Veterans Groups to Lead March on City Hall on Wednesday, October 10th to Protest New Rochelle Mayor’s Plans for Naval Armory

Written By: Robert Cox

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UPDATE: Channel 2 News will air a report on the Armory during the 5 O’clock News.

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Led by the United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association, New Rochelle residents including members of various civic groups and neighborhood associations and the New Rochelle Policeman’s Benevolent Association will march Wednesday evening from the American Legion Hall to the steps of City Hall where they hold a rally in opposition of the recent decision of the New Rochelle City Council under the director of New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson to hand over control of the New Rochelle Naval Armory to a for-profit business in direct violation of the deed of transfer under which the City of New Rochelle acquired the Armory in 1997.

For those unaware, the New Rochelle City Council held an “unofficial” vote to deny the New Rochelle Veterans an opportunity to put together a development package for the New Rochelle Armory after we, along with the Save Our Armory Committee, spent 10 years working to save the building from destruction. The development rights were awarded instead to friends and donors of New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson.

We have had enough of the Mayor and his cronies mortgaging our heritage and our future for the benefit of his political career.

The good people of New Rochelle have had enough. The storm is gathering. We are going to take our City back. Join us!

The marchers will assemble at the American Legion Hall Post 8, march down North Avenue and re-assemble on the steps at City Hall where speeches will be made opposing the maneuvering of the Mayor to hand a public asset with deep emotional significance to a for-profit enterprise with political and financial ties to the Mayor.
WHAT:      Protest March and Rally
WHEN:      Wednesday, October 10, 2012   
WHERE:     Marchers will gather at American Legion Hall at 112 North Avenue in New Rochelle, NY at 6:00 p.m.

Marchers will step off from American Legion Hall at 6:45 p.m. and Assemble on the steps in front of New Rochelle City Hall at 515 North Avenue at 7:15 p.m.

The assembled group will enter City Hall at 7:30 p.m. to speak at City Council Meeting at Citizens to be Heard.

Peter Parente
United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association


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One thought on “Veterans Groups to Lead March on City Hall on Wednesday, October 10th to Protest New Rochelle Mayor’s Plans for Naval Armory”

  1. Good Luck Tonight!
    I can’t be there so here is what I was going to say,

    It is not just the choice that has so many people upset. There are positives to both proposals and I think a more thorough review should be done. It seemed that is what The Development Commissioner Michael Freimuth was trying to say but got pushed around. He then resigned the next day. Statements say his leaving was a work in progress, Of course it was. He couldn’t wait to get out of Dodge before the towns people began to tar and feather the leaders. The vote was the last straw.

    The vote was done in a public forum but was not a vote with the public’s input or their interests as inferred. Where is the Envision NR committee and the process to get feedback from the Citizens of New Rochelle on both updated proposals? Where are the Public Hearings? The Envision NR meeting last week would have been a good start.

    The Armory was a discussion item on the agenda, not put out as a voting item for that evening. A vote did not need to take place before the Forest City DEIS study. Nothing was set in stone; it was to be brought up in October at some point. It is the manner in which the vote was taken. As with most transactions before The City Council there is a manipulation of the rules to favor one group or developer. The process is flawed because of the people in charge seem to hold the upper hand. The Council Members need to stand up independently and take charge. Follow the City Charter and for God Sakes, Listen to the citizens!

    Take back New Rochelle for All of New Rochelle!

    “Common sense for the Common Good”

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