We Are All Enablers and In Denial

Written By: Warren Gross

Surely you are impacted by the daily barrage of horror and madness in the world and nation. We see it daily; we see the overweight little fat girl taunting the camera at McCarron pool in New York City when she and 3 to 4 cowardly friends broke a 13 year old girl’s nose for no reason. We wonder why some young bastards would play a game where they would sucker punch someone; likely old or infirm. This time it caused a loss of life.

That is within a 3 mile radius; a tip of the icebag. It happens with regularity all over and now, the absolute horrific theater massacre. Will it end in the USA, Mexico, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia…. all over?

Not likely! The reasons are not too difficult to fathom. We have lost all of our safety valves. Families are fractionalized, the economy suffers while the pinheads debate Bain or some other past irrelevancy like Obama’s social group in Chicago.

Do you really give a damn? If you do, you are truly an ENABLER. This suggests that you are emotionally comatose, in total denial of what has proven to be successful in societies that have a value system and a structure that supports and maintains a way of life that transcends the label of whether it is a democracy, socialist oligarchy, or monarchy. That is meaningless and has become a diversion. What matters are a few basic values that are present in all functioning societies. You can find them in a nations’ theocracy or simply in its socio-philosophy. They are the rule of law, the responsibility of all citizens to promote the greater good, and a working together of all parts of that society to promote unity and oneness.

But damn it, we are enablers. We are like Janus the two headed god. We say one thing; do another. The naked truth is the Enablers create the majority of the issues we face politically, socially, or economically. Enablers bear silent witness to what is wrong or what is often inconvenient or seen as an Entitlement. Such then, gives license to corruption, incompetence, even street violence. It controls our very use of language.. what we can say, or what we cannot, and in every case I think, it is always form over substance. It is never less.

Now we enter into a time when family units are falling apart for very understandable reasons often, but not always. Hilary Clinto was spot on when she uttered “it takes a village to raise a child.” Look at the little murderous skunks that we are allowing to exist in neighborhoods. They have completely cowered their community, the rule with gun and knife, the churches do little or nothing, many lack even the semblance of parenting, likely not even one or more parent in many cases. They control our streets, our language, our very sense of self.

But, are they “victims” or something else. Both I think. I pretty much dispense with the racial arsonist or social engineering purists who look outside their aura of responsibility and look toward the past and not the present. I think we need to see that; yet elected officials like Jumaine Williams in New York City when confronted with political responsibility for the hooligans who were ripping apart McCarron pool, went into the typical cant.

That song is old and tired and fortunately if we look even casually, we see plenty of people of color or elsewhere, lack of color, who provide the tremondous potential to make a difference. These are not Enablers, they are people who risk, who can only do so much. The blowhards, the bloviators, most often the social engineers and so called “progressives” observe from a safe perch and maybe write a check or two. What village do they belong to?

Yet, there is the other side of the coin. There are the yahoos, the good old boys who hoot and holler and suppress proper relations among people in a community. They form into partnerships with Enablers who use their naivety, even racist moments, to stir the pot. And this witches brew further rips the fabric of our society.

Look very simply, racists can be, and often are, situational and not a day to day malady. If you cry wolf often enough about national disparity, you create situational racists. Perhaps you are very self absorbed and see every physical or quasi-physical act between the sexes as an opportunity to call in the EEOC or some attorney. Well, then, we have other Enablers and here is a real and tragic truth….. these Enablers are supported by us and legitimate victims of racism, sexual harassment, workplace or date rape or violence, or anti-gay verbal or physical abuse is punished. You know maybe we should really practice using the denied words and well….. you know what they are. the N word, the F/Q word, the B word…..

We are living in a culture of Enablers and we are truly in denial. Politics is rife on a daily basis with this crap. Now and then you see some semblance of light. Nationally six senators are trying to work together to avoid catastrophe at year end. They are on the path towards Simpson-Bowles. They might make it if they can overcome the Bachman’s of the world who revel in besmirching Huma Abadan (sic) character and courage. It is hard enough to be in Wiener Word, but this seemingly fine woman has picked up support from people like McCain and Boehmer. Who knows… a light.

Locally, we occasionally see light at the end of the dark passageway. The Siete Ocho Siete application is put on hold because 2 Denocrats and 2 Republicans saw the need to embrace substance over form and to return to grid one on this. Of course 3 up North Democrats continue to miss the elemental point that the rule of law must apply here and everywhere. This place is in violation and if they cure it, they will be able to proceed. So, why not Iona, Monroe and elsewhere?

We are still “evolving” on these things. So our mayor and up north representatives too often are both Enablers and supported by you, the more blessed, endowed, and so called socially consciousness part of the community. You demand nothing of them but adherence to NAMBY and you know it. Check your advocacy in the school district… dear God, we are lower than the Westchester average on achievemnt in Grades 4 through 8. Never happened in Linda Kelly’s days…. see, you are apathetic and enablers. You expect too much of Hastie and Brickell and too little of yourselves.

Other Enablers? Sure start with your willingness to give your childre every gadget and gimmick, every new version of Mike’s sneakers….. yes, I realize some of this is necessary, even positive. But do you get back from the community the cry to reach out and help other children who are disadvanaged, in need, and likely acting out in bullying, depression or some other way. Think of the courage shown by any youngster who can somehow free him or her self up from this quicksand. Are you helping in any way? Probably not…. the Administration is not nor is the School Board doing enought. So, again, Enablers.

Look at the garbage which is so prevalent on the Internet. Are you sufficiently aware of what passes for enlightenment nowadays or are you, as the lyrics so, “comfortably numb?” What about “breaking news” on the 24 hour cable system? Aren’t you tired of seeing Wolf Blitzer and others playing reporting playdough with your minds. Are you so apathetic that you cannot extrapolate from this over to what type of effect it has on impressionable, dumb, young, others….. sure you can take some responsibilty. You really can.

The Clergy is a disgrace. They are fat, lazy, and often, extremely rude and besides, they are more noticeable in legal affadavits lately than in community action.

Al Sharpton can shove the blueberry pie in his pie hole. Cardinal Dolan can do with being less avuncular and open more schools. Rabbi Wohl, where are you in all of this?

Yes, I am pissed at the loss of both innocent lives and innocence. If I see another child shot by some knuckleheads while playing in their project courtyard, I probably will lose whatever optomism I have for survival especially since ……. oh what the hell is the use.

Let me end it while I can. Please stop enabling, stop accepting, Don’t be in denial in our city. We have lost a lot of ground. It will take a community to restore and rebuild. We need every black, brown, yellow, red and white hand we can get that wants to see change. We need revenue pronto. We need a City Charter that is adhered to and respected. We need a Code of Ethics. We need to understand what sustainability is. We need each of our elected officials to put residents ahead of colleges, checkbook Enablers, and past political doyens who are anything but interested in the hungry child on Union Street or the lonely child on Lockwood.

We will take a different approach; a up to date Children’s Crusade if we must. Watch for further developments; after all, who knows with the situation in Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, and well, fill in the gaps, how much time we have.

It probably only marginally counts who wins the election. Lets be strong and look towards substance. You know where I am on many of the components of substance.

Do something!