One Last Video Noam Bramson Does Not Want You To See: Reimagine New Rochelle Armory Presentation by Shop Architects (3 of 3)

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This video is the third of three videos put together based on the presentation made by Shop Architects, the group retained by Reimagine New Rochelle to develop a plan for the New Rochelle Armory. An executive from Shawmut Design and Construction also presented and provided a detailed financial plan based on previous Shawmut projects.

In this 26 minute video, Todd Sigaty and Krista Ninavaggi of shop Architects explain the site plan, financials and proposed design for the Armory.

Reimagine New Rochelle is compromised of residents including those associated with Veterans groups, the Arts and Design and Construction.

shop Architects is a leading architectural firm whose most recent project, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, has been a media sensation. Home to the Brooklyn Nets, the venue will soon host the incomparable Barbara Streisand performing for the first time in her native borough on Oct. 11th. Other projects include Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport, the Columbia University School for the Arts and many others.

Shawmut Design and Construction is a leading construction management firm with offices in Boston, New York, Providence, Las Vegas, and New Haven. They have completed over 600 projects ranging from museums to sports venues to casinos to churches. Their client range includes Four Seasons Hotels, Harvard University, Wynn Resort & Casino, Tiffany & Co. and many more.


The Video Noam Bramson Does Not Want You To See: Reimagine New Rochelle Armory Presentation by Shop Architects (1 of 3)

Another Video Noam Bramson Does Not Want You To See: Reimagine New Rochelle Armory Presentation by Shop Architects (2 of 3)

4 thoughts on “One Last Video Noam Bramson Does Not Want You To See: Reimagine New Rochelle Armory Presentation by Shop Architects (3 of 3)”

  1. High School level presentation
    I’m a little tired of listening to presentations by people that don’t have a clue about New Rochelle.

    1. Thanks for the vote down, however….
      When the presenter made the comment that 14,000 people showed up for the haunted house so imagine how many people would come if there was something really there, he showed tremendous ignorance. Firstly, a haunted house attraction can not be compared to any other viable shopping of public use project. Secondly, the interior of the armory is in shambles BECAUSE of the Chamber of Commerce. They ran the haunted house, they filled their packets with the haunted house and all of the debris that is in the armory is the left over plywood, 2×4’s and material that was used to build the maze and displays for the haunted house. The chamber of commerce should get their asses in there and clean it up. Habitat for Humanity also used the armory and grounds to store tons of material for their “restore” and also did not clean up.
      To call the armory part of “Historic” downtown is laughable. If they find Jimmy Hoffa buried at the armory their may be some historic value. Other than that, downtown is history NOT historic. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop using developers that don;t have a clue about New Rochelle or learned about New Rochelle from a few PR releases. It’s the reason we keep getting meaningless projects that fail.

      1. You’re not talking to Idoni II here, are you?
        He isn’t listening, he’s too busy counting his money.

        Get out there and organize a protest if you want to effect any change.

        Remember, New Rochelle doesn’t have far to fall before it’s completely gone.

      2. NR City Council needs to put on their listening ears!

        Some good points, I was at the meeting and part of the problem was the setup of chambers for the meeting. It was as if someone opened the doors and said you wanted it, you got it. Do what you have to then close the door behind you. They had to make do with what they could. No lights, sound problems etc… They did the best they could with what they were given. For they did not have an inside track and definatly were not made welcome.

        As for the conditions of the Armory, The Mayor, The City Manager, The City Councils of today and the past should be held accountable for the conditions of The Armory, The City Yard, The North Avenue Church and the many other buildings that they have let fall into disrepair. They let The Chamber of Commerce use the Armory and should have supervised what happened there and also set pre-conditions and ground rules. I was appalled when I saw those conditions as I was when I saw the condition of The City Yard. Not even a care for every day maintenance items. Unacceptable!

        As for Habitat for Humanity storing materials there, I don’t think that was the true cause of the damage. I know for a fact that Jim Killorian has reached out to the city and offered many times over the past few years to help clean up and do some repairs at the Armory so it didn’t sustain any further damage. At several meetings he offered to put tarps on the Armory roof right away to prevent further damage regardless which group gets the RFP approved. Jim has reached out and offered on many occasions to coordinate a clean-up crew with his group’s assistance and other volunteers. He would get donations to help with The Armory and The City Yard buildings and grounds. At no expense to the taxpayers, he would supply the materials needed. He has shown in several communities around us that he can do it.

        I have said it in several Citizens To Be Heard meetings, why do New Rochelle groups and companies need to go out to other communities to do their good will when there is a true need right here? It is not for a lack of trying. People can’t get through to The Mayor, The City Manager and The City Council regarding any issue that is not on their personal agenda or that of their contributors. I repeat, the blame also lies at the feet of the citizens of New Rochelle for looking the other way time and again when they see something wrong. New Rochelle needs to step up and be heard before it is too late. As you say, it probably is too late. I don’t believe that it is and will continue to fight for New Rochelle and my home. It’s Never Too Late!

        “Common sense for the Common Good”

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