Attention! The American Bombshells Will Rock New Rochelle Saluting our Troops at the Memorial Day Parade

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Can we have your attention please?  We are welcoming The American Bombshells to New Rochelle this Memorial Day as they bring their love for our troops and musical talents to the ears and hearts of thousands.  The American Bombshells entertain and pay tribute our troops in three piece harmony within the states and across the globe. 


American Bombshell Entertainment was founded by Ali Bertash a.k.a. Ali Kat, who absolutely fell in love with the mission of lifting the spirits of the men and women who fight for our freedom, while spending three wonderful years touring for the USO. Amongst the international touring, and falling in love with a wounded combat Marine at the same time, she felt an especially strong passion towards our wounded warriors. Our brave men and women who gave even more, and are still feeling the aftermath of war.  The Bombshells travel and build based on donation and sponsorships in order to provide support and entertainment to our heroes in hospitals, rehab centers and everywhere else they reside. They should know that they are never forgotten, and that America is eternally grateful for their sacrifices. They should be acknowledged and honored. The lifestyle of the organization is completely dedicated to uplifting the spirits of wounded warriors and showing them wholehearted gratitude.

This Memorial Day, make sure you make it to the parade and come down to Hudson Park and stop someone who fights or has fought for our freedom and say “Thank You”.  Enjoy a day of remembrance and pay tribute to those who make the utmost sacrifices. Memorial day has such profound meaning, be a part of giving back.


The New Rochelle Memorial Day Parade kicks off at 10:30am at Memorial Plaza and Main Street and proceeds to Hudson Park where all are welcome to enjoy a picnic and all day entertainment in the park.

Photo credit Jen Parente