8 thoughts on “GREENR?: Is This What Mayor Bramson Means By Making New Rochelle Green?”

  1. Glenwood Lake
    I found this article and comments interesting so I took the liberty to create a panorama of the area. It can be viewed at http://www.360cities.net/image/glenwood-lake#586.49,16.00,87.3

    As far as the GreenR aspect of this, maybe New Rochelle is growing algae to be harvested for the purpose of developing algae fuel. If Nita could obtain a federal grant we could grow algae on the other lakes in New Rochelle. It might be a good deal considering burning algae fuel adds as much CO2 into the atmosphere as growing algae removes from the atmosphere.

  2. Pond Scum
    A number of NewRo ponds have algae buildup from overuse of lawn fertilizers. One type of pond algae called Blue/Green (cyanobacteria) can be toxic to both pets and humans causing liver damage. Lab testing must be done to verify its existence.
    Algae growth can be diminished by using fountains like NewRo High School to oxygenate the water. Several fish called Grassy Carp could be added who use algae as a major part of their diet. The fish must be sterilized so they can’t reproduce and approval obtained first from the NYS DEC…Enuf Said!

    1. Good Info
      Are there any varieties of lawn/ landscape product which will not promote/ sustain such a condition?

  3. Mayor Green Jeans
    When being Green , our mayor multi tasks like a true professional politician.

    2 examples – just to keep our Green movement going:

    1) Mayor gives away valuable property on waterfront to major developer.

    Mayor gets political (green) contributions, developer gets a great “green” deal, City of New Rochelle gets nothing.

    Well – 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

    2) Mayor changes or cajoles lackey politicos from our fair town to change vote on Flandreau property. He wants land to go to unnamed Democratic developer on a no-bid deal. Mayor is stopped – no green there. But he tried to sell a nice piece of property for nothing to friends. No concern for being “green” there.

    Our Mayor is certainly – green. Green with envy of a dead-end career with nothing, absolutely nothing to show for it. Time to write childrens books and just walk off into the sunset.

    Our Mayor will always be remembered for the caring individual he is.

  4. So how do you like your green lawn
    So how do you like your green lawns? with all the run off of chemicals going into our water systems you end up with this a green lake. Maybe the mayor can fix this by having a ribbon cutting ceremony for the renaming of Glenwood lake to Greenwood lake.

  5. An embarrassment to mother nature!
    Glenwood Lake could be beautiful, why do we choose to disregard it’s potential. I dont see any other lakes in New Ro in the same condition. My kids constantly ask to walk around the lake but with fear of poison ivy and a polluted path, my answer is always no! A few years back, my husband and I took it upon oursleves to clean up the wooded area of the lake which leads to my property line, I disgarded 5 lawn bags full of beer bottles and other refuse. We need to take proud in our city, the lake is dirty, an eye sore, and it’s only going to get worse.

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