that with the constant recycling of the same people far less than 1@ of our City population is involved.

      that said, I would surely eliminate the redundant Planning Committee as it serves merely as a cosmetic device and likely slows down initiative and adds to secretive and archaic process. It seems very relevant to respond to the spirit and intent of the City Charter and one way is surely to understand that Mayor Bramson considerably overreaches when he sets up secret meetings to pick and choose representatives, gives unilateral direction to Strome and his staff, and violates Charter norms. But, of course, the City Council has permitted this for years well before Noam’s stewardship and they are beginning, I do hope, to understand that they are the ruling body of the City, have full oversight and policy function and that Noam is one of seven…. a slightly greater equal because he heads up the council.

      You cannot be too hard on him for following his predecessor, and in some, maybe many ways, his predecessor’s predecessors. While I do not understand why he has anything resembling a donor account or if you prefer, a campaign contribution kitty, I have no doubt he is an honest man and an asset to the community. But, it must be said that he is too secretive in his dealings and “shades” some matters which would be best served in open forum.

      I will shortly remind the readership of TOTS of the salient chapter and verse of the New Rochelle Charter. You should read it and make a basic decision; do I respect the rule of law in our community, am I really a believer in community diversity, and do I think that any voter eligible man and woman in New Rochelle is “better” than another? The day is fast approaching when you all must answer this question; locally, state-wide and nationally. We are on a slippery slope here because we do business the way Carmine DeSapio did many years ago in Greenwich Village before Ed Koch took him on at personal risk. I know, I did some odd chores for Carmine as a teenager and it is not that dissimilar here.

      Here is the sort of planning committee, NO, action team we need NOW. We need a City Administration direct interface with the School District. You all know why and you must agree new investors and residents come here if the school district merits their equity or children’s education. Yet we have no formal organization arrangement that puts the School Board on notice that they are connected in very real terms to the City. The time is long past and the new board president and several of her colleagues are doing very well with what they have or inherited and I think they would or should not have any issue with this.

      I have just the man to devise and set up the formal arrangement. It is Barry Fertel. His tenure on both the school board and city council make him a proper and potentially fine choice. He is up to it if he chooses to be up to it. I already checked the NYS rules and regulations on this and this is no issue whatsoever.

      Keep on, keep on positively and actively demanding your places at the table. Offer ideas, not just criticism. Keep the temperature low. We need light not heat.

      Again, this current Council has great potential. It should be clear to every member that: (1) none has any discernable political career path outside of his or her current position, (2) they are public servants, (3) the priorities, the issues are clear even if the planners in New Rochelle haven’t much of an idea of how to assess current state, and (4) any council person that is afraid to do what is right needs to step forward and change that or step away.

      Keep on keeping on

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