New Rochelle High School Music Video an Example of Bad Timing in Wake of Librarian Sex Sting

Written By: Robert Cox

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A teacher and his students at New Rochelle High School have created a YouTube video entitled Call Me Maybe – Mr. Rabadi. The video was posted yesterday. At the time Talk of the Sound linked the video is had 300 views. This morning it has over 3,000 and climbing.

UPDATE: The video was removed from YouTube on June 7th but later uploaded again on June 8th. In the meantime, the video was uploaded by Talk of the Sound to Vimeo but was removed once the video was back on YouTube.

The kids are all cute and the video is a happy, upbeat homage to a favorite teacher.

In light of the past 14 months, however, where New Rochelle Board of Education employees have been arrested for having or attempting to having sex with students, the image of the teacher holding up a note from a student saying “call me” are more than uncomfortable viewing. The images of the teacher sitting at a desk, texting, while the girls dance around him, brings into question the judgement of those involved. There is a time and place for everything and this is so clearly not the time or place for this sort of video that it is difficult to imagine what these people were thinking.

The video is a lip-sync version of a current pop song by Carly Rae Jepsen called “Call Me Maybe”. The lyrics depict girl is soliciting a phone call from a stranger with which she has had a chance encounter in a love-at-first sight scenario. In the video the stranger is her neighbor who turns out to be gay and not interested in her but rather a guy in her back up band. In a twist to the video, the boy hands a note to the guy who reacts with surprise.

I threw a wish in the well,
Don’t ask me, I’ll never tell
I looked to you as it fell,
And now you’re in my way

I’d trade my soul for a wish,
Pennies and dimes for a kiss
I wasn’t looking for this,
But now you’re in my way

Your stare was holdin’,
Ripped jeans, skin was showin’
Hot night, wind was blowin’
Where you think you’re going, baby?

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

It’s hard to look right,
At you baby,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

And all the other boys,
Try to chase me,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

You took your time with the call,
I took no time with the fall
You gave me nothing at all,
But still, you’re in my way

I beg, and borrow and steal
Have foresight and it’s real
I didn’t know I would feel it,
But it’s in my way

Your stare was holdin’,
Ripped jeans, skin was showin’
Hot night, wind was blowin’
Where you think you’re going, baby?

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

It’s hard to look right,
At you baby,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

And all the other boys,
Try to chase me,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

Before you came into my life
I missed you so bad
I missed you so bad
I missed you so, so bad

Before you came into my life
I missed you so bad
And you should know that
I missed you so, so bad

It’s hard to look right,
At you baby,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

And all the other boys,
Try to chase me,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

Before you came into my life
I missed you so bad
I missed you so bad
I missed you so, so bad

Before you came into my life
I missed you so bad
And you should know that

So call me, maybe?

154 thoughts on “New Rochelle High School Music Video an Example of Bad Timing in Wake of Librarian Sex Sting”

  1. Timing is everything but not always!
    Yes timing is bad,

    I thought the video was creative and should be encouraged. There was once a film appreciation classes at HRHS when I went there. Between this story, the pirate story, and the many other stories about New Rochelle staff, the real problem hasn’t been addressed. Don’t go overboard about poor timing for a well-intended video don’t take away from the fact that we have some very wonderful and devoted staff in our school system. That said, the bad must be exposed and discussed. We need videos and conversation about the abuses of our tax dollars by the Board of Ed and the school staff that take the citizens for a ride. Twice last week I went in to NRHS and could have been almost anyone with any objective. Except for a few very attentive security guards I came across several who could care less why I was there or if I was there. I tried to get direction from one guard and after saying excuse me I need help, I was ignored and the guard’s private conversations across the courtyard continued so I just went into the school on my own. This is what New Rochelle citizens and HRHS students should be angry about. It’s their safety and lives that are in the hands of many individuals that don’t care. Those individuals overshadow the good job that is being done by other staff members. If you want to go viral about something, that is what should be discussed.

    Happy Graduation Class of 2012!

  2. Clarification
    Mr. Cox,
    You are entitled to your opinion that Mr. Rabadi faltered in judgement, as ludicrous as nearly EVERYBODY believes it to be. But I take issue with some things that you wrote led that to your conclusion, as well as some of your responses to comments.
    –You wrote that the students danced around the teacher as he texted. When it was pointed out that he was using a calculator, you said that the fact he was using his thumbs meant the calculator was a prop for a phone. This is a ridiculous assumption. Unlike older calculators, the new graphing calculators mandated for high school math have a longer design with smaller buttons. They are meant to be used with the thumbs, and it is clear that he was meant to be using the calculator to do math, not text. This is indisputable if you have ever used a graphing calculator.
    –You claimed that the students should have used a different song. Without THIS SPECIFIC SONG, there is no video. In 30 years, when these kids are asked what the song of their senior class was, the answer will be Call Me Maybe. It is the song of 2012, and furthermore, there are dozens of youtube videos of people dancing or lip-syncing to this specific song. It was obvious that this was another video in a popular trend of video posts. In this context, the lyrics of the song are irrelevant. The kids are merely posting another Call Me Maybe lipsync to youtube, one of thousands. This effect would have been lost with any other songs.
    –Finally, I have noticed that when you respond to comments, you often ignore the heart of the point of your adversary, instead pointing out grammatical errors or the difference between slander and libel. I agree that you are entitled to your opinion, and you have clearly not committed libel. You have however committed a logical fallacy in arguing not the message of the poster, but the grammar of the post.

    In conclusion, if you feel that the video was inappropriate in the wake of scandal, you can clearly not be dissuaded. But you have consistently ignored and twisted facts, and used misdirections to argue your point. The class did not come up with an original idea to make a video where a teacher gets phone numbers. They added to a trend of videos which featured the most popular song in the world, which is about telephonic communication. It appears that nearly everybody disagrees with you.

  3. You’re not special…
    Wellesley High School English teacher David McCullough, Jr.’s gave the faculty speech to the Class of 2012 last Friday. I commend it to your attention.

    The pull quote comes about a third of the way into the speech:

    You are not special. You are not exceptional.

    Contrary to what your u9 soccer trophy suggests, your glowing seventh grade report card, despite every assurance of a certain corpulent purple dinosaur, that nice Mister Rogers and your batty Aunt Sylvia, no matter how often your maternal caped crusader has swooped in to save you… you’re nothing special.

    Yes, you’ve been pampered, cosseted, doted upon, helmeted, bubble-wrapped. Yes, capable adults with other things to do have held you, kissed you, fed you, wiped your mouth, wiped your bottom, trained you, taught you, tutored you, coached you, listened to you, counseled you, encouraged you, consoled you and encouraged you again. You’ve been nudged, cajoled, wheedled and implored. You’ve been feted and fawned over and called sweetie pie. Yes, you have. And, certainly, we’ve been to your games, your plays, your recitals, your science fairs. Absolutely, smiles ignite when you walk into a room, and hundreds gasp with delight at your every tweet. Why, maybe you’ve even had your picture in the Townsman! And now you’ve conquered high school… and, indisputably, here we all have gathered for you, the pride and joy of this fine community, the first to emerge from that magnificent new building…

    But do not get the idea you’re anything special. Because you’re not.

    He goes on to make a point I have made elsewhere about the nature of the reaction to my rather innocuous criticism about the timing of uploading this video — that it smacks of whining by a group of students who have been told for so long how special they are that they do not know how to handle even the mildest form of criticism.

    You see, if everyone is special, then no one is. If everyone gets a trophy, trophies become meaningless. In our unspoken but not so subtle Darwinian competition with one another–which springs, I think, from our fear of our own insignificance, a subset of our dread of mortality — we have of late, we Americans, to our detriment, come to love accolades more than genuine achievement.

    A love of accolades…exactly.

    The reaction to my article is based, in part, on the notion that no one should ever criticize in any way anything that a student does because it is not conducive to enhancing their self-esteem.

    There are, I am sure, quite a few students at New Rochelle High School that have actual accomplishments and can point to genuine achievement. They are not likely to care what I think because their self-esteem is earned and they would have the self-confidence to realize that not everyone is going to agree with them. They will brush off criticism when they have their own well-founded reasons for their words and deeds. I do not imagine many of them gave a damn about my article or this entire “controversy”.

    In his closing, McCullough notes:

    The fulfilling life, the distinctive life, the relevant life, is an achievement, not something that will fall into your lap because you’re a nice person or mommy ordered it from the caterer.

    You can read the entire speech here.

    1. McCullough Is Nothing Special
      What is so great about what he has said. These kids will learn this for themselves and at the right time.

      He is a set-up man — he tears them down, takes a bite out of other social institutions and then once they are reeling from a combination of general confusion to likely disgust, he then barrels in with his little intellectual cheering statements. I especially liked his reference to Sophocles which i think probably is somewhat arcane; if he wanted to press home the point of nothing special” he would have went directly to Socrates who knew what the hell that was really all about.

      And you suggest this line of thought captured much of what you were trying to say? Well, then maybe just saying it and letting it go at that would have been preferable to the sturm und drang that followed.

      Right or wrong ceremonies, rites of passages, these sort of events have always, even before your generation and mine, dwelt on the idea of transition. Of course they are not special, hardly relevant, but neither is a screed on their seventeen, eighteen year old lives by some pompous educrat with a grounding in literature and history.Probably more important if a man in his middle age and one in his senior years (you and I robert) should examine that and see if we are holding on to those thoughts well past our formative years.

      Yes of course, students have more reason today to at least feel materialistically special and that is superficial but I know as a boy I wanted whatever the next kid had or wanted. I felt special because my family said I was — Christ we had families, Churches and Synagogues that meant more, and if any of use chose to be atheists, free thinkers, whatver, we had very specal places to go to do just that and interesting, maybe even special people to guide us. Do you think the people who shaped our societies, our world, for better or worse, did this in today’s 120 word maximize social media, breaking news, power people who shift and slide and people in many urban environments, like ours who prefer to not get involved but go directly to page 6, the USA Today, or that paragon of literary value that printed McCulloughs’ rant. How did Gawker miss this little gem?

      Maybe this is the kind of babble that elevates Rabati. I think Rabati understands the difference between adolescents being made to feel special on a day set aside for that and where they actually may eventually fit into the great chain of being that could make a special meaning to this world we occupy at some risk now. Sadly, McCullough is not talking about the graduation in part one of his speech, he is giving his assessment of what he feels is, in part, the value of today’s young people and their ability to function as he would have them function. Thus the stick, now the carrot placed carefully on a long string in front of each non-special face.

      McCullough might agree even he is nothing special. His “speciality” comes from that fact that he is useful in explaining the different comments and questions raised in the recent Librarian post.

      I took your condescending little digs and your generous references to my disability and sometimes coherency with a sense of my non-speciality. Not having your computer gifts, I cannot rachet up an occasional “intellectual” support or obscure quote, but that is ok. Your core readers are likely as interested in that as they are in my boring, tedious attempts to come up with a community response grounded in both history, culture and I might add intellectual acumen, that may work better than doing little but reminding kids they are not “special” or ignoring the need to shift gears away from a mayor and Administration who, sadly, likely think they are special. But, Robert in this day and age, that is easy to do…. we see it in all levels and layers of government and the media. Look in the mirror and you will see it there.

      McCullough is beating the drum that has been beaten for generation. However, his timing leaves a hell of a lot to be desired. He is a brilliant man with, in my view, a misplaced sense of how a culture embraces its members who succeed in some one of life’s milestones.

      Were you ever in the military? McCullogh is like a intellectual drill sergeant facing a platoon of newly shorn, frightened kids. The sergeant knows he has to break them down to build them up to represent what they must be to enhance their chances of staying alive. Things are a hell of a lot simpler in these days; damn, you know more than most that mastery of your expertise can and does afford many advantages not available to me, maybe even you in days of yore. No hand-held calculators then for standard devialtions, or software for Pouissant approximations. YOu had to know it man.

      I think these kids are exactly, repeat exactly where they should be at this point in their lives. Rapaci I sense knows this, and has found a way to reach them at a basic level and they celebrate that.

      I stand by my earlier statements about the kids and the faculty. Too bad McCullough cannnt come to town and help me and some others over the hurdles in trying to get the Administration to see that they are nothing “special”

      I will say more on this with another post on the City Charter next week. I will be boring but it is one of three ways to change the government and make this city SPECIAL.

      Don’t suppose the readers will see much of this quote now that we have a new preoccupation with the fmaily and other courts and this does seem to be very important and well done Mr. Sacco.

      Better take my meds. Mama and my old drill sergeant told me there would be days like this.

  4. This is Beyond All sense and Sensibility and It Needs To End
    I am not speaking censorshop nor advocating contolled journalism. I am imply saying that the longer this trip to nowhere continues, the more it impeded on the need to elevate issues of greater importance to the attention of the City and this has been a long time in delaying.

    I have waded through the tsk tsk tsking that may have taken liberties with certain words or phrasings, I have see a parallel of Bill Clinton’s famous cross-pollination of the word, “is” when discussion his pecadillos with the randy intern.

    I have seen a video that does not trouble me in the lesst, done by attractive talented young people appparently to honor a beloved teaher a Mister Rapaci, who appears to be a rare combination of good guy and understanding facutly member.

    I haven’t a dog’s clue’s whether this apparent affront by timing speaks to some insensibilities conerning the librarian return to the court (need theme music heare), whether Cox is malevolent, anal on getting the facts, simply in need to boost membershp or keep the erads reads high. He has doneall and played into the hands of the district and studentsw who can see that the wy to engage Coxs is not around the trought or facts as he loves to say, but ina unquenchable desire to punish all supporter students wo don;t measure up as a worthy opponent.

    I have come to the point that Cos does not ideas to f8x things rahter is talents is to mix the mash,stir the pot. and keep tyhe issues followinig in terms oflarge postings for whatever puprose it serves

    He is, at best, an anal supporter of educatiion from where i sit.And in turning to the student goey, you aare cut more slack but you are comfortably settling in the 24-29 rnge core subjects and yu think that a chicken shit demonstration while storming the pedagogue assaults of Cox are your county and state rankings in core and other subvjects. Dont even compare to Borat’s country — you are behind the curb.

