My Anniversary on TOTS Coming UP

Written By: Warren Gross

Believe my 4 year anniveersary on Talk of the Sound comes up in a few weeks. Aside from an occasional disappearing approval count on a posting now and then (see Malice in Wonderland), I can say with absolutely conviction that this site is essential for the vox populi.

Cox and staff have provided a voice where one did not exist before. Matt Pryce even permits an occasional spiritual outburst on my part. This is all excellent and if I could I would mandate this as required reading for all office holders. As it is, I am sure that most read it nonetheless.

You don’t have to be in Bob’s book of life to be heard and aside from violating some rather simple rules, you are heard as you are.

So, with this said, my appreciation for providing me and so many others with a chance to be heard.

Few of you know how hard I have tried to be an active contributor to the city government. I had everything intellectually, but I lacked a certain cultural cache I suppose being described as “thinking he knows everything.”

For that impression I do apologize, but when the day finally comes and it surely will, that those in power seek a performanocracy (don’t research it, it is like Colbert’s Truthiness), then there will be room at the table for those who can contribute, even if they have other views.

If you served in the military, or had a job in just about any organization, you know that dissent is welcome and people who exercise it, know when to stop and support the boss.

However, in New Rochelle and elswhere in the nation, there is not too much tolerance for the loyal opposition. If that doesn’t change, we will sink faster than Congress’s approval ratings.

Thank you Bob, Matt and those I do not know and equally to a bright, too often disinfranchised group of citizesn who want to be part of this community.


2 thoughts on “My Anniversary on TOTS Coming UP”

    1. Miss the All Too Infrequent Funtime Specials. We Need Fun!
      Funtime, could use a dash of your skill; really needed since Larson retired.

      Maybe you can hoist some stuffed shits on a kebab and be an equal culinery griller.

      Knuckleheads know no party or persuasion, they come in all colors, sizes, and living areas.

      They like the word, harumph a lot, talk trash, mispell but apply sophistry and actually have the nerve to attack Biden and Bush on malaprops. Everyone loves a good malaprop.

      maybe we can rasie city funds by means of a pin up calendar. we have twelve months, a mayor, 6 council members, a city manager, and dealers choice.

      might bring a dollar or two warren

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