Latimer’s Double-Whammy On Westchester Families

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LATIMER’S DOUBLE-WHAMMY ON WESTCHESTER FAMILIES — Just Ranked Worst Westchester State Legislator on Business Growth — Latimer is Already Highest Property Taxer

Westchester–September 19…The highest property taxer running for office in Westchester this year has just been ranked the worst state legislator for business growth in the county, according to the the non-partisan National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB).

The groups rankings can viewed here:

Assemblyman George Latimer (D-WFP) scored an abysmal 17% of out of a scale of 100 on the annual ranking of how legislators vote on 11 key issues important to the business community. Only one other state legislator in Westchester scored as badly. Retiring state senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Mamaroneck), whose open seat Mr. Latimer is seeking to occupy, scored 60% on the NFIB ranking by contrast, the campaign of businessman and state senate candidate Bob Cohen (R-C-I) today noted. Mr. Latimer scored in the bottom 9% of the 212 members in the state legislature.

“We knew George Latimer was the worst property taxer running for office this year in Westchester, but now we are learning that he shares the worst ranking in the county on business growth issues,” said Cohen campaign spokesman Bill O’Reilly. “We have knocked on thousands of doors around this district and the number one and two concerns we hear from families are high property taxes and local unemployment, particularly for young people. The fact that Mr. Latimer is the worst in Westchester on both issues is revealing to say the least.”

Mr. Latimer voted to raise Westchester property taxes 46% as a member of the County Board of Legislators. He then voted against Governor Cuomo’s 2% property tax cap and ducked out on a hallmark reform bill from Governor Cuomo (D) to ease the property tax burden on municipalities in the long-term. Mr. Latimer was also instrumental in overturning the first property tax cap ever in Westchester, which had been in New Rochelle.

“It is hard to understand how Mr. Latimer could be so out of step with the needs of his constituents,” Mr. O’Reilly continued. “He talks a good game at home, but when he ge gets to Albany, he votes with the special interests every time and Westchester families pay for it. Voters need to know about this.”

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