    Many of us grow a massivedebt to cox because we live in a city where your privilige white skin, hiher educatioin achievenment and better standards of living might take you away from the publician. Yet while teaching in the district as a substitute years earlier, i saw little of that, There was always some effort for example to break up all black lunch rom or all latino lunch room tabes to diversifty.

    KIds once again where smarter than the social engineers and would interact on more personal basis, like common interest, study partners and that like. Rules that forced compliance never work

    And, parents. youngsters, and friedns of Tots. Cox needs to let this go and say lttle else. The student lipnch video is seen as celebrating a beloved teacher and little elase. He was a dude man, he played into it. Nothing stiffy, only creative.

    As fare as timing that makes less and less sense.So it happend; I failed to hear a huge hew and cry about pirate hat temptress outside of Post. I will bet attendance didn’t siffer, Connella had room store him letters and emails i am sure, and if any young people received any sleazy inivitation to hook up, I would be shocked and then smaclked him or her with a bat.

    Students of Newe Rochelle your graduation rates, your overall grades in core topcis are falling in conmparision to other schools in the County and State. This is somewhat undeerstandable at several levels. I am not going to give you direct opinion on any leader, techer or adminiistration as that would be cowardly.

    So let me give you better new. YOu have a new head of the school board Chrissane Petronne, who followed a talented lady called sarah Richmond. in this role. They are seeing some of the major problems and concerns not brought correctly to their attention by the Superintenendt. There are lots of funding issues, less than perfrct choioces made in selectioni more senior staff or hwo to build a cirricula that will bring us back to our high standard.

    We have youngsters here from other countries and it is partily your job to make them feel wanted and at home. In your ancestor’s days, the Irish helped the Italian, the Italian ghe Jew, the Jew the Pole, the Pole the ?Germana and then perhaps later tan it should ahve been, the backs, browns, and yellows.

    Your turn. This is not an on going facebook or blog war with an adult that you could care less about.

    This is a time to clebrate your work, show mr. Rabati even more love, tell youdr parents, no swesat, we can handle this.

    And make it a point to look after your school and classmates. No more bullying, no going through the motions, go do something in the community; see your Rabbi, Priest ar Minister and surely Jim Killoran of Habibat Humanity. Paint the infrastruburen clean the grounds.

    Can we agree to call an end to the pirate lady? If it will help, I will buy her a parakeet and you can teach her a school son.

    Be our best generatioin and some of us are committed to change government for the good of all citizens. If you sign up with JIm Killoran at Habitat, I will take you on and show you how we move forward with respect for our community, governance, and parents.

    Oh, I enjoyed th video and the presentation very mcuh

    wd mr g

    1. get some sleep

      You are worrying me. I know you like to ramble on and on but your statements are usually at least somewhat coherent. I am genuinely concerned. You have said you have been unwell and whether it is medication or a relapse, you are clearly not yourself.

      That said, as to the content of what you wrote I would merely point out that you have a bad habit of ascribing motives and making declarations along these lines. It is not up to you to decide when a topic has run its course or what people can say,what their motives are or what topic is fit for discussion.

      If you are not interested in this topic I suggest you stop reading the comments on this topic. It will run its course on its own without your intervention.

      If you want to “elevate” discussions and focus attention on issues of “greater importance” there are other ways to do that than telling other people to shut up. For instance, you can write an article on one of these issue and invite people to comment on that issue.

      Believe it or not, it is possible that not everyone shares your interests nor your notions of what is important or not important. As I have already stated elsewhere in these comments, anyone is welcome to write an article on a New Rochelle topic on this site. Students can write “good” stories about NRHS and you can write stories about the City Charter or whatever else interests you. What I cannot abide is you, them or anyone trying tell other people what they can write about or discuss on this site.

      Free speech does not have a time limit and even if it did you are not the referee, at least not on my web site.

      Now, get some sleep and take care of yourself.

      1. You Got Me Bob
        Bob you are right. Was off my meds but at 11pm or so my wife called out from the bedroom suggesting I post just as I was. So I did.

        Look, now that some form of coherecy has come into play, I see with the cold light of day and the comfort of my medications that you are missing the points.

        Of course students are capable of posting and giving opinions. It is our loss that it takes an issue of this sort to bring them forward. They are coming out because they are being offered the correct recipe to attract their interest. Their judgment, their respected and beloved teacher, their sense of selves, music, school, etc. is seen to be under assault. Surely you can read their remarks and get that much from all this. Were this on any other subject, you would not hear from them. so it is manufactured for student consumption.

        Bob, when five of the six “most popular today” postings are all about this lamentable tale, you can safely take the point of view that you have a pretty strong interest in this subject. The subject, in and of itself, is not that horrendous; it is sadly reflective of our times as noted in the increasing number of instances we read about such things in the papers or see reports on the tv.

        You can also gauge your personal interest in the number of times you engage a particular posting. You seem to have done this quite a bit with the number of various postings written on this lady pirate.

        Your take on my motives, my “rambling” etc. is surely subjective but, coupled with the fact that I don’t care what you think about either point, I will simply continue to thank you for the renewed opportunity to post what I please which is, I am sure, a benefit you hold out to all.

        Perhaps you are being misunderstood by the readers on this situation. It seems on its face it is an example of a woman in a pirate’s hat who got caught doing something a reasonable student or adult would rather have seen happen in the district. Is there more? Help me cut through my rambling.

        So, let me summarize how I feel with help from my medications, 200% or so magnification on my screen and my trusting cat on the desk next to my computer.

        1. You are damn right that I tend to post on matters that perhaps will pay off in making this a stronger, safer, more open, and a better community.

        2. My last post was disgraceful; not in content, but in being unreadable, so I appreciate the opportunity to clean it up some.

        a. Of course students can post what they want; surprised to see so many youngsters on TOTS. Glad they are and hope they turn their thoughts and
        talents towards making New Rochelle and their school district the best it can and should be.

        b. Don’t think I mentioned they should not “discuss” their issue, but these are bright
        young people and I am sure are focusing on whether
        this is played out, going in the wrong direction or
        precisely what is left to say about a wicked old
        pirate lady that hasn’t already been said.

        c. I was a subsitute in the district for a number of
        years and I think if my concussed brain works it out
        correctly, the last kids I stood before and took the
        substitute teacher initiation just graduated this
        year. I was Mister G and I congratulate the students
        for the respect and love they show Mr. Rapaci. He is
        blessed and I envy his skill as my was mostly
        breaking up fights or modifying a syllabus to make
        it interesting.

        d. I hate Glee; but I really liked this video and
        all I think it stood for. As I have said on TOTS and in other places, we have a strong faculty in New
        Rochelle and great students. This confirms it in my

        Let me close by encouraging the students to work
        with the community in some meaningful way. One
        great way is via Habitat for Humanity; another is
        in Community Action. Still a third is to get to know
        your local City Councilman and see if there are
        opportunities to serve the City.

        Ok, meds are wearing off soon and I will probably
        screw up, pick a fight, or howl at the moon; no more
        likely ramble on concerning some trivial matter like
        supporting veterans or restoring our city’s history.

        So, I will close, I may post again, perhaps more
        coherently, and through you, state how proud I am of you and your recent upper classmates for standing
        up for what you think is right and I hope you will
        work harder next year to root out all bullying and
        to insist, with the help of your families that you
        get the education you want and deserve.

        Let up on Bob Cox some if you will. This statement
        might force a comment again from him, but without
        him and this blog we would not have even a remote
        voice in this City.

        We are not best bros, but he is upfront and he has
        a lot of courage to do what he does. Read TOTS often
        when the Anton ship sinks out of sight; you will
        learn that you have a lot of neighbors here who are
        bright, rightly concerned, underappreciated, not
        used, and…..

        that’s it.

      2. feeling better
        Glad you are feeling better.

        I do keep writing about this topic. Why do you think that is?

        I have been actively engaged on this topic but it is a part of a broader concern about the lack of accountability in our schools. I have been writing for quite a while about this particular form of it, that of BoE employees engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct.

        There are not isolated incidents.

        The amount of this conduct in our schools is unique to New Rochelle. Just check the papers. How many schools in Westchester County have had an administrator arrested and convicted for having sex with a student in the past 5 years…in his office at the school no less? I cannot think of any but maybe there is some other instance. That alone would be a concern. But we do not have just this once instance.

        Here is what I have reported on Talk of the Sound in the last couple of years….

        Donna Henry, et al — transmitting a nude image of a 14-year old girl, transferred from ALMS to NRHS, , still works for the Board of Education.

        Anthony Newman – sexually molesting a district employee in City Hall, still works for the Board of Education.

        Bobby McLean – sex with students, still works for the Board of Education.

        Kyle Figueroa – sex with students in the school building, still works for the Board of Education.

        Leroy Manual – sex with students, one girl impregnated, still works for the Board of Education.

        Walter Hubbard – sex with students, fired for repeatedly being caught viewing pornography on district computers.

        Kareem Ali – sexually harassing his supervisor, banned from walking in certain areas of City Hall, still works for the Board of Education.

        Patrick Clark – soliciting sex online with a “15-year old girl” who was an undercover cop, arrested by the DA.

        Marisa Anton – soliciting sex online with a NRHS student, arrested at his house with condoms in her possession, arrested by NRPD.

        Jose Martinez – repeatedly raping a child in his school office, arrested by NRPD.

        These are not the only cases. I will be reporting on those soon enough.

        Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak issued a statement saying that the district takes these matters seriously.

        No. They do not. They treat it like it is a big joke. They laugh about it. They accommodate it. They tolerate it. They excuse it. They do a lot of things but taking it seriously is not one of them.

        Very much like the Catholic Church, they sweep it under the rug, they transfer these predators to different schools, they hope no one notices and hopes it goes away.

        I suppose that our administrators can afford to laugh it off considering that none of them have children in our schools. I do have children in the schools and whatever policy our district wants to have with sexual predators the policy on Talk of the Sound is a zero-tolerance policy.

        Warren, I think you know that few if any of these stories would have seen the light of day but for Talk of the Sound. So, yes I do write about if often. What else would have me do? Accept it like these people do?

        The reality is that so many people have become so inured to the unbelievable behavior of the adults in our school system that it washes over them. They have no concept how it sounds to the rest of us.

        Case in point, those who were there will recall that after Jose Martinez was arrested, Isaac Principal Anthony Bongo made a statement at a heavily-attended PTA meeting. Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak and Board President Chrisanne Petrone were present. Bongo declared that he wanted everyone to know that Martinez was raping the child after school hours. His point was that it was not “our” fault what happened and so “we” should not feel badly about it.

        This statement received heavy applause from school district employees.

        I repeat.

        The faculty and staff applauded enthusiastically when the principal told them that the victim was raped after school hours.

        What does that tell you about the mindset of school officials?

  5. Just the timing
    When I heard about the video, of course I had to see it. I saw nothing wrong with the video and actually enjoyed it. So what’s all the hoopla about? From what I’ve read here so far, it seems that the posters refuse to see what it actually being said by Mr. Cox. The only thing that seems to be in question, is the timing of the release of the video…not the character of the teacher or the subject of the video (except as in relation to the timing of its’ release).I have to say that I also think the timing of video wasn’t thought out very carefully.
    I also feel that some of the posts were very immature and inappropriate….not a good way to make your opinion credible. You have every right to disagree, but Mr. Cox also has the right to his opinion.
    I applaud the fact that the students are allowed to be creative, and that they have a teacher that they respect, but again, sometimes you have to look at the whole picture.

  6. Video is unavailable?
    I just went to replay the video and it says “sorry this video is private”. Does anyone know what happened? Before the news there were 300 views and it jumped to 2200.

  7. Better suited for the Onion
    If anything, this video shows that it is actually possible to have a strong NON-sexual teacher-student relationship at NRHS. This is one of many PARODY videos based on the viral song Call me Maybe. I’m sorry sir but you are reading way too far in to this and it is quite offensive when you question the judgement of such a responsible teacher as Mr. Rabadi. I still can’t read the headline without laughing because it is quite ridiculous and this article is much better suited for The Onion. However keep ranting on your small time blog and questioning the innocence of the video as an homage because at the end of the day all of us educated on the entire situation (i.e. the song, the video parodies, and the teacher) will know what the correct answer is. I’d also like to point out that I am an ivy league college and Mr. Rabadi continues today to give me very valuable and morally sound advice. It just seems completely out of charter for him to drop the ball like this as you have claimed he has done. But again you only see one video and all of our comments, and you’re and expert on the situation. Keep digging muckraker.

    1. Small time blog? I think not…
      Almost SEVEN thousand ‘reads’, ‘eyeballs’, whatever they call it. Some dinky actors would love to have that much attention.

      Sorry, nrhs2011, this ‘small time blog’ is a force to be reckoned with, just ask Senor Fevang. Now, if only Idoni II would pay attention and revitalize downtown New Rochelle.

      Oh, back on topic – seriously, NRHS censors this blog? Shame on them, do they keep 1984 out of the library too? Is that why the librarian had too much time on her hands?

      But you are right about the video – it is cute.

      1. reality check
        Lets be realistic this is not the op ed section of the Times or a renowned news source, it is the Talk of the Sound. The fact of the matter is that it only contains information about a town with a population of a little over 77,000 people (2010 Census). So yes this is a small time blog. I’m pretty confident no one outside of the Southern Westchester region even knows about the Talk of the Sound let alone checks it daily. The only reason this specific entry has garnered this many views is the fact that it is slandering the well-respected reputation of Mr. Rabadi. However I do sincerely appreciate the fact that you, like Mr. Cox, took the time to disregard all other elements and focus on one small thing. If you re-read my comment you would see that this being a small time blog is not the focal point, it is rather a small piece of the much bigger picture. I appreciate you agreeing with me on the video however you are quite wrong on the small time blog front. “Dinky” actors stick to twitter, and most of them have a lot more than 7,000 followers. But I digress. I’m just trying to say that this muckraker slandered an amazing teacher’s name on a SMALL TIME blog.

      2. small time/small fish
        I have worked on large sites and small. I have written for major newspapers and magazines around the county, managed The Ruckus, Newsweek’s political blog during the 2007-08 campaign cycle and partnered with the Associated Press to cover a major federal trial (U.S. v. I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby) This is a hyper-local site. It is not meant to serve the same audience as a national or international publication like the The New York Times.

