Plate Glass Window at IB Cohen Store in Downtown New Rochelle Smashed

Written By: Robert Cox

IBCohen ShatteredWindow2A plate glass window at the I.B. Cohen store at 525 Main Street in downtown New Rochelle was smashed overnight.

The store window was smashed previously during a melee involving a group of New Rochelle High School students, some of them armed with knives, fought in the street on October 16, 2007. In that incident three teens were injured and two arrested.

I.B. Cohen is a family-owned men’s clothing store that has been in New Rochelle for 124 years.

IBCohen ShatteredWindow1

h/t Jim Killorin, Martin Sanchez

7 thoughts on “Plate Glass Window at IB Cohen Store in Downtown New Rochelle Smashed”

  1. Reports of Monroe College Students vandalizing last night
    They were out there again last night terrorizing the neighborhood.

  2. This Is It In a Nutshell — Destroying A Downtown Landmark
    Under my door this morning was a handwritten note on the upcoming schedule for the Comprehensive Plan. It was in the hand of a person selected not by means of qualifications, but by loyalty.

    That’s not the issue. Few people know about the 3 year late plan renewal with no sense of its assigned place in the planning process, what is the Council role, how it relates to sundry other planning initiatives, what criteria is used to select participants and what is their role.

    they are presenting something and looking for “ideas” No that makes little sense. The job, whatever it is or was, is complete and will be little but another house document with selective community input.

    That said, this great landmark, Cohens, in business in the Queen City since 1890, has suffered yet another indignity and another reason to close up shop. Of course you cannot eliminate all crime before it takes place nor can you take comfort in photographic images of miscreants, if they exist.

    But, when you are suffering from an acute illness, you enter a medical facility for treatment. Cohen’s is in that position as are many others and no so-called “comprehensive plan” will help; rather unless it is a very very situational guidepost under annual and meaningful review, it is just another dinosaur from another age when urban and corporate management thought the world revolved around their axis.

    It doesn’t. Noam should be at the very moment I am writing this in the company of Chuck Strome and Pat Carroll asking Lou Cohen, “how can we help!”

    Let me save them a trip into the wilderness of downtown New Rochelle. You help by making the restoration and repair of our business district your number one priority and if there is any nonsense in a comprehensive plan that suggests otherwise, turn the page over and use the reverse side for note paper.

    I repeat my personal challenge….. give me a couple of dozen motivated residents drawn from a hat who will commit a brief amount of time to follow a process of my development and I will improve on what you have except for graphics, glitz and glitter. It is not being boastful.

    What it is … practical. Our City is full of gifted and committed citizens who never get a call to serve because they are in the wrong place or their politics are wrong, mostly, because they have different positions and have the courage to state them.

    I would walk over coals for Noam if he would commit to the entire City, live up to his Charter mandate, protect downtown with a police precinct, and generally do the things needed to bring this place back to where it belongs.

    Try me.

    1. Not to worry, Warren…
      you won’t need to buy new shoes (at a store outside of New Rochelle, of course) due to burnt soles anytime soon.

      “making the restoration and repair of our business district your number one priority…do the things needed to bring this place back to where it belongs.”

      Ain’t gonna happen. Idoni II will be moving on when he is tired of the job, and Idoni III will be taking up the helm, with nary an iota of interest in the sewer that is downtown New Rochelle.

      I am surprised I.B. Cohen hasn’t given up the ghost.

      1. How would Idoni Look in a Pirates Hat
        Used, love your posts. You provide an incentive, at least for me, to move forward as best I can.

        No one really knows how this story will end. I do know I enjoy reading your posts and I believe that inside the snark lies a pretty damn big brain and a bigger heart.

        maybe someday something will happen that makes you want to come out and have a Guinness with this optimist.

        Until then, wonder how Timmy would look if he wore the librarian’s hat. I’ll do a return trip over the coals if I could see that preferably at 2am when a group of Monroe students are walking by.

        Best always and I really mean that.

      2. Thank you, Warren…
        you are correct, of course. I knew New Rochelle when, and (this sounds silly) it gets in your blood. To watch as Idoni (and before him) I and II ran it into the ground for their own greedy self-serving purposes was (and is) a nightmare.

        Warren, I would be honored.

      3. I’M BUYING
        When and where boys because it’s time to put are great minds to work.

      4. Amen Bro
        CAnnot think of a better toast. Beach Bar sounds good and hopefully Used and others will be there. This is a multiple round situation. Hope we begin with the Armory passing to the hands of Tocci and his crew, then on to downtown New Rochelle.

        Great to have a jar or two of the “Irish” while we look over our community waterfront, especially the southern view that will point out the beachfront paradise that supposedly sits on God’s Little Acre in Echo Bay.

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