Nation of Patriots “Patriot Tour” Riding Into Empire Harley Davidson In New Rochelle This Friday

Written By: Jennifer Parente


This Friday, June 15th between 10:30am and 11:00am,  Empire Harley Davidson located at 8 Industrial Lane in New Rochelle will be welcoming The Nation of Patriots Tour 2012.  All are invited and urged to join the event.  Come show your patriotism, gratitude and honor for our military and attend this amazing occasion.

One Flag, 14,000 miles, 48 states, and 100 days: The Nation of Patriots will send one American Flag on a journey around the country to honor the US Armed Forces; The Goal is to raise $50,000 to be given directly to struggling families of wounded US Veterans around the country.

The Patriot Tour is a 100-day, 48-state journey in which tens of thousands unite to help pass the flag while they honor our past, present and fallen Armed Forces members and their families. The flag will be transported city-to-city by motorcycle enthusiasts and proud Americans who want to show their support for our Military members, their families and our Nation. The Patriot Tour and the organization (The Nation of Patriots) behind it were conceived by Milwaukeean Bill Sherer, founder of The Nation of Patriots and his team.

The flag will again travel some 14,000 miles as riders from all 48 states will accept the flag at predetermined locations. Participation levels are expected to be greater than last year’s nearly 90,000 riders with events planned in all 48 states to raise awareness of the Nation of Patriots cause – Financially Supporting Families of Wounded Veterans.

In 2010 “Thousands upon thousands of people from coast to coast joined in to show their unyielding respect for our Armed Forces and our country. Word of the Patriot Tour even reached our brave men and women overseas. It was an amazing and very humbling experience to watch the Tour unfold.” Sherer said. “Last year I had the honor of reading the amazing stories of the flag’s journey through the states. It has ignited in me a new level of respect for my American brothers and sisters as well as a bright outlook for the future of this country. Looking back on all that we have accomplished, I see an awesome display of the pride and strength that courses through the United States. We’re working extremely hard to make 2012 even bigger.”

One Man’s Vision; 150,000 Answer the Call

More than 90,000 riders across the U.S., many of them veterans, answered The Nation of Patriots’ call in 2011 and have volunteered to take part in this third annual Patriot Tour. This will actually be the fourth year the Patriot Tour has set out to raise money for those supported by the Nation of Patriots. Sherer was the lone rider and flag bearer on the 2009 Patriot Tour, traveling through all 33 states east of the Mississippi on his motorcycle and, at his own expense, raising awareness and money for the families of wounded veterans. He ended the tour in Milwaukee and worked with the VA Hospital there to direct the money he had raised to military families. 

The Nation of Patriots is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation founded in 2009 by Bill Sherer. A complete map of the 2012 Patriot Tour and more information about the organization can be found at

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  1. Nation of Patriots Tour
    Jen, Perhaps you could take a picture of the Patriots at the Armory.

    I recently sat next to a wounded veteran with his service dog on a plane returning home from Seattle. We should be doing all that we can for these veterans, they deserve our complete support.

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