        If you want to refer to this site as “small time”, in the context of other work I have done, then it is small. At the same time, our traffic dwarfs that of our local competitors here in New Rochelle. In other words, we are a big fish in a relatively small pond. I see nothing wrong with that and we do not pretend to be something that we are not.

        nrhs2011 wrote:

        I’m pretty confident no one outside of the Southern Westchester region even knows about the Talk of the Sound let alone checks it daily.

        Your confidence would be misplaced. Every major media outlet in the New York Tri-State area either subscribes to our daily email newsletter or follows through social media. These outlets rely on Talk of the Sound as a source for their own coverage because they know we have interesting stories and we have them first and often exclusively. Why do you think our stories keep getting picked up elsewhere in the media?

        We often drive the news cycle in the area — Westchester and the New York Tri-State area. We have broken many stories that have been picked up in the wider area media and some stories have gone national and even worldwide. In this case, our reporting on the librarian was picked up and went far and wide, the music video story was picked up, so far, by channel 12 and 4.

        Our readership is mostly concentrated in this area but also includes people who have moved away from the area and, when we have larger stories you will see traffic from all over the United States and some from outside the United States.

        Again, your confidence would be misplaced.

        nrhs2011 wrote:

        The only reason this specific entry has garnered this many views is the fact that it is slandering the well-respected reputation of Mr. Rabadi.

        Setting aside your theories on why this site gets traffic on a particular story, can you please explain how what I actually wrote in my article “slandered” (by which you mean “libeled” as slander is spoken defamation and libel is defamation in print).

        Let me remind you of my exact words…

        The kids are all cute and the video is a happy, upbeat homage to a favorite teacher.

        In light of the past 14 months, however, where New Rochelle Board of Education employees have been arrested for having or attempting to having sex with students, the image of the teacher holding up a note from a student saying “call me” are more than uncomfortable viewing. The images of the teacher sitting at a desk, texting, while the girls dance around him, brings into question the judgement of those involved. There is a time and place for everything and this is so clearly not the time or place for this sort of video that it is difficult to imagine what these people were thinking.

        Look at this statement, please explain in what way have I libeled Mr. Ribadi?

        In other words, what is the false or misleading statement that I have made which I knew to be untrue and that caused Mr. Ribadi financial harm?

        I would note that my criticism did not even mention Mr. Ribadi. I have never made any derogatory comments about Mr. Ribadi as a teacher or as a human being beyond the issue of judgement in this particular matter. On the other hand, I recognized in my article that clearly he was a favorite teacher of the students who made the video.

        I have come to understand that although Mr. Ribadi appeared in the video and co-operated with the video he did not make the video nor did he upload the video. I am told that this was a student production and the film was shot and edited by a student or students and uploaded by a student.

        In that case, I would note that my criticism of “those involved” refers to those students and not Mr. Ribadi as regards to making an uploading the video and to asking him to appear in the video holding up the sign. If there were any parents involved I would also apply my criticism to them as well.

        Clearly Mr. Ribadi erred in appearing in the video in the way they did (with the sign, lip-syncing the words “call me”). It is my understanding that he is aware of that now.

        That I have published an article that opines on the poor judgement of those involved does not even remotely constitute defamation. Not only does my article not meet that standard but I am clearly expressing my opinion not stating a fact which has always been protected speech.

        It is not a “crime” to say you think something is dumb.

        I am going to be discussing this on my Blog Talk Radio show tomorrow. It is a call-in show. If you are or any other commenters who have been critical of my article intend to call in and debate the subject I would encourage you to come armed with a few facts and a basic understanding of the law regarding defamation and copyright.

      3. Thank you
        I appreciate your long and thoughtful response, and really do begin to see the point your making. However I would like to point out that yet again you made the same typo with RABADI’s name. I understand that your pompous, arrogant response (Robert Cox: “Happy now? It is called a typo. It tends to happen at 1 in the morning.”) may have sufficed the first time but this recent entry is laden with Rabadi’s name being spelled wrong. The only time you spelled it right was when you copied and pasted an excerpt from my argument. While I am not doubting your claim of “I have worked on large sites and small. I have written for major newspapers and magazines around the county, managed The Ruckus, Newsweek’s political blog during the 2007-08 campaign cycle and partnered with the Associated Press to cover a major federal trial (U.S. v. I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby)…” it does seem a tad careless to me that you would still not take the time to even get the name right when it is right in front of you. Keep being that self-proclaimed big fish in a little pond hot shot.

      4. Thanks, Idoni II…
        Nice try, but your response is flaccid.

        And one more time, a point which you failed to address:


        Remember the influence this site had on his visibility.

        But you already know that, right Idoni II?


  8. Our Coverage of NRHS
    Several commenters have a question I have heard before — why don’t you write about the good things that go on at the high school?

    This is as good a place as any to make students aware that as a matter of policy matter, Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak refuses to acknowledge Talk of the Sound as a media outlet. We are prohibited from receiving press releases or “media avails”, we are not allowed in school buildings to cover events that are not open to the public and we are otherwise denied opportunities to cover the “good things” to which these commenters refer. We cannot send photographers to shoot photos at events, we are refused comment on stories and otherwise pushed away from the schools.

    Where possible, we do cover the “good things” in New Rochelle schools — mostly at events that are open to the public or where one of my children is participating and thus I have access as a parent.

    That said, as many of you have now experienced, you are quite able to register for an account and publish your own articles on this site. I would like nothing better than to publish every “good” story on NRHS than I can get. After all, as some of you have noted, my kids have gone to, are going to or will go to NRHS.

    Since Talk of the Sound is banned from the school (and are web site is blocked from your network) there is not much we can except cover what becomes available to us – that often means stories that come from OTHER state agencies like the District Attorney or the NRPD.

    If any of you are seriously interested in seeing “good” stories about NRHS on Talk of the Sound, I would encourage you to stop complaining and do something about it. As some of you have now learned, Talk of the Sound is the largest media outlet in New Rochelle and we routinely drive the news cycle for coverage of New Rochelle stories in the wider media. In the past two weeks our stories have been picked up by every TV station (2,4,5,7,12), the Journal News and various others.

    Because the school district officially bans us from covering “good” events it should be no surprise that the only coverage you get is “bad”.

    Anyone interested to do this — and possibly publish a story that gets picked up in many other news outlets — should look at our FAQ. A good start is 300 words about some topic or event or person and a nice photo to go along with the story.

    Or you can just sit around and bemoan the fact that you don’t get good coverage on Talk of the Sound, the one place in town that has a large audience and the ability to drive the news cycle with the sort of “good” stories you say you want.

  9. Think for a second.
    Was any actual damage or harm done to anyone in the production of this video ? I highly doubt it. And there was only one set of parents actually shown on News 12 being interviewed . so no you can’t say that parents object in general to the video. That’s like saying 4 out of 5 women who used some product lost weight when there are only 5 women who tested it. and if you really are such an amazing reporter you would have noticed that in the comments of this and the news 12 segment online, many adults and parents found that this was not controversial just fucking stupid to make such a big deal out of.

    1. thinking…
      Newro109352 asks:

      Was any actual damage or harm done to anyone in the production of this video?

      I have not stated that actual damage or harm was done to anyone with regard to this video so I fail to see the relevance of this question.

      Newro109352 says:

      And there was only one set of parents actually shown on News 12 being interviewed . so no you can’t say that parents object in general to the video.

      I have not stated that parents object in general to the video so I fail to see the relevance of this statement.

      Newro109352 says:

      …many adults and parents found that this was not controversial just fucking stupid to make such a big deal out of.

      I have not stated that the video was controversial. I have stated that I thought releasing this video at this time was poor judgement. I am sure that there are students and parents who do not think it was poor judgement to release the video within the context of the criminal proceeding against Marisa Anton. There are lots of people who disagree with me on many subjects that does not mean I should not express my view on them just as they ought to express their view.

      What I will object to is what I perceive to be the deliberate and gross misrepresentation of what I actually wrote and I will keep correcting the misinformation each and every time it is published here.

      I think the timing was dumb, you don’t. Fine.

      How is that the same as my saying that Mr. Ribadi is a bad person or a bad teacher. It’s not and the constant repetition of that here, on Facebook, in online petitions and so forth is not going to change that.

      I welcome criticism and debate over what I actually wrote. I put my own name to my words and stand by them. A few students have done that on the site and I respect them. As readers of this site well know, I have less respect for people who do not publish under their own names although I allow that here given my free speech principles. I have even less respect for those who attempt to foster strawman arguments, don’t have a command of basic facts or understand citations they make whether they be quotations, laws or primary sources. Even lower down is people who combine these with curse words and ad hominem attacks.

      Folks can say what they want here but if you want to be taken seriously, at least by me, you are going to have address what I actually wrote in the article not some caricature you heard about a social media site. It’s not that hard, just go to the top of this article and read it then response to what I wrote. And if you are going to address it, resist the temptation to explain copyright or defamation law to me when I am quite familiar with both and know when I am dealing with someone who has no idea what they are talking about.

  10. REALLY?!
    Just let it go. You are making a video into such a big deal.
    Mr. Cox don’t you have anything else to do than gossip like an old lady about New Rochelle?

    1. let it go
      I am not the one who started a petition drive and flooded Facebook with whining about this article. I think you have the shoe on the wrong foot.

      1. Your reply did not even
        Your reply did not even remotely respond to his comment. He is the one supporting Rabadi, not the one essentially saying that Rabadi is on the same level as Anton. Use the edit button and take a crack at it again.

      2. same level as Anton?
        Can you point out where I states that anyone was on the ” same level as Anton”? No. So what are you talking about?

      3. Yes, but you’re the cause of
        Yes, but you’re the cause of the petition and ‘whining’, and the cause of its propagation. I don’t think the petition is asking for much…just an apology. a simple apology.

      4. apology?
        Are we talking about the same petition?

        The petition I have seen is asking that I “rescind” the article but which I take it that the goal is that I remove or retract the article.

        I have not seen any petition asking for an apology and no one has asked me to apologize.

        That said there is nothing to apologize for. I have expressed my view that the timing of putting out this video was unwise. People can disagree. On what basis would any of this warrant an apology from anyone? People disagree. It happens all the time.

      5. BIAS
        The video was made well before the Anton arrest.

        It was very easy for you to post the Anton article first, then the video and make references trying to connect the two the way you wanted.


  11. Title of the Vimeo upload
    I think the fact that you, Robert Cox, can’t even bother to spell Nazar Rabadi’s name right clearly indicates that you A) Have no respect for fact checking, to literally the lightest degree of fact checking possible, and journalistic integrity, and B) Only have interest in posting a shocking news headline. You have no right to even insinuate that Rabadi is in anyway involved in anything that Anton was. Rabadi is both a friend and favorite teacher to almost every student. The fact that you would write an article like that disgusts me and should disgust you, if you even remotely cared about what you stand for.

    1. Title of Vimeo upload
      Pulled the video, I see. Quickly switching it to the Youtube re-upload, nicely done! We’re going to get plenty more views with it now!

      1. swapped in the YT video
        I did not call for the video to be pulled from YT and when it was I put it up on Vimeo so it could still be seen and discussed. Having learned that the video was put back up on YT I took down the video on Vimeo to direct attention to what I believe to be someone associated with the original uploader.

        Differences aside on the timing, from a marketing perspective, it was foolish to take down the video. Any “damage” was already done and the original uploader “lost” credit for many thousands of views.

      2. Tsk Tsk
        Are you really so stuck up that you can’t even admit that you are wrong? I clearly caught you making a mistake that you can’t even deny, but when you are faced with it, you pass the buck. What a guy.

      3. I made a mistake
        Happy now?

        It is called a typo. It tends to happen at 1 in the morning.

  12. Are you kidding me?
    Mr. Cox,

    In your “article”, you question the judgement of those involved. I am questioning your judgement for even making such an absurd connection. Yes, what Miss Anton did was wrong, but to even think that Mr. Rabadi and his students making a fun video has any inkling of association to inappropriate teacher-student relationships is absolutely ridiculous. I am aware that you have sent multiple children through the New Rochelle public schools, yet all you do is complain about the district on this blog. It would be a nice change of pace if you would report on all the wonderful things that the schools do for its students and the community. There are thousands of enthusiastic, passionate, and dedicated employees who work in the school system, yet you only seem to care about the select few who act in poor judgement. As a NRHS alum I am so proud of the school that I went to and there is no way I would have attended another school. If you could please do a little research and think before you make outlandish statements, it would be appreciated.

    Thank You

    1. absolutely ridiculous
      So, what you are telling me is that not a single person involved with this video, all keenly aware of the arrest of NRHS faculty member for calling and sending text messages seeking a relationship with a student outside the classroom, considered for a moment while writing, rehearsing, filming, editing and publishing a music video depicting students offering their phone number to their teacher, asking that the teacher call them and signing the note “XOXO” or “hugs and kisses” any connection whatsoever between what is depicted in the video and the Anton case.

      Not a single person involved thought for even a second about any possible connection between the allegations against Anton and the storyline of the video?

      That’s what you are saying, right?

      1. Why?
        Yes, i think that’s what he’s saying.
        Not because of our ‘lack of judgement’, but because we are not perverted and knowing Mr. Rabadi, we WOULD NOT even think of comparing the two.
        The video was shared with over 3000 people in one night…internationally and NONE of those people had the balls to write an article like this.
        And for what? What did you gain for this article other than an outburst of hatred against you and your name? In any case, the video is back up on youtube, with credit given where it’s due, and all you have left is a mob of students waiting to pounce the next time you publish BS like this. So why? why i ask did you write this article? What did you gain?

      2. Not compare
        I did not ask whether people made a comparison.

        I asked whether anyone involved considered any connection whatsoever between what is depicted in the video and the Anton case.

        What is the difficulty in addressing what is actually written or asked? Please try and refrain from reframing a statement or question and just address iy directly.

        Or are you afraid of the answer?

        I suppose frothing hyperbole is more dramatic and fun than dealing with reality.

      3. You want an answer?
        No, no one considered any connection whatsoever with the video and the Anton case. Why?
        Because we know Mr. Rabadi.
        Because we’re not perverted.
        Because we’re not looking for little excuses to belittle our children’s creativity

      4. Then you should KNIOW
        … that from a PR standpoint the timing and nature of this video is the big issue here. Get out of your bubble and realize that tax dollars, and professional reputations are at stake here. While the nature and intent of the video may be harmless. In the wake of the many incidents plaguing the CSD of New Rochelle, the timing is nothing short of deplorable.

