New Rochelle Downtown Tests New Meters

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The downtown of New Rochelle changed how people park and pay for parking on Monday morning.The city installed 25 new meter friendly meters.
The new meters except credit cards,debit cards ,and nickels,dimes and quarters.
The city is testing meters from 3 different companies,in all 75 meters will be put to the test in the downtown for 3 months.
Please let Talk Of The Sound know how you like or dislike the meters?
Correction– The new meters that have been installed only except quarters sorry for the error.

6 thoughts on “New Rochelle Downtown Tests New Meters”

  1. Parking Meters
    You are right. How about no meters in downtown New Rochelle? As a point of information, many businesses on Main Street/Boston Post Rd. located in the east end are taking advantage of the fact that they can park in 1 hour or 2 hour parking spaces all day and never receive a ticket. These spaces are being taken up by the car dealerships. It is not their customers using these spaces but the employees of the dealerships, their used cars, loaner cars or cars that they have no space for in their dealerships. One used car dealership actually puts out orange cones to save parking spaces and he parks his boat and truck on Post Rd. all without license plates. In front of city yard, you will see the old poles where meters were once present. If the city wants to make money, they should first start ticketing these cars and then put meters starting from Cooper Dr to Pelham Rd.
    Were you thinking I should call the police? I did and was told that we do not have many businesses in New Rochelle and these businesses were getting a pass. All I know, if I had a business downtown, I would be furious. The Talners, etc. are very important to New Rochelle and their customers should not have to pay for parking.

  2. Is the Nail Salon guy checking these out?
    How about NO meters? Or would that eliminate someones job?

    With many, many, many, many stores & shoping districts around w/tons and tons of FREE parking, why would anyone go to downtown New Rochelle? There’s just really no reason to frustrate yourself with parking regulations when there’s plenty of FREE options.

    Maybe meters in city hall employee parking lot would be a better location for the new machines?

    I was just in Mt. Vernon today and was pleasantly surprised when my quarter got me 40 minutes on the meter.

    1. No one goes to ‘downtown New Rochelle’ (no such animal)…
      that’s the hilarity of it all. Let’s see, I can go to:

      –the Danbury Mall and PARK FOR FREE;

      –Central Ave. in Scarsdale, Hartsdale, White Plains, Yonkers, and some other towns I’ve probably forgotten and shop and PARK FOR FREE;

      –Bloomingdale’s in White Plains and PARK FOR FREE;

      –Malls in Port Chester and PARK FOR FREE;

      –Lord and Taylor (ask your predecessors about L&T, Idoni II, they gave it away) in Eastchester and PARK FOR FREE.

      Shall I go on? Why in the name of all that is holy would I go to the sewer that is ‘downtown NR’ (not) and PAY TO PARK? Oh, that’s right, I WON’T.

    2. new rochelle parking
      I agree with 5th Ave Guy. I live in NR but do all my errands in larchmont. It’s way too difficult to park in downtown NR, and I guess the city loses the sales tax revenue. And now they are inviting in thousands of more cars at Echo Bay. It really frustrates me that i have to pay meter parking at city hall to pay my property taxes!!!

  3. Friendly for who?
    All this meter friendly meters to make it easier to take your money, Wow! there a plan to get someone to your city to shop.

    I’m saving money by not going downtown so i can donate a chain saw for the mayor so he can scratch his ass with it, now that would be money well spent.

  4. Did I miss something?
    Is there a reason I would be parking in ‘downtown New Rochelle’ (an oxymoron if ever there was one) to begin with? Are there decent stores there? Are there decent restaurants there? Does Idoni II really think I’ll drop any money in an overpriced meter so he can get richer?

    If, for SOME unfathomable reason, I need to shop at one of the VERY few decent stores (there are a couple) left in the sewer that is downtown New Rochelle, I will park blocks and blocks and blocks away so as not to enrich the pockets of Idoni II and his pals.

    And, by the way, what is the rate, 25 cents for 15 minutes? Does Idoni II think he has a luxury city with luxury stores to charge those kinds of rates?

    To answer your question, I couldn’t care less. If someone is naive enough to help Idoni II fatten his bank account, be my guest.

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