11 thoughts on “Gripedaddy Wants to Turn Downtown New Rochelle into a College Hotspot Like Chapel Hill, NC”

  1. Bedbug infestation
    it’s everywhere downtown and it’s from the monroe kids who go home every weekend. They have managed to infest our entire downtown area with bedbugs. Monroe says they’re cleaning it up, but what can you do when the bedbugs are already in the walls and furniture.

    1. bed bugs
      Oldtimer your correct about the bed bugs, downtown is swarming with the issue and it’s quickly spreading.

  2. Monroe Eats Taxpayers Money and Uses NR Resources
    Downtown New Rochelle will never be a successfull downtown business area as long as Monroe College occupies the downtown areas. Yes Marc Jerome is a smart man, he’s a mastermind. However, the students who are accepted into the school are convicted felons, theifs, and violent. They come from the poorest places without a dime in their pocket, and will contribute nothing to the economic growth of the community. They steal textbooks from each other, and lie cheat and steal to get by. I cant believe how many students are now living in the LOFTS, I think its up to about 50. There are about 100 in the Avalon, and they are renting a floor out of the Raddison for the Fall because they can’t accomidate there incoming class. They pile students in bedrooms like sardines.

  3. Monroe kids have no money.. Iona stuff needs to be over by iona
    Monroe is a for profit junior college where the kids all come from the bronx and other poor parts nearby. Nobody pays for college over there. it’s all taxpayer money and loans. Those kids are poor and unfortunately don’t contribute anything to the city. The do contribute crime and drugs though.

    1. Your correct
      Your correct. They contribute to crime and drugs, and and overall bad and negative unsafe feeling when you are in the downtown area. Monroe should do a better job of updating their exteriors, and cleaning up the place. There are chicken bones and shopping carts outside every building they house there students in. The majority of the students have no desire to succeed and use the opportunity to better their lives, they simply want to live away from their crowded homes they grew up in and gain some freedom from their parents. The retention rate is terrible, and the students who do attend monroe simply dont have any other options, there is no other college out there that would accept them.

  4. jay
    lets put all the bag a bons that hang out in the down town in your cabs and send them up to wykagyl. lets see how long it will take before police remove them?

  5. griper you are thinking at least
    that is all happening and there is one small issue. they don’t produce spit in terms of revenue to bail tax payers out.

    But no good deed should go unpunished. maybe we can take Hudson’s idea * yours and spread the wealth. Iona, work the corridor differently and they have a mini- Chapel Hill. Monroe, well maybe we can open up the north a bit more and transfer one or two of their schools…. i don’t know their major areas but they do. So, off they go into te rarified air of the north side. As for the growing sports power the school wants to be, maybe we can really put David’s Island to use. NYC is doing something simiar to Governors Island.

    Jerome can put his mark there. He can build a large atheletic facility, gym, weight room, while housing all of his support services. He can move other academic departments.

    If the North side does not wish to have their knickers twisted with a new paradigm of diversity to deal with, ok, put a lot of their dorms there along with student entertainment.

    Off to the south of the main street corridor could stack all of the administrative buildings.

    Hey Marc and Steven are bright boys and they can figure out how to make this work and surely Noam cannot quarrel with any idea that advances growth of these insitutions, while listening to contributions or ideas from slugs like me and fine gentlemen like you Gripe and Hudson.

    CNN, I don’t worry about them at all. They know what business they are in and their core niche. They are fine and a positive reflection of the good sisters that played such a role then and now in their founding.

    But keep em coming Gripe. Maybe you can take the next step and tell us how the BID should work.

    Happy Fathers Day

    1. Good Idea Gripe- But it’s complicated
      Man, I wish I could wave a wand and see the visions for a quality downtown fulfilled. Maybe a combination of what you have proposed with some sort of revenue producing businesses.

      I’m not sure who the landlords of the buildings in the downtown district are and how reticent they would be for some kind of standardization of their storefronts? I believe a certain amount of attractive uniformity would be a must. At worst well thought out design coordination of new and current business at a minimum. Quality means beauty and it’s essential.

      We need more optimists like you stepping forward. I see so much apathy,
      pessimism, bickering, lack of sincerity, politics as usual, lack of genuine interest, tax payer waste and inefficiency and a vision for bettering NR for us tax payers from our “leaders.”

      I believe when we install in every district tough, sincere, passionate, committed, no nonsense counsel men and women who want better and are willing to jump the hurdles that are always on the track – then we’ll see a change.We need a goal oriented united city counsel with freshness, optimism and a can do solution – win win attitude. Our downtown has such great potential. So close to Manhatten. We need effective doers not takers for our good.

  6. Avalon already is a dorm
    Gripedaddy Avalon already is a dorm…well sort of, you have to see all the kids moving in and out when Iona lets out or starts

  7. North and Quaker
    Hey Gripe lets take over all the property around North And Quaker? Ward acres the old A&P etc etc let the three schools you mention take over property up in your neck of the woods. Let those Kids run all over your neck of the woods till 3am i say build 5 dorms in Ward Acres. I say let cabs double park from quaker and north to North and fenimore every night and let there radios play there horns blow every time a person walks up the street.
    When you can deal with that give Noam and his boys another big fat Donation.

    1. Lockwood between north and memorial
      Gripe whats your gripe With New Ro, Let them take over the insitution on Lockwood, They let there people wander all over New Ro. I know some one will say that is heartless, but before you do sit in front of that building for an hour!

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