        And while Cox may be going out on a limb with his connection between the nature of the song, and the inherent message, he is not wrong in doing so.

      5. Yes, and those tax dollars
        Yes, and those tax dollars and reputations are at stake because of one man’s oddball connections. The timing is absolutely irrelevant, and the article has done more damage than good.

      6. Really??
        How can you possibly look at yourself in the mirror, and say the timing is irrelevant without laughing. It is the single most relevant thing related to this issue.

        The fact that Rabadi, a homosexual teacher is parodying a video in which the singer is obcessing over the lawnboy, who in the parody is a mixed group of students is disturbing. And the timing makes it that much worse.

        Imagine if a police officer was on charges of racism and excessive brutality when responding to a call. It was well publicized in the media, etc. then an unrelated officer “jokingly” uses the word nigger while greeting a friend, in uniform, in public. What would the anticipated reaction be?

      7. Adding a new twist to the twisted ‘article’
        Rabadi is gay? How do you know that as fact? Only 2 possible ways. 1) He told you personally and 2) you have engaged in a homosexual relationship with him. Hearing it from a 3rd party is just heresay.

        Now that a new ‘fact’ has been established, it makes Cox’s article even more off the mark. Wasn’t the fact that GIRLS were holding up their (make believe) phone number part of the problem (that is with the TIMING of their acting)?

        Again, I had asked Cox…and now I ask you, of the more than 100 responses to the Cox writing, how many supported his ideology? How many disagreed? If 98% disagreed, shouldn’t it give the author (and you) pause to rethink your stance? Only closed minded, rigid ‘thinkers,’ would brush off the vast majority.

        Addressing the timing, I could not think of a better time. With the recent upsetting events, why should the students leave the school on a negative note? They truly appreciated the efforts by Mr. Rabadi to make them much better math students and wanted to leave high school (many in the video are seniors) on a high note. Unfortunately the attention the article brought took the glow off an otherwise awesome display of affection for a teacher….something we still far too little of in school these days.

      8. well..
        Is it heresy, or is it fact that he is quite open about his sexual preference. Regardless, the nature of a teacher with students of any sex, or preference for that matter is just plain wrong.

        And if I am not mistaken, the students (both genders) and the teacher all had moments with a fictitious phone number and invitation to “call me maybe” on it.

        Timing is still the issue. I do not know that Rabadi is interested in his students in that way (either gender), but the fact that anything is suggested that crosses the line, at this particular time (thanks Ms. Anton) is ill timed and improper

      9. 98%
        Jay wrote:

        If 98% disagreed, shouldn’t it give the author (and you) pause to rethink your stance? Only closed minded, rigid ‘thinkers,’ would brush off the vast majority.

        The simple is “no”.

        It does not give me pause to rethink my stance. My “stance” is that uploading this video at this time exhibited poor judgement and I have explained my reasoning ad nauseum. My personal values do not change just because 1 or 100 or 1,000 or 1,000,000 say that I am wrong when I believe I am right. Do yours?

        As should be obvious to anyone even remotely familiar with me or my site, I really do not care what other people think. I have my own moral compass and it has nothing to do with what is popular or fashionable or safe. It certainly does not include surrendering my own values in response to a handful of pseudonymous commenters on the Internet.

        You think it is “closed-minded” to not change your position in the face of disagreement or criticism?

        So, you think that Abraham Lincoln should not have emancipated slaves because most of the county opposed it? You think Rosa Parks should have moved from her seat because people opposed it? You think Copernicus should not have said the Earth revolved around the Sun because people did not believe it? You think Martin Luther King, Jr. was wrong for having a dream of a different America where people of all races, creeds and colors lived as one because the majority of Americans at that time did not share that dream?

        I am certainly not comparing myself to these people just trying to understand your idea of moral principle — is it taking a position and sticking to your guns or bending in the breeze to accommodate the loudest voices.

        I suppose your definition of profiles in courage is to give in to peer-pressure, do what everyone else tells you do, go with the flow, never take a position where you place yours principle over short-term personal gain. If so, it must be comforting to know that you will never have to think for yourself or take a position with which those around you disagree. God knows the world needs more followers and less leaders, right?

        I think uploading the video at this time was poor judgement. You are welcome to disagree as, obviously, you do. You can state your disagreement and why you think you are right and I am wrong. But where do you and other people get the idea that because you disagree with me I must therefore change my position and agree with you.

        What I have read a lot of on this comment thread is how I must remove the article, recant my previous statement, and apologize (for what and too whom is not exactly clear). It is mystifying to me that those advocating these things appear incapable of accepting the idea that “diversity” includes diversity of thought not just race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

        I suppose for many of the high school students who have been engaged on this issue it is confusing to encounter an adult who will not bow to their childish hectoring and tantrums. I have news for them. Get used to it. There is a whole wide world out there of people who do not care what you think, don’t think your special in any way and have their own experiences and opinions to which they have as much right as you.

        With all that said, what exactly is it that these “98%” disagree with?

      10. That is exactly what I am saying
        They are making a fun little video based on a popular song. You seem to be one of very few people who have made this perverted connection. Get your mind out of the gutter, just because one employee of NRHS intended to engage in sexual acts with a student, does not make all other employees sick pedophiles! For God’s sake, the fact that you even “reported” this is astounding. Have you ever met Mr. Rabadi? I’m sure if you had you would know right away that this was just harmless fun.

      11. ignoring the question
        Why are so few people willing to address what I actually wrote or answer a rather simple question (above).

      12. Reality Check
        No I don’t think that they ever second guessed what they were doing, because they don’t automatically associate someone holding up a fake phone number with statutory rape and pedophilia as you apparently do!

      13. Answering your question
        Here is the answer to your question. Production for the video was done BEFORE the librarian’s arrest. Do you really think that they could have rehearsed, filmed and edited it in less than a week?

        Instead of admitting you were way off the mark, I assume you will say that even so 99% of the work was done, they should not have posted it. At least that is what I think someone who is so rigid in their belief would rationalize in their head.

      14. You want an answer? That is
        You want an answer? That is exactly what I’m saying. Honestly, NO ONE made that connection because unlike some people we try to get over things. We don’t dwell on the past. We’re a bunch on teenagers trying to enjoy the end of the year. Leave us alone.

      15. dwell on the past?
        Anton was arrested precisely one week before the video was released.

        I know teens these days have limited attention spans but you think what happened with Anton is “the past’?

      16. Yes I do. As I said before
        Yes I do. As I said before I’m a student at NRHS. We talked about it for two days…three tops. We move on fast. She isn’t in the building anymore, she’s been arrested. It’s over.
        I’m just pointing out that from many students’ perspective, we didn’t think about Anton at all, at least not until this article was posted.

      17. I believe you
        And this is largely my point.

        In my view, that no one involved with the video stopped to think for a moment that just maybe putting out a video with a classroom full of students offering their phone number to their teacher while singing along to a song about a girl wanting a boy to call her to hook up, and that teacher reciprocating, might not be such a good idea considering that just a few days earlier a colleague of that teacher had been arrested for calling a student and seeking to hook up at the very same school.

        The question is whether knowing what you know right now, would you have done what you did. Because the result of uploading the video and making it public on YouTube has been, based on what I have seen here, caused no small degree of discomfort for the teacher and brought unwanted attention to the school.

        I suspect the answer will be that no one involved with the video is to blame and that it is all my fault for expressing my view that the timing was poor.

        And that is the larger point, I have yet to see any of the self-identified NRHS students take any responsibility whatsoever for their role in this controversy.

        Those involved could have chosen to wait a few weeks to upload the video. They could have uploaded the video but marked it private. They could have uploaded the video but edited out the clip of the teacher holding up the sign. There are a lot of things that could have been done other than release the video publicly on the eve of Marisa Anton’s first court appearance since the day she was arrested and within the week since her arrest.

        Those students could have also ignored my article. Since so many have signed a petition endorsing the statement “what he says should not be under strict scrutiny” why are these same people putting what I say under so much scrutiny. Instead of ignoring my article, there appears to quite a few people are who obsessed by it, going so far as to demand that the article be taken down or the sentiments expressed in the article be recanted.

        The idea that the appropriate response to speech with which you disagree is to seek to suppress that speech is perhaps the most troubling aspect of the behavior of the students who have been most vocal about this issue. The resorting to ad hominem attacks, vulgar language and various manner of histrionics raises some doubt in my mind as to the values being taught in our school system. It does nothing to convince an opponent and only serves to harden positions.

        Has no one been teaching anything in our schools about civics, the Bill of Rights, free speech?

        A few people here — very few — have taken a reasoned, responsible approach to encountering someone outside “the bubble” of academia (me) who is not willing to play the game of “nurturing” of students by telling them only what they want to hear, that everything they do is wonderful and if they do not get the approval they seek then shouting and stamping their feet will get them what they want.

        Today, on NewsChannel 4’s broadcast I learned that “all” the students are asking for is an apology. That was news to me since no one posting here or emailing me has done that. Mostly what I have seen here is puerile insults and emotive grandstanding.

        That said, what exactly is it that these students propose that I apologize for? I cannot imagine what what would be or even why that would solve anything.

        I have a better idea, how about the students who uploaded the video apologize to their teacher for not exercising better judgement in uploading the video in its present form in the days immediately following the Anton arrest. Or is too much to ask that NRHS student take responsibility for their own actions?

  13. Video Re-Uploaded to Vimeo
    The video was taken down on YouTube. We have embedded a copy of the video above, hosted by another video service.

    1. Wow
      We try to be nice but you don’t have many brain cells do you? Have you not read any of the comments? Do you think posting the video will change anyone’s mind? All it shows is that these kids were having fun, you know… fun… kind of associated with happiness? I don’t believe happiness is a conspiracy theory that has to do with sexual predators. If I could say thank you for anything it is thanks for reposting this amazing video. You scared the original poster to take it down because of your idiotic comments. It makes me start to think that you posted this article because that youtube video received more views in a day than all your articles combined.

      1. youtube views
        I expect that I did more to increase the views of the video than anyone.

        I never called for the video to be taken off the Internet and would not do so. I do not agree with the decision to put out that video at this time given the circumstances but I would defend the right of the student to publish the video.

    2. There is a time and place for everything.
      Indeed, there is a time and a place for everything. However, this commonly used phrase is more than inappropriate and inaccurate when describing the posting of this video. Not only does this video highlight amazing students having fun after AP tests, but it speaks of the character of NRHS students.

      Despite recent negativity in the news, they chose to do what they thought was right. NRHS teaches that your voice must be heard. That is why, not to my surprise, you’re judgement and actions have been so feverishly protested.

      To Mr. Cox (I seriously considered replacing that “x” with a “cks”): “The brave may not live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all.”

      1. All true, ginzinna…
        Cox is seeing bogeymen where there aren’t any. He would do well to cease the ‘bemoaning’ and concentrate on Idoni II.

        Despite the fact that the teacher is the least talented at lip-syncing, the video is very well done indeed. Better than many professional videos, I congratulate those behind the camera.

        Much ado about nothing, Cox, go back to doing what you do best and leave the kids alone.

      2. new Rochelle Used
        Hello my posting buddy Used. Making sense but I suppose this will have to run its course. Like you, I think these kids should be left alone and I like their spirit, spunk, and mostly, their admiration for Mr. Rabata. Got a little of that a few years ago at Isaac Young when I was known as Mister G.

        I think the librarian situation and her donning the pirate compels me to quote the a little ditty made famous in the old days by the great Robert Newton, who as some of the alumni old timess might note, was the greatest cinema pirate of them all.

        I’m smelling teen spirit here working on a little class how for next year

        Well, here goes.

        There was a jolly miller
        Who live down by the sea
        He looked beneath his pillar
        And there he saw a flea
        Ho, ho, ho, he shouted out with glee

        I used to sing that to my 8th graders to motivate them to stay awake when I entered a room. The life of a substitute is hard indeed.

        But i had great kids, these seem like great kids and I hope it plays out soon.

        but, Used, I owe you a Guinness collectable when the blue of North New Rochelle meet the Gray of South New Rochelle and sign off on the Armory.

        Young people. Could use some of your energy and smarts in helping moving this City in the best direction. Essentially that is what New Rochelle USED means by concentrating on Idoni II.

        He sees, with a lot of justification, a smothering of creative ideas, free expression to effect change, and a house not divided. Its more than that of course, but …..

        Have a great summer

      3. feverishly protested
        If you expect that some puerile internet comments and an online petition constitute a “protest” you need to turn on the TV and look what is happening in Syria or Egypt.

        Mostly what I see here in this “protest” is a few high school students who cannot bear even the slightest criticism.

      4. slightest criticism
        If you want the President to knock on your door, give us a few weeks.

        You must see this not as an inability to accept the reality of criticism and judgement, but rather as the beginning of young people standing up when they are told to sit down; questioning when they are told the answer.

        Mr. Cox, the video is simply happy. To give it a negative connotation by removing it from youtube and criticizing it, especially when more important, worldly issues should be focused on, is wrong.

        It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies.

      5. Arthur Calwell
        There is no small irony in your quoting Arthur Calwell.

        This seems to be very popular in the New Rochelle school system — the use of the random quote as literary reference without the faintest clue as to who they are quoting or the context.

        It appears that many students have learned the lesson from administrators that a speech need only be a few pages cribbed from Wikipedia with a dash of random quotations from

        Had you bothered to do even the slightest research you might have realized that you are quoting a devout racist.

        Even Wikipedia could have explained this to you:

        Calwell was an Australian government official who was one of the prime architects of the White Australia Policy which deported non-White immigrants out of Australia after World War II, mostly Asians.

        He has an even more famous quote which you neglected. During a speech to parliament to address his erroneous deportation of a Chinese immigrant named Wong he said:

        “Two Wongs Don’t Make a White”

        The principle he is most associated with and sought to defend was white racism in Australia. The “lies” were arguments why it was unjust to deport non-whites which he did en masse.

