Our Lord of Miracles Procession Oct 28th 130PM

Written By: Martin Sanchez


On Sunday October 28th, a procession celebrating Our Lord of Miracles (in Spanish: Señor de los Milagros de Nazarenas) will be commence from Blessed Sacrament Church in New Rochelle (Centre Avenue) at 1:30 p.m.. Our Lord of Miracle is an image painted of Jesus Christ that is venerated in Lima, Peru. It is the main Catholic festivity in Peru and one of the biggest processions around the world. Here in New Rochelle celebrations have occurred for several years either from Saint Gabriel’s RC and now Blessed Sacrament. After the large Mexican community, Peruvians comprised the second largest Spanish-speaking community in New Rochelle – note the many Peruvian restaurants El Tumi, Lineas de Nazca, Brisas, and Cholo’s.

An image Christ is shown enduring the pain of crucifixion. It was painted by black slaves in the 17th century. This image is carried by men and women with periodic stops and dancing. Last year stops occurred at El Tumi Peruvian Restaurant on Main Street as well as the Little Mexican Café (where a Mariachi played music in honor of Our Lord of Miracles). It is the largest procession in New Rochelle.

Every year, in October, hundreds of thousands of faithful from all races and economic backgrounds celebrate the Lord of