Jefferson Elementary School on Lockdown; Police Activity on Weyman Avenue in New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

UPDATE: Call has been made. Manhunt for the chain snatcher is over. Police units are 10-2. Helicopter leaving. He got away. I did get some great photos of the bloodhound.

UPDATE: Incident has now reached the 6 hour mark. County bloodhound has been following a track for about an hour — from New Rochelle near Mount Tom to Pelham golf course to Pelhamdale then back the other way. This seems like a lot of resources for a snatch and grab robbery.

UPDATE: Westchester County Helicopter on scene, above Pelham golf course. Two NRPD Captains and Police Commissioner on scene along with 20+ patrol cars, motorcycles, trucks from New Rochelle, Pelham, Pelham Manor, Westchester County.

UPDATE: NRPD Detective Captain Joseph Schaller tells Talk of the Sound the precipitating incident was a strong arm robbery on Drake Avenue, a chain snatching. There was no report of a gun.

UPDATE: Search resumed about 3 pm as schools let out. Suspect spotted in D’Onofrio Park by civilian, chased down Park Ridge, Mount Tom towards Pelham Country Club golf course. Schools are emptied and closed.

UPDATE: Police end lockdown at Jefferson School and Mount Tom Day School. Belief is suspect escaped and fled the area.

Jefferson Elementary School is on lockdown due to police activity on Weyman Avenue in New Rochelle. Police responded to a report of an incident nearby. Details are sketchy but police have set up a perimeter in the area while conducting house-to-house searches with K-9 units in the area between Weyman/Emmett Terrace and Mount Tom Road.

Students in the school are hiding in closets in classroom per standard lockdown procedure. Lights have been turned off and doors are locked.

Police searching for white male, black shirt, scruffy looking, 5’6″ – 5′ 8″. Initial call came in at 12:09 pm.

Nassau County helicopter dispatched.

Unconfirmed reports suspect had a gun.


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  1. We appreciate you!
    Bob…Without your great reporting in this City…we wouldn’t know anything!

    Thank God you were able to get something to eat!

    Thanks again Bob!

    1. I totally agree, this site
      I totally agree, this site seems to be the best place to go to find out what’s really going on in our city. Far better then The Journal News or News12. Get job Bob!

      1. True…
        especially since is strong-arming readers to pay for their articles.

        I guess they think this is Nazi Germany.

  2. The bright side
    This is now past 6 hours on this manhunt. I missed lunch and have been running up and down streets with my cameras. I am tired and hungry.

    Happily, a guy was detained in front of 777 Pelham Avenue giving me a chance to stop in at Greasy Nicks for a cheeseburger with.

  3. 3:13
    3:13 their chasing him all over Near mt tom and Pelham golf course, re calling helicopter, suspect took off his shirt

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