        In his autobiography, Calwell wrote:

        …any man who tries to stigmatize the Australian community as racist because they want to preserve this country for the white race is doing our nation great harm… I reject, in conscience, the idea that Australia should or ever can become a multi-racial society and survive.

        To be clear, the man who said THAT is who you are quoting here.

        This ought to be a clue that the rest of what you have to say has little merit but let me address your lies.

        I never called for the video to be taken down.

        I did not take the video down from YouTube.

        After the video was taken down I put it back up on Vimeo and embedded the video here on this site so in another irony the only way to see this video right now is in my Vimeo account and on my site.

        Here is a quote from Voltaire that you might want to add to your collection”

        I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it

        If this was an example of young people standing up when they are told to sit down then the video would never have been taken off YouTube in the first place. That sounds a lot like students sitting down even when no one told them to sit down.

        All that I see here is a few students who are shocked that something they believed to be wonderful would receive even the slightest criticism and when confronted with mild criticism resort to histrionics to demand they get their way and resort to unreasoned, childish behavior out of frustration with their own inability to articulate a calm, reasoned argument in defense of the decision to produce and publish a video of a teacher holding up a sign reading “call me/ xoxo” just says after the arrest of his colleague for acting out a very real version of what is lightheartedly depicted in the video.

      6. “After the video was taken
        “After the video was taken down I put it back up on Vimeo and embedded the video here on this site so in another irony the only way to see this video right now is in my Vimeo account and on my site.”

        The video is also currently on youtube. 😛
        Also, your article did not call for the removal of the video on youtube, it insulted and instilled fear in students. How do you expect students to nurture their talents and skills and express themselves if there’s people like you in the world suppressing them? AND your statement implies exclusivity for watching the video.
        Mr Cox, is it that you just want the video to be yours?
        Also, for you to have a copy of the video, you must’ve downloaded it from youtube, a clear violation of copyright and intellectual theft.
        NO WHERE on your vimeo posting does it award credit to the student(s) who worked their butts off to make this video happen.

        Also, i do not appreciate your belittling of a students protest. The online petition has over 400 signatures, from all around the country. If you promote free speech as much as you say you do, why belittle a disgruntled students’ trial at political efficacy?

        Honestly, you’re the kind of adult that the show ‘Kids Next Door’ fight. Maybe without your vial comments and downright stupid articles, New Rochelle would be a better place.

      7. provide a link
        If you provide a link I will embed the video your reference and take down the Vimeo link. I have no desire in posting the video at Vimeo beyond allowing people to understand what this discussion is about. BTW, it is not a copyright violation if a work has “news value” which this video clearly does. In any case it is an argument for a federal judge not a commenter on a web site.

        I do think you make a point I have been alluding to here:

        How do you expect students to nurture their talents and skills and express themselves if there’s people like you in the world suppressing them?

        Suppressing? How did I suppress anyone? The fact is this video has gotten an amount of attention well beyond what it would have gotten on its own. It has been viewed many thousands of time on YT, shared on FB, the subject of a petition drive and featured in the local TV news coverage. From a pure marketing point, I have done more to increase interest in this video than anyone. If your goal is to increase interest in the video you might consider that this controversy has been a tremendous source of interest.

        In any case, let met get to your point about nurturing student talents and skills and expression. This comment, more than any other, gets to the real source of outrage among students over my relatively mild criticism. Hysteria aside, my criticism in the above article went as follows:

        1. The video is an upbeat, happy video of cute kids paying tribute to a well-linked teacher.

        Reading that now I have to admit that I can why this sort of harsh criticism would cause paroxysms of grief to shudder through the high school. I must be truly awful to say something so mean-spiritied.

        2, The timing was poor and showed bad judgement.

        Wow. This is even worse. I dared to question the judgement of those involved in this video. Really, there is no worse crime.

        Certainly no student could ever be expected to recover from such merciless, heartless and cruel words.

        Just imagine that someone would dare question the judgement of such talented, skilled, expressive students. And then to expect them to develop those talents, skills and expressive abilities further in the face of such an unfounded and unkind critique of their work.

        My God, you have a point.

        I know realize that I have single-handedly shattered the hopes, dreams and aspirations of those involved. I am not sure how these AP/Honors students, bound for world-class colleges and universities can be expected to soldier on in the face of such withering criticism.

        Or maybe some of you, specifically those whining the loudest, should step back for a moment and consider the possibility that not everything you think, say or do will be met with the sort of universal opprobrium you have grown accustomed to living in a coddled world of helicopter parents where every third-grade doodle was fit for the walls of the MoMa and every shelf is adorned with 9th place ribbons.

        Again, I do not apply that to every student or every commenter — but to the whiners out there, you know who you are.

      8. A few HIGH SCHOOL students?
        Other than those that stated they were NRHS students, how do you know who and how old the other people are?

        To add to your continued refusal to admit you are wrong — have you ever publicly admitted you were wrong? Look at the US House of Representatives to see what happens when people are rigid in their beliefs and refuse to admit they are wrong, but I digress — here is some data to include in your statement.

        1) I will be 62 years old in a few weeks.
        2) I have shared the video (and your initial blog entry) with DOZENS of adults. The vast majority being science teachers. Not ONE SINGLE ADULT saw anything wrong with the video and said the librarian incident is in no way, nor should it be, connected. The video shows a very good side of kids loving high school.

        I do realize that very rigid people discard facts when they prove they are wrong.

        What is very obvious is that when someone blogs something that 99% of the readers disagree with, a firestorm of replies are posted. If the blogger posts something that almost everyone is in agreement, the blogs are minimal. So judging by the number of responses to your misguided comments this has put the spotlight on you. Something you’ve probably always dreamed would happen. Unfortunately for you, the spotlight does not show your best side (assuming there is one).

    3. What software did you use to download the video?
      Hey Bob,

      What software did you use to save the video to your hard drive?

  14. Dear Mr. Cox,
    Putting aside

    Dear Mr. Cox,

    Putting aside the fact that your last name references male genitalia, I will begin by saying that the person who looks the most pedophiliac in this situation is you. In reference to 18 year old boys and girls such as Sam Sherman aka Shermane Dupree you said, “The kids are all cute.” As a parent of 13 children in the New Rochelle school district this seriously disturbs me.

    That is all.

  15. Ugh
    Look, I didn’t have Mr. Rabadi as a teacher and I’ve never even met him in person. I can’t have an opinion of a person I don’t know, because if I did it would be an ignorant one without much foundation other than the things immediately in front of me.

    I feel like you are trying to follow a common trend in reporting – the idea of passive aggressive sensationalism and mudslinging for the sake of having an article to write. Every blogger or reporter needs a story to tell…even if there isn’t anything to write about. I imagine you saw the video and, without doing any research other than watching the video, started writing this article. You wrote some exposition – not on the teacher and his students or even the classes he teaches, but on the literal happenings of the video. But then, you realize that the story isn’t anything other than an exposition so you start adding large chunks of text that are nothing more than your personal opinions with ambiguous wording, hoping that others will agree with you. Maybe it’s just me – but I think you should at least make sure your opinion has some foundation to it other than “Well it’s a guy lip syncing a song and there are kids in the video! That’s really wrong!”.

    And was it really necessary to post all of the lyrics to the song that he covered? Was it really necessary to give us a play by play of the entire video? Of course not, but you needed some more text to make your article seem less than one paragraph of exposition and one paragraph of blatantly opinionated drivel. Let’s analyze a chunk of text:

    “The images of the teacher sitting at a desk, texting, while the girls dance around him, brings into question the judgement of those involved.”
    Playing it a little safe, aren’t you? “brings into question the judgement of those involved”? Who is involved in this other than some high school students who wanted to make a fun video, and their teacher? Do you think any of them stopped at some point and said “Hey – maybe someone will somehow contort this into a sexually charged and inappropriate video! Maybe we should stop!”? The fact of the matter is – the only kind of person who had any kind of belief that there was a negative connotation to the video is the one who is either thinking these demented thoughts already, or someone who is trying to force two completely different situations together in a very ham-fisted way for the sake of getting attention.

    “There is a time and place for everything and this is so clearly not the time or place for this sort of video that it is difficult to imagine what these people were thinking.”
    Isn’t this a bit redundant coming right after the previous sentence? “There is a time and place for everything” is nothing more than a hollow platitude and if you think anyone is affected by it, you’re playing down the intelligence of all of your readers significantly. “[This] is so clearly not the time or place for this sort of video that it is difficult to imagine what these people were thinking” is essentially the exact same thing you said in the previous sentence, but with more words and less coherence. And what do you mean by “this sort of video”, and when would be the correct time for it? Next month? Next year? When they’re all of legal age, perhaps?

    I don’t mean to make you look bad here, but if this article is a testament to your body of work I surely hope you’re not being paid to do this. It’d be a real shame if you profited off of sensationalism and shoddy writing, let alone the fact that some people are going to read this and base their opinion of a person they’ve never met on it. For shame, Mr. Cox.

  16. Dear Mr. Cox
    I would like to

    Dear Mr. Cox

    I would like to directly address your points of bad timing and poor song choice and tell you why I disagree with you.

    First of all, you’re making assumptions based on your perception of the video rather than what the students involved have been telling you. The point of the video is that Mr. Rabadi is doing math and doesn’t realize the kids dancing around him. In case you were unaware, that’s an example of humor. I would suggest learning facts about a story before writing biased, uneducated comments and opinions about it.

    Second, Marisa Anton should never be mentioned in the same sentence as the great Nazar Rabadi. Rabadi is an outstanding AP calculus and statistics teacher, all of whose students received a 4 or 5 on the AP exams last year. All of his students find him to be an interesting, dedicated teacher who genuinely and deeply cares for the well being of his students and makes sure all of his students understand the material. He was named teacher of the year at New Rochelle High School last year. His appeal comes from his upbeat, fun attitude and ability to recognize when it’s time to learn and time to have fun. After 8 months of hard work, the students, especially the seniors wanted to end the year well and make it memorable. Rabadi agreed to take part and it gained mass appeal without question of its intentions until you came along. Marisa Anton is a young librarian involved in a sex scandal. In no way are the two stories related except for the fact that they both take place at the same high school. Rabadi wanted to have fun and make a large group of people happy, while Anton tried to engage in illegal activity to further her own disgusting interest. Don’t try to draw absurd connections between the two to further your own credibility as a blogger, because it looks selfish and disgusting from the perspective of someone who can see right through what you’re trying to do.

    Sorry if you don’t like the song choice, it just so happens that many of the students loved it and were familiar with it. It’s difficult to find a popular song nowadays that doesn’t relate to love, sex, drugs, or money, but in my opinion, love is the most mild of the aforementioned lyrical themes. Audiences of all ages listen to the song, which made it a good choice in accomplishing the goal of reaching out to a large audience and making children and adults smile. People like to dance to it, because it makes them happy. The video is supposed to be funny. Did you miss any of this?

    Lastly, in my opinion the timing could not have been better. Like you said the past 14 months haven’t been great for the district. This video is exactly what parents and kids need to see from the teachers. It shows that not all of the teachers are cold hearted and disgusting and that not all personal relationships with students are sexual or negative. I’ve gone on many college tours and information sessions over the past few months, and one of the main points they like to express is how accessible their teachers are and how easy it is to build personal relationships with them. You might want to speak with them if you honestly think that’s a bad thing. This video is the perfect thing to help lighten the mood and comfort parents about the situation. It shows them how positive the faculty can be and is a good break from all the negative vibes surrounding the school. Thanks for ruining it for everyone involved though, nobody appreciates it.

  17. Slander
    Mr. Cox,
    I read this blog to gain a unique view of New Rochelle. While I do not always agree with your opinions, I do respect them. That is not the case here. By stating “The images of the teacher sitting at a desk, texting, while the girls dance around him, brings into question the judgment of those involved.” you are doing more then stating an opinion, you are in fact SLANDERING the teacher and students in this video. My memory tells me that Mr. Rabadi was not in fact texting but on a calculator, and it was not only girls that were dancing around him, but the entire class. You say that this calls the judgment of every one involved into question, this is once again a opinion with mean to harm not only the teacher but the students as well. I believe that an apology is in order, all people involved are young with a full life in head of them, and all this article accomplishes is tarnishing the students and teachers involved.

    1. judgement
      My questioning the judgement of a faculty member to participate in a video like this at this time is not slander.

      FIrst, slander is spoken. This is a print article. The term you are looking for is libel.

      It is not libelous for me to express my view that it was poor judgement to produce and publish this video in the midst of an ongoing criminal proceeding against a NRHS faculty member for soliciting a student for sex via phone and text.

      I have not commented at all on the teacher’s ability or the results his students get on the AP exam. I have no trouble accepting the idea that the teacher is well-regarded by his students, his peers and the administration. A teacher can be all these things and still do something unwise and I believe that this video at this time is just that.

  18. How can you even post this
    How can you even post this ridiculious article? Mr. Rabadi is one of the most respected teachers at New Rochelle High School and you are just stirring up unnecessary drama. You report like a 15 year old girl. How about you do something useful instead of gossiping and giving a fun, comical video with good intentions such a bad reputation? You clearly are not in touch with the real New Rochelle or it’s students. Grow up.

  19. immature reaction of NRHS students
    The problem here is very simple. A breakdown in what at one time was considered the norm for teacher-student interaction. The current state of overfamiliarization between teachers and students, is no doubt, a contributor to the lack of manners one sees. The old adage that “familiarity breeds contempt” still holds true. Wake up, students, you are not your parents equal, and you are not your teachers equal. That may equally be said in reference to parent/teacher relationship with child/student. With age, does (in most cases) come wisdom and maturity.

  20. Petition
    Looks like there is now a petition calling for this article to be rescinded and for the video to be put back up:

    I agree that the video should go back up. However, I see no reason for the entire article to be rescinded. I have no problem with someone expressing their opinion, whether I agree with it or not. (But, as the petition suggests, it is inaccurate to say that Mr. Rabadi was texting in the video.)

    1. the video is back up
      I do not rescind articles.

      I allow comments so that others can express their views as I have expressed mine.

  21. Call Me Maybe
    Mr. Cox,

    It may hit you that at some point, school isn’t about test after test, problem after problem. People enjoy doing things that are fun, harmless, and make memories. This video is all three of those things. Mr. Rabadi was merely helping his students make their last few days in school memorable, fun, and enjoyable. While the events surrounding Mrs. Anton are sad and disturbing in a sense, they in no way reflect the relationship between Mr. Rabadi and his students. Clearly, through tremendous support for him on Facebook and other sources, and evidenced by this video, his students truly enjoy him as a teacher and were showing that, 100 precent, through this video. With AP’s well over and students getting excited for the end of the year, why can’t a class have fun, with someone who they learned so much from for an entire year, their teacher. As a New Rochelle High School student, I can tell you that my personal Facebook News Feed has been skyrocketing with links to your article, and another on News12. None of the comments have been agreeing with the medias obvious opinion in both articles. Everyone enjoyed the video, however thanks to your article, it has been taken down. You can say you weren’t the cause of its removal, but if this article were never written, the video would never have seen negative comment by the media, such as yourself, and therefore would have remained as nothing but fun memories for a group of students who truly care about their school and their teacher. Finally, I’d just like to say that myself, as NRHS student, ask you personally to rescind your comments, as their are untrue, biased, and/or completely unrelated to other events that you connected to in your comments. I thank you for your reading of this message.

    -Tanner Glickman
    NRHS Student, 2014

    1. look again
      I suggest you go back and read what I wrote in the article above.

      I do think the video reflects the relationship between Mr. Rabadi and his student — and I said that.

      I wrote “the video is a happy, upbeat homage to a favorite teacher”.

      Isn’t it?

      1. Call Me Maybe
        Mr. Cox,

        I would read your article again, but its so hard to do so, as you have updated it multiple times as these comments come in, trying to remove comments people found out of place (such as those I outlined in my previous comment). Also, I see you reposted the video. Did you think for a second? It wasn’t your video, it was a video held on an account that in no way was yours on YouTube. So, did you download it using 3rd party software? If so, its still not yours in ANY WAY and you had absolutely no right to repost it. Especially if it shows minors having *gasp* fun in school as you and other news sources have previously outlined. So, Mr. Cox, if you think this video is odd in both timing and content as you have opinionated, why did you repost it? Especially when its not your own, personal content and you have no right to do so. Next time you do an article on an event at the high school, why don’t you get some students opinions, like News12 at least did. I’m sure plenty of students would love to talk to you if you were to stop by to talk to them about recent events there, We’re well informed students.

      2. Yes, I saw that, and that’s not cricket, Cox…
        “as you have updated it multiple times as these comments come in, trying to remove comments people found out of place”

        That explains clicking on comments (can’t you delete the links, Cox?) and there being nothing to read. At least have the courage of your convictions, Cox, even if you are dead wrong in this case.

        Stick to the revitalization of downtown New Rochelle, Cox, and other windmill tilting, and leave alone the kids who just wanna have fun.


      3. nothing to read
        As noted above, user error led to several instances of duplicate or blank comments being posted. Those were removed for readability. We do not censor comments.

      4. get some students opinions
        Your criticism is that this site does not have student opinions?

        I would suggest you look closer, there are far more student opinions being expressed here then on News12.

        As for comments, we do not delete or edit comments except for spam, bad language and the use of ALL CAPS.

        No one’s comments were removed. There were several instances of duplicate or blank comments. These typically appear because the person clicks on the save button several times or some similar user error. We try to remove dupes or blanks to improve the reader experience.

        The idea that we would censor anyone’s comments is belied by the clear evidence in this comment thread.

      5. Alumni voices to be heard
        Mr Cox-As an alum of New Rochelle HS, class of 1982 I am compelled to write a comment on your blog after seeing Roseanne Colleti’s newstory about the video. As the classes of 1981 and 1982 prepare to partipate in our 30th reunion you should know that we are coming from many states to share our memories of New Rochelle HS. We celebrate the inclusionary spirit that was and still is “New Ro High”. When I look at this video I continue to be inspired by what is right growing up in New Rochelle and I see that inspiration in the faces of those kids-who are simply celebrating a wonderful teacher. Kudos to them who love learning, who love their faculty and are loving life. In my heart of hearts I pray that these kids will look back at their high school days 30 years from now and remember that one teacher-that one special teacher who made their learning experience rememberable. Be proud kids! Signed 1 Class of 1982 alumna

      6. Alumni voices to be heard
        Mr Cox-As an alum of New Rochelle HS, class of 1982 I am compelled to write a comment on your blog after seeing Roseanne Colleti’s newstory about the video. As the classes of 1981 and 1982 prepare to partipate in our 30th reunion you should know that we are coming from many states to share our memories of New Rochelle HS. We celebrate the inclusionary spirit that was and still is “New Ro High”. When I look at this video I continue to be inspired by what is right growing up in New Rochelle and I see that inspiration in the faces of those kids-who are simply celebrating a wonderful teacher. Kudos to them who love learning, who love their faculty and are loving life. In my heart of hearts I pray that these kids will look back at their high school days 30 years from now and remember that one teacher-that one special teacher who made their learning experience rememberable. Be proud kids! Signed 1 Class of 1982 alumna

  22. it must feel nice to be the
    it must feel nice to be the single most hated person in new rochelle high school right now

  23. Mr. Cock…ops sorry I mean
    Mr. Cock…ops sorry I mean Coxs. Lets be real here ok. i barerly know you but for some odd reason i know that you have a strong hatred towards NRHS & New Rochelle PERIOD! let me tell you alittle about this man Mr. Rabadi. Mr. Rabadi, is a wonderful inspiring teacher. unlike some teachers who dont care about their students. He very well does. he takes absolutely no crap at all. he goes out of his way just to make sure HIS STUDENTS get the best. hes a man that is all business & getting the job done. which would be getting ready for the AP exam. THE TASK WAS COMPLETED! so why cant we have some fun? oh no you fat shit, dont give me that “oh bad timing crap, because thats all im seeing from you” your just trying to find things to make a story out of. do yourself a huge favor. shut up! and get laid! maybe it will change your perspective of things. Dont associate Marisa Anton and her situation and this one. To different things. ones FUN doesnt need to get ruined by another mistake

    1. NrHs purple Whi…
      Your foul mouthed, insulting remarks, says it all. I pray you will come to realize how utterly selfish and indecent your comments are.

      1. Hi There
        It is no lie that the majority thinks Robert Cox is an asshole. Most people are just stating it in a more mannered way. “With age, does (in most cases)
        come wisdom and maturity.” as you said, but you are too quick to judge. You must be one of those adults that thinks all kids are not mature enough whatsoever. I pray that maybe you will be blessed with a realist thought process.

      2. NRHS Pride
        Fortunately, for me, my mind is a lot more complex,
        so do me a favor, don’t pray that I be just a mere
        realist.I hope you take one or two decent courses in
        philosophy, or at least read some of the great phil-
        osophers. As far as underating the capacity for mat-
        urity of some of your classmates – I certainly do
        not. I wouldn’t doubt if some of them have opinions
        and thoughts very similar to my own. I wish you all
        the best, in the years to come. Enjoy your summer!

  24. I’m a student at NRHS, and
    I’m a student at NRHS, and even though I did not have Mr. Rabadi I saw the video a few times today. Not once did I think of Ms. Anton at all, and everyone that I was watching it with didn’t think that. But since YOU posted this article, that’s all we can think about. It was a pretty stressful few days when she was removed from the school, and having to see this only made it worse, honestly.It’s a shame that the person who uploaded it had to take it down out of fear of students, or teachers being further threatened by this case that no longer has anything to do with us. It’s also a shame to see the editing work go to waste. Whoever edited that video did a terrific job.

    Also, your points about the lyrics to the song don’t really mean anything. Yes, the song is about receiving a number and needing to call the other person. However, ‘Call My Maybe’ has been, and is currently being covered by sports teams, schools, staffs, and I’m sure other people as well. Ever since the Harvard Baseball team posted a lip-sync cover video of it, it’s a TREND. We really enjoyed taking part in that trend, and now it’s ruined. So thank you.

    1. my point exactly
      “Not once did I think of Ms. Anton at all, and everyone that I was watching it with didn’t think that.”

      That is my point. That the failure to understand this video in the context of the Anton case is what I am referring to when I call it a lack of judgement on the part of those involved.

      No one consider that this video in the context of the Anton case might be unwise at this time.

  25. A Student’s Perspective
    For those of you making the point that other songs could have been used instead, you probably don’t understand the popular trend with this song. Many different teams, groups, and organizations have made their own music videos to this song. The Harvard baseball team was the first to do so most recently, and since then the NRHS baseball and softball teams each made their own music videos as well. Making the music video to this specific song was the point because many other groups have previously done so. It was all in good fun and no one saw it as inappropriate before you put the thought into people’s heads. The fact that you even saw this lighthearted and fun video as implying some sort of sexual relationship between Mr. Rabadi and his students is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Harvard is Proof ?
      Other people doing something does not make a strong argument for it to be ok in a different context. There are no Jedi Knight tricks here, people can make up their own minds about appropriateness.

      1. It’s showing that the song
        It’s showing that the song was not used to imply sexual relations in any way and the students were in fact doing it in good fun. Yes it was soon after Ms. Anton’s allegations, but no one even connected the two until this article came out.

        “Other people doing something does not make a strong argument for it to be ok in a different context.”
        You just proved our point that Ms. Anton’s situation should not be compared to this video. Thank you for proving our point, really it means a lot. Please stop commenting because you obviously have ZERO clue what you are saying.

  26. Simple Math
    Timing + Song Content + Children + Children = Not Problematic
    Timing + Song Content + Adult + Adult = Not Problematic
    Timing + Song Content + Children + Adult = Problematic

    Here are the popular songs this week. Many could have been better choices.

    001 Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra).mp3
    002 Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe.mp3
    003 Maroon 5 – Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa).mp3
    004 Fun. ft. Janelle Monae – We Are Young.mp3
    005 Nicki Minaj – Starships.mp3
    006 Flo Rida feat. Sia – Wild Ones.mp3
    007 One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful.mp3
    008 The Wanted – Glad You Came.mp3
    009 Justin Bieber – Boyfriend.mp3
    010 Phillip Phillips – Home (American Idol Performance).mp3
    011 Rihanna – Where Have You Been.mp3
    012 Train – Drive By.mp3
    013 Usher – Scream.mp3
    014 Pitbull – Back in Time.mp3
    015 Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).mp3
    016 Karmin – Brokenhearted.mp3
    017 Ellie Goulding – Lights.mp3
    018 Calvin Harris – Feel So Close.mp3
    019 Eric Church – Springsteen.mp3
    020 Katy Perry – Part Of Me.mp3
    021 Drake ft. Rihanna – Take Care.mp3
    022 Luke Bryan – Drunk On You.mp3
    023 Drake ft. Lil Wayne – The Motto.mp3
    024 Kanye West – Mercy (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz).mp3
    025 David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium.mp3
    026 Adele – Rumour Has It.mp3
    027 Carrie Underwood – Good Girl.mp3
    028 Kirko Bangz – Drank In My Cup.mp3
    029 Kip Moore – Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck.mp3
    030 Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up.mp3
    031 Rihanna – Birthday Cake (Remix) [feat. Chris Brown].mp3
    032 Usher – Climax.mp3
    033 Tyga – Faded (feat. Lil Wayne).mp3
    034 Jennifer Lopez – Dance Again (feat. Pitbull).mp3
    035 Katy Perry – Wide Awake.mp3
    036 Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – We Found Love.mp3
    037 Jason Aldean – Fly Over States.mp3
    038 Adele – Set Fire to the Rain.mp3
    039 LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock – Party Rock Anthem.mp3
    040 Neon Trees – Everybody Talks.mp3
    041 Ca$hOut – Cashin’ Out.mp3
    042 LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It.mp3
    043 Demi Lovato – Give Your Heart a Break.mp3
    044 Gloriana – (Kissed You) Good Night.mp3
    045 Flo Rida – Good Feeling.mp3
    046 Eli Young Band – Even If It Breaks Your Heart.mp3
    047 David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj – Turn Me On.mp3
    048 Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger.mp3
    049 Nicki Minaj – Beez In The Trap (feat. 2 Chainz).mp3
    050 Zac Brown Band – No Hurry.mp3
    051 B.o.B – So Good.mp3
    052 Tim McGraw – Better Than I Used to Be.mp3
    053 Young Jeezy – Leave You Alone (feat. Ne-Yo).mp3
    054 Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard, Play Hard.mp3
    055 LoveRance – UP! (feat. 50 Cent).mp3
    056 Havana Brown – We Run the Night (feat. Pitbull).mp3
    057 Miranda Lambert – Over You.mp3
    058 Brantley Gilbert – You Don’t Know Her Like I Do.mp3
    059 Nicki Minaj – Right By My Side (feat. Chris Brown).mp3
    060 Taylor Swift – Eyes Open.mp3
    061 Gym Class Heroes – The Fighter (feat. Ryan Tedder).mp3
    062 Travis Porter – Ayy Ladies (feat. Tyga).mp3
    063 Drake ft. Lil Wayne – HYFR (Hell Yeah Fucking Right).mp3
    064 fun. – Some Nights.mp3
    065 Kenny Chesney – Come Over.mp3
    066 Dierks Bentley – 5-1-5-0.mp3
    067 Alex Clare – Too Close.mp3
    068 Toby Keith – Beers Ago.mp3
    069 Linkin Park – Burn It Down.mp3
    070 DJ Khaled – Take It to the Head (feat. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj,
    & Lil Wayne).mp3
    071 Trey Songz – Heart Attack.mp3
    072 Chris Brown – Turn Up the Music.mp3
    073 2 Chainz – No Lie (feat. Drake).mp3
    074 One Direction – One Thing.mp3
    075 Calvin Harris – Let’s Go (feat. Ne-Yo).mp3
    076 Lupe Fiasco – Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free).mp3
    077 Hunter Hayes – Wanted.mp3
    078 Grouplove – Tongue Tied.mp3
    079 Josh Turner – Time Is Love.mp3
    080 Drake – Crew Love (feat. The Weeknd).mp3
    081 B.o.B – Both of Us (feat. Taylor Swift).mp3
    082 Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks.mp3
    083 M83 – Midnight City.mp3
    084 J. Cole – Nobody’s Perfect (feat. Missy Elliott).mp3
    085 Jana Kramer – Why Ya Wanna.mp3
    086 The Band Perry – Postcard from Paris.mp3
    087 Andy Grammar – Fine By Me.mp3
    088 Rascal Flatts – Banjo.mp3
    089 Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up.mp3
    090 Jason Derulo – Undefeated.mp3
    091 Love and Theft – Angel Eyes.mp3
    092 Future – Same Damn Time.mp3
    093 John Legend – Tonight (Best You Ever Had) [feat. Ludacris].mp3
    094 Blake Shelton – Drink On It.mp3
    095 Dustin Lynch – Cowboys And Angels.mp3
    096 Rita Ora – How We Do (Party).mp3
    097 Phillip Phillips – We’ve Got Tonight (American Idol Performance).mp3
    098 Chris Cagle – Got My Country On.mp3
    099 Michel Teló – Ai Se Eu Te Pego.mp3
    100 Skrillex – Bangarang (feat. Sirah).mp3

    1. Think before you speak
      Half of these songs are twice as bad. Please do some research before you take a stance on anything.

      1. We agree
        We agree that many of the songs are twice as bad. I guess we also agree that the original song is just half as bad. Half as bad is still bad. The original song was a bad choice considering the timing and the context.

        Just so you know this is a Billboard list of top songs for June. If the purpose was to use a current popular song, there were better choices. That is why the list was posted. Of couse there is always worse choices.

      2. I don’t understand why you’re
        I don’t understand why you’re all trying to make everything seem either like its extremely sexual and all adults at the high school want to have sex with the students, or just want everyone at New Ro high just dwell on the negativity. I don’t know you but I doubt that you know anyone involved. I graduated last year but I know many of the faces in the video and I never knew him personally but I know Mr.Rabadi is a great person just from the things that I hear from friends who had or have him. And I think that if nothing happened to any student when this was made you have to just leave him alone.

    2. Trend
      You don’t understand the trend that is going on. People all across the nation are making covers of this song. C’mon people! Get your facts straight.

  27. Get a life
    I think the timing of the video was bad HOWEVER it was made for fun and the fact that you think that there is something else is going on is really messed up. You really do bring a bad name to being a journalist.

  28. I am a current senior at New
    I am a current senior at New Rochelle High School and I feel that this video was made at a perfect time. New Rochelle High School has suffered through a number of scandals in the past weeks and students were beginning to feel a little intimidated by the school and were not trusting their teachers. This video was made and produced by a student, who removed it out of fear because of you Mr. Cox. Mr. Rabadi is a wonderful teacher who wanted the students to feel more comfortable in their school and allowed them to do a fun, creative project at the end of a difficult and trying school year. It is people like you Mr. Cox that make students fearful of teachers and uncomfortable to have any sort relationship with their teachers. So thank you Mr. Cox for ruining all the hard work that was put into this video.

    Clearly the video was deleted because of your snide and ignorant comments. It was on News 12 BECAUSE OF YOU. If Marisa Anton wasn’t arrested you wouldn’t have said shit about this. MARISA ANTON IS NOT NAZAR RABADI. The fact that you equate these two subjects together is disgusting. After last weeks incident with the librarian, the people of New Rochelle should be elated that the kids still feel comfortable and love a teacher enough to make a video honoring him. The video was not mocking Anton, and it is not sending a message to students that Rabadi wants to rape them. Nobody cares about your opinion on Mr. Rabadi. The people who know him know the truth. And the truth is, you’re a dumb ass. If anything you said was correct then nobody would be commenting on this bashing your judgment. The Marisa Anton case is a FACT while this is a BLOG OF YOUR OPINIONS. Your opinion is not the only opinion, and certainly not the right one. There was no reason that the video needed to be taken down. I support Rabadi and his students.

    1. strawman
      Yes, it is my opinion that this video at this time was unwise.

      Most of the rest of what you wrote is what is known as a strawman argument, attributing inaccurate or false statements to someone and then arguing against those inaccurate or false statements and not what was actually said. I suggest you read the article I wrote and respond to what I actually wrote.

  30. And honestly, You think way
    And honestly, You think way too much of yourself. Your no reporter , your no muckraker , you have no credentials , no following or crowd. You have given negative attention to a man that has not done anything wrong in the very least and you are pathetic for causing this Man any grief.

  31. Shameful
    This is a total shame. I wish this had never been done! This has only caused more problems that are reflected badly onto the school and the students. Why did this happen in the first place?

    All these problems started with an old guy called Cox.He was such a hateful person that anything fun and creative that the kids at New Rochelle did, he thought it was of bad taste and disgusting. Because of his hate towards the schools of New Rochelle, he decided to blog about all the horrible things that happened and “forgot” to mention any of the great things that happen, unless somehow they involve his son. In that case, he doesn’t mention anyone’s name except his son’s name.

    He sees the worst in everything, even if there isn’t anything bad in what he is seeing. He makes it up in order to feel good about himself.

    With this video, the AP Students decided to have some fun after taking their AP exams(and knowing Rabadi, they probably all got 4s and 5s). Cox sees the video as a parody of what happened with Ms. Anton, even if it isn’t. He sees a calculator as a phone. He even sees a “group of girls dancing around him”(I think he “forgot” to mention there were two boys dancing around him too).

    Are you mad no one in New Rochelle likes you? Well, this post you just made adds up to the “Reasons why we hate Cox list.”

    Let students have fun at the end of the year and stop trying to ruin everything they do. They love this teacher because he is a great teacher. How does it feel to not be loved, Cox?

  32. The video has been removed
    Clicking the embed link to the video now displays a a message reading: “This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account”.

    1. Congrats you must feel so
      Congrats you must feel so accomplished with your life.

    2. Music Video
      I am a proud student of New Rochelle High School and find you article totally out of place and unnecessary. I’m not a student of mentioned teacher but find complete offence. If it weren’t for you this video would not be looked down upon by anyone. It’s said he who control media controls all. In America that is very true. And you sir are adding more flames to the fire. How is this video related to the librarian at all? I’m offended and unhappy at this because our school is going through a bad time in the media’s eyes and the students suffer for it. I don’t want people across the county or in the nation that if we go away to college think negatively of those who come from New Rochelle High School for incoherent blogs and posts like this. People make parody’s of songs all the time and post them on youtube. There should be no relation made to the librarian and this video not should it be looked upon because he or any of the kids in the video are doing anything wrong. I don’t want my school be looked down upon because of things like this. The librarian scandal is a great media story its what all of you look for whether if its a simple blog, to fox and cnn. Your putting things where they shouldn’t be.

  33. Seriously?
    All I have to say is that there is no reason for this article to even exist. Honestly, what are you hoping to accomplish by having this post on your blog? There are enough issues in the city of New Rochelle with the recent events that there is no reason for any attention to be going to such a stupid article that can only do harm to innocent people. How dare you accuse these amazing students (and OUTSTANDING teacher) of mocking a serious and upsetting event such as the one involving the librarian. If you find this video uncomfortable for any reason, fine. Stop watching it and move on. Even dislike it, if you so choose. Really, you should not have the audacity to call out these students and this teacher on something that is no more than a fun, end-of-the-year video displaying the happiness that New Rochelle High School brings to its students. You are causing an unnecessary ruckus and innocent people should not be feeling guilty because of it. As Arnold Diaz would say it, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

    1. nothing more?
      If the video is nothing more than “a fun, end-of-the-year video displaying the happiness that New Rochelle High School brings to its students” then why has been pulled from YouTube and the account closed?

      Seems like someone agrees with me.

      1. Get out of here
        Actually, it has been taken down because this outrageous article is putting negative attention in the wrong place. The student who uploaded it probably wants to protect the teacher and students involved in the video from getting any kind of repercussions considering they did NOTHING wrong and you are making them out to be the bad guys. Taking down the video is simply a message to you to stop your ridiculousness.

      2. You’re to blame
        It is simply because you brought unnecessary media to the matter. I’m sure it was simply taken down to avoid conflict because every teacher would rather be safe then lose their job. If it was me, I wouldn’t have let a man writing a blog behind a screen push me around but job security is everything in today’s economy. You wrote about Ms. Anton, look where she is now. No teacher wants that to be them. They shouldn’t be subject to your unjustified abuse. Not only are your facts incorrect on this matter, but they have been incorrect on many instances before. If NRHS had more teachers like Rabadi kids would stop cutting class so often because they would want to be there. #TeamRabadi

      3. please, Please, PLEASE take off your blinders
        You really cannot be THAT far from reality. All it would take is for you to THINK for one second. Is that a lot to ask? You asked WHY the video was pulled and the account closed. Simple. Your misconstrued blog put the STUDENT who posted it into a very uncomfortable position. So HE removed it.

        Now knowing the FACTS (isn’t it awful when facts slam you in the face of your ideology?), the tables have turned. You sir, should now be accused of child abuse. You have single handedly traumatized a minor. I think it is time to notify the police of your criminal behavior. That would make a great article for Talk of the Sound. Have to find a blogger to write the story of your impending arrest!

  34. This is honestly one of the
    This is honestly one of the stupidest articles ever, Mr. Rabadi in no way whatsoever has made this video sexually explicit or even imply anything sexual. It’s a stupid fun song that everyone knows, and it does not mean that he has done anything to the level of what Anton has been arrested for and I highly doubt he will ever do so. Mr. Rabadi is one of the highest held teachers at New Ro high and even though I never had him , I have heard nothing but good things of him. and if you aren’t aware , there have been quite a few of other cases of teachers performing this song like this one
    Maybe you should write an article on that school too?

  35. News 12 ran this…
    The ran a story on the video after running a story on Marisa Anton. They did some man on the street interviews.

    The students saw nothing wrong and the parents objected.

    1. Your inability to live in the real world is very troubling
      Simple question (for a simple minded person). How many parents were interviewed on News 12?

      Good. Now let’s play connect the dots. Do you think every single parent interviewed said the same thing as the couple who were interviewed?

      Still able to process the facts? Good! There may be hope for you after all. Bonus question. True or False: Do you think News 12 showed both positive and negative reactions to show there are two sides to the story, not one sided like yours?

      If you were not able to add 1 + 1 + 1 from the questions above, I will ask the NR School District to enroll you in one of Mr. Rabadi’s math classes. He has been known to make lemonade out of lemons. Thank you for reading this far Mr. Lemon.

      1. two sides
        “Do you think News 12 showed both positive and negative reactions to show there are two sides to the story, not one sided like yours?”

        I am under no obligation to present “two sides” in expressing my opinion. That said, I did state several positive things about the video but questioned the timing of the video.

      2. Take the time to actual read what people are writing
        Your response tells me that you did not process what I wrote. YOU had written that on the News12 piece, the kids saw nothing wrong with the video but the parents did. That implies the adults think it was wrong (siding with your belief).

        I did not infer that YOU post both sides, I said do you think ALL adults interviewed by News12 were in agreement? News12 was showing both sides to the story. Since they couldn’t find any students who found it wrong, my guess is that they used the ONE set of parents who expressed the opposing view. The minority should be allowed to voice their opinion, just as you have the right. As with TV reporting both sides of a story, the viewer can make an informed decision. The difference on a blog is that when the original poster reads the overwhelming opposing view, he/she has the opportunity to realize that they may have been wrong. But of course that takes and open mind…..

  36. Correction
    I would just like to point out that, contrary to what has been stated, Mr. Rabadi is not texting in the video. He is holding a calculator, not a cell phone.

    1. I don’t think so.
      This is a film. The calculator is a prop.

      The teacher is moving his thumbs in a motion used in sending text messages; he is clearly not calculating a math problem. In fact, he is not actually pressing any keys.

      In the context of the video, considering the lyrics, he has gotten the number and is now making use of the number to make contact with the person who gave it to him.

      In light of the charges currently pending against his former colleague this strikes me as thoughtless and ill-advised.

      1. Or you could pull your head
        Or you could pull your head out of your ass and see that he’s just typing some of the lyrics of the song on the calculator using it’s implemented alphabet. Try paying attention to the environment and see that it is a math class. You’re pretty stupid so I’ll just let you in on a little secret. People use calculators in math classes.

        It’s the 21st century by the way. Why would anyone use a calculator as a prop for a phone when the majority of individuals HAS A PHONE?

        You’re perverted and pathetic. Open your eyes and realize that people like you are the reason that this world is spiraling into a puddle of shit.

        Mr. Rabadi is a phenomenal teacher who has lead hundreds of students to perfect scores on Advanced Placement Exams and strong Regents exam scores.

        What do you do? Sit on your ass all day and criticize the world because your life sucks? Yeah, you do.

        Great people die each and every day but people like you still roam this planet. You’re a horrible thing.

      2. anger much?
        “he’s just typing some of the lyrics of the song on the calculator using it’s implemented alphabet”

        Uh huh. And why is using his thumbs and why are his thumbs not touching the keyboard?

        The issues is not whether the teacher is a good teacher or whether the production quality of the video is good or whether the students had fun making the video. The issue is one of judgement — is this really the time to put out a video like this when one of his colleagues in in court on charges which mirror what is going on in this video.

        As for your foul-mouthed rant, is this a result of the phenomenal teaching your are talking about or did you just learn that all on your own?

      3. First of all, Mr. Rabadi is
        First of all, Mr. Rabadi is well respected in the community and has accomplished more than you ever will. He’s a great role model and amazing human being. Don’t try to connect him to anything I say. I’m speaking as an independent individual who looks at your bullshit and feels offended.

        Now, you keep on saying ‘bad timing.’ This video was made to end off a great school year. Many of the students in the video are seniors heading off to college in the fall. This was a final good bye with ONLY good intentions. You ruined it though. You killed the moment.

        The song is only that, a song. A catchy song that holds as you said, “a happy, upbeat homage to a favorite teacher.” The video was never meant to imply sexual feelings or material of that sort. However, you manage to connect children and sex frighteningly immediately.

        By the way, of course I’m angry. I see how you talk about this district and wonder why you don’t just move far away.

      4. frighteningly immediately
        I am not sure what that means but I listened to the song. I also watched the original video for the song. I then drew a conclusion from that.

        Just curious to know how would you characterize what the original recording artist is singing about in the song or what is happening in the video she made for the song?

      5. The original recording
        The original recording artist, Carly Rae Jepsen, is 26. I’m sorry you’re so insecure about your old age that you fail to see that she is a full fledged adult.

        Her song depicts a love story that has been seen in the media for decades. If you have a problem with that love story then you probably would have a problem with songs from a majority of music artists today and in the past like Madonna or Cher.

        The fact that you related this fun filled and happy video to sexual tensions between adults and children strikes me as scary. You obviously have gone through experiences personally that have corrupted your mind. What exactly happened in your childhood that you’ve completely failed to trust the student-teacher learning environment? Was it something at home with your mother or father? Another relative or even a stranger?

        I just hope that you treat your children better than you treat others.

      6. IT IS THE TIME

        After this scandal where a teacher was a threat to a student, what better time then now to show student-teacher unity! This is 100% a joke, and any person who knew Mr. Rabadi and knew his humor would see it as one indefinitely.

        This video WAS NOT trying to make a statement, but it you want to say that it did then fine… It showed at a time of doubt, students and teachers can still act as one.

        You talking about the lyrics and texting on a calculator is just trying to be picky and get NRHS teachers into more crap.

      7. BIAS
        That is completely your bias opinion.

        He is a math teacher, in a math classroom. I personally saw this as the teacher not noticing the kids dancing around him while he’s focusing on something else as a joke. The lyrics of the song hold no importance. If you were up to date on your media you’d know many people across the country are making covers of this song as a joke. I think this video would be a huge hit.

  37. Have to Agree With Bob
    Sorry folks this is all at a bad time.A teacher with a phone number in hand even though not his sends the wrong message. There was just a incident at the high school. Maybe some thought should have gone into this about the timing of this.This is clearly not the time for this type of viedo to be aired.

  38. Really? You really have an issue with this?
    These are students from Mr. Rabadi’s AP class. They worked hard all year and I am sure the results on the AP exam will be terrific. It is clear from this video that they truly appreciate him AS A TEACHER and were letting off the pressures of a challenging course.

    To connect this wonderfully produced video (clearly they did a lot of rehearsing) with the incident of the librarian shows a huge disconnect between a great educator and a misguided adult. How often do you see students who love their math teacher and go out of their way to show their appreciation? With more ‘Mr. Rabadis’ in math classrooms around the country, the US wouldn’t have such poor results compared to other countries.

    1. Poor timing
      Under other circumstances I would not have any issue with this video. As I said, I think the timing is poor considering that another NRHS educator was in court today on charges that relate to improper phone calls and texts between a teacher and a student.

  39. Video
    There is nothing wrong with this video. It is done in good taste and exemplifies the good humor and interaction between teacher & students. Yes, there are problems with some kooky personnel in our schools and city govt, but to lump this YouTube video with those others is a bit misleading and puritanical. A little latitude is in order.

    1. the video is fine
      the timing is questionable. I was in court today where Marisa Anton appeared before a judge in her case. I was in court for the Martinez case.

      A lp-sync video fine? Honoring the teacher, fine.

      But in the week after the arrest of Marisa Anton for the video to show a teacher getting a student’s phone number and texting them seems kinda dumb. The lyrics don’t help matters.

      I don’t think it is puritanical to think that this video can be scene as mocking the Anton arrest.

      1. Same bro!
        I was in court today also where Marisa Anton was tried. I didn’t happen to see any mention of this video, this song, or Mr. Rabadi. Congrats on becoming public enemy number one of New Rochelle High School.

      2. Creating a connection when there was none
        I understand it must be very lonely being you. And you seem to be the only one who had made a connection between the video and Anton. So you dragged people into your lonely world by making that connection. Since we are talking about school, please pick up your dunce cap and stand in the corner where you will once again be alone. That way the rest of us can go back to enjoying life and not making up connections that did not exist (until you put your fingers on your keyboard).

      3. connections
        “you seem to be the only one who had made a connection between the video and Anton”

        Really? Then why did News 12 run a story on this immediately following their report on Anton’s court appearance today. The facts would indicate that plenty of people share my view that whatever the intent, the timing was poor.

      4. Plenty of people?
        Where do you get your ‘facts’ from? ‘Plenty of people?’

        When I saw the video story follow the librarian story, two thoughts came to mind.

        1) If you had not blogged this story, News12 would not have picked it up. Meaning, it was not an issue.
        2) They followed each other because…..hold on to your hat…..they both involved New Rochelle.

        Back to ‘plenty of people.’ Yes, the plenty of people are NRHS students who loved the video. It seems that you and the two parents interviewed did not like it. And I believe the parents did not like the content. You had no issue with the content, just the timing. Two very different issues. From the math courses I had taken, 3 does not constitute plenty. Wait. Have you counted all of the blogs that AGREE with you? Would love to know the #s who support your ideology and those who do not agree. Can you share that data with us please?

  40. I too, must say that this
    I too, must say that this article is a stretch, to say the least. The actions of one employee should not result in the school turning into a military academy (or the NFL) where personal expression is not allowed.

    I had the pleasure of having Mr Rabadi as a teacher back in 2005, and he still remains the most dynamic instructor I have ever encountered. He has a unique ability to first relate to the student (regardless of race, ethnicity, gender), which then allows you to absorb the knowlesge of a rather complex curriculum (Calculus).

    This video merely shows that he is a human being just like the students he teaches – a way to relate. A lot of teachers have this hidden myth about them, which in my eyes is more scary and dangerous than a teacher who expresses his enjoyment of life openly with all, including his student. Don’t throw stones at the man for having the talent to engage his students and instruct effectively.

    1. what the video shows…
      “This video merely shows that he is a human being just like the students he teaches”

      I do not see anything in the video that specifically depicts what you describe. That may be how you feel about the video but what I actually hear and see in the video is that a girl sings about wanting a guy to call her because she has fallen in love with him and wants to be chased by the guy, the video also shows the teacher getting a phone number and sending a text message while sitting at the girl’s desk in the classroom.

      I would not have remarked upon this at all two years ago and maybe even not a year ago but it has only been a week since we first reported the arrest of the librarian at the same school for allegedly getting the number of a student, texting that student, sending them sexual photos of themselves and arranging to meet with the student at the student’s home to accomplish a sexual act with the student.

      This strikes me as unwise, to say the least.

      1. 1. The entire classroom
        1. The entire classroom (including all of the boys) hold up a paper with a fake “555” phone number on it

        2. For a teacher to not only support, but be willing to participate in a current trend clearly shows that he is not “unreachable” or better than his students. He is a relatable human being. The entire participation of the production as a whole, and not anything specific in the video, depicts he is merely a human being who can relate to his students.

        3. It’s one thing to have a biased opinion, but what you have done is craft your article in a manner that paints a picture of complete negativity. Sure you’re not obligated to do so, but in my “opinion”, you’d be much more effective if you didn’t come off as so obviously one sided.

  41. I think this is a well done
    I think this is a well done YouTube Video and I see absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. The kids are cute its in fact more inspiring and maybe a stretch on your part Bob. There is nothing sexually suggestive it mixes guys and girls who I know are seniors as I know some of the performers.
    Why throw out the baby with the bath water. Nothing going on with this that is bad. One very dumb Librarian should not ruin some good stuff

    1. Exactly
      This looks like something done cleanly and in the good taste of fun. Very creative and not objectionable. But with every witch hunt, a few good people get inadvertently stained for their good efforts.

      1. What is Proper Timing
        liked it, was creative, fun and nice to see a positive relations among students and a teacher.

        Have no idea of what “too soon” means in this context. Better this creative performance than the sight of that pirate fan draffing tail to the court of justice.

        If there are hard and fast rules, maybe we should alleviate it somewhat by not showing the U tube video?

        No, Martin, Fed Up and others have it right I think. Nice piece of work with talented youngsters.

        Nicer still to know we have a faculty member who seems like he can higher math across to kids.

      2. No doubt

        As I said in my article, “The kids are all cute and the video is a happy, upbeat homage to a favorite teacher.” No doubt the kids are talented and the video production is good and its a happy, upbeat video. I don’t think the choice is between the librarian in the pirate hat and this video.

        My criticism is not with the production quality or the acting. It is the content and the context.

        Someone came up with the idea of doing a fun homage to their teacher, fine.

        Someone thought it would be fun to do that my making a video of kids lip-syncing to a pop song. Fine.

        Someone then selected this particular song, questionable.

        Someone decided to shoot clips and edit them into a video with lyrics and images of students offering their number to a teacher and asking the teacher to call them. The teacher is shown holding the number. He is then shown texting, presumable with a student. Not as fine.

        If you will look past the images and pop beat, you will see a video about students wanting to have a personal and even sexual relationship with their teacher and his reciprocating.

        Even this could be chalked up to snarky teen humor but for the reality that this exact scenario just took place at this school and the teacher has been arrested.

        For those who choose to ignore the facts of the lyrics, the images in the video and the context of the recent arrest of this teacher’s colleague, all I can say is that I believe your replies here are a case of trying to appear to hip for your own good.

        I wonder how some of you might feel if it is was your child who was a victim of Jose Martinez or Marisa Anton and then seeing how the school district — teachers and students — are making light of a situation that was very real for them.

      3. I Read Your Comment and Understand the Pros and Cons
        I know, I know. I know all you are saying. Not in dispute.

        It is simple. This story will draw interest as long as it appears. It is simply the wday things work.

        Not many deny the affect reelings behind what you say in your last sentence. No parent wants a child to be a victim of adult sexual misconduct.

        Speaking for myself, I know someone made a decision on context and character; a decision that someone likely would repeat were there no Anton.

        You say tomatoe, some say tomato. I say let it rest, your journalistic right or obligation is to let it continue.

        Said all I am going to say. I covered my view above and have a little sense of adverse impacet; don’t see any here.

        Uncharacteristically for me, I will be silent and hope this stain leaves the community and we can concentrate on other matters.

        But as always, respect, albeit in this case, disagree with your view and life goes on.

        Hope people attend the VFW 8 Armory meeting tonight.


      4. glad

        OK. Glad you have said all you are going to say.

        It is not a matter of “adverse impact”. You and others are making lots of statements praising the video, the student and the teacher which have nothing to do with what I wrote. Your and others are assiduously not addressing what I did write — that the decision to use this song, with those images at this time was poor judgement considering the timing a week after the arrest of Marisa Anton, the night before she was appearing in court.

        We can agree the kids had fun, the teacher is “cool”, the kids are engaged and learn in his class. I have no doubt that the sentiments expressed her about the teacher are heartfelt and true.

        None of which addresses my point — this video was poorly timed, thoughtless and makes light of what has been, based on news accounts across the county, an increasing problem of inappropriate, overly-familiar and illegal relationships between students and teachers.

        That school resources were used to make this video is another issue which I have not even bothered to address.

      5. As a student of the school
        As a student of the school and a student of Mr. Rabadi’s I would just like to say that nobody, and I mean NO ONE, took this video the way YOU wanted it to be, Mr. Cox. Also, I would like to point out that he is not texting, that is a calculator, if it was a “prop” and they were trying to display a cellphone being used, they would have used a cell phone. Also, just a question for you Mr.Cox, You go out of your way all the time to make my school district look bad and if you dislike it THAT much, then why do you send your child to our school?

      6. does the school look bad?
        I do not recall arresting Patrick Clark, Jose Martinez or Marisa Anton. I believe that was the Westchester County District Attorney and New Rochelle Police Department.

        The school district makes itself look bad all by itself.

      7. Ok but you did not answer the
        Ok but you did not answer the question of if the school district is SOOOOOO terrible then why do you send your kids here?

        You are a wanna-be muckracker, a cyber bully. Nothing more.

      8. look…
        if you were affened by this video the I apologise for my fellow.class mates but grow up. Your acring like a chiled who teels the teacher on everyone.

        Why cant you talk about how some kids at our school found a lost dog and returned it to its owner in no harm.
        Or how whe had a pave art show at the warehouse showroom,and that it was beutifull

        Just please stop acting like that old man knowone likes because he calls the cops oneveryone for nothing.

        I reapeat im sorry if you were affended im apologise for our school

        the fact that you put his picture up is just wrong
        Oh sorry for my spelling its not easy typing on a phone

      9. Just to make sure you see this, Cox. I agree with Student28.
        Honestly Mr. Cox, if NRHS is THAT bad, why send your son there? Also, for the record, NRHS should be honored they have a teacher like Mr. Rabadi. I am a current student of his, that man has taught me more math in one year than i have learned in the rest of high school. He is truly an outstanding teacher. In no way would he ever even think of having sexually illicit acts with students– that’s just not Rabadi. Although I was not a part of this video, I can tell you that it was in no way intended to mock Ms. Anton or imply any sexual or inappropriate feelings. Just because one teacher was involved with illegal sexual actions with a classmate of mine does not mean ALL teachers are like that. Please do get your mind out of the gutter. And while you’re at it, take the chip off your shoulder. If New Rochelle is really all that bad, than why is all of the NRHS community jumping down your throat and criticizing this opinion based crap of yours?
        My reasoning? You crave attention on any way possible. People like you need the attention of others to feel adequate, even if it is negative attention. I am unfortunately feeding this desire of yours, but i felt that everything here had to be said.
        Maybe you should consider writing positive things about the school district, perhaps about some of our outstanding teachers. A good start would be Mr. Rabadi. You could write about how he has inspired many to continue with higher levels of math, like myself. If it hadn’t been for Mr. Rabadi, i probably wouldn’t have signed up for math for my senior year. Instead, I am going to take AP Stat and Calculus. He is truly one of the best teachers NRHS has.
        Lastly, I would like to say if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it. Didn’t your mother teach you that? Maybe you weren’t listening that day. You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar– so be nice and highlight the good, not the bad. Judging a book by its cover, or in this case a teacher based on a video which YOU and ONLY YOU perverted, is wrong. As stupid and simple as those sayings are, it would benefit you to take them all to heart, Mr. Cox.

      10. another strawman
        I have never written nor even thought that this teacher had any thoughts about “having sexually illicit acts with students”.

        I expressed an appreciation for what the video was intended to be — an homage to a favorite teacher. I also think it was unwise to put out this video at this time.

    2. nothing sexually suggestive?
      Did you listen to the song? Did you read the lyrics? Have you seen the singer’s video for this song? I embedded that video above.

      Why do you think the girl in the song wants the guy to call her? To study for the AP exam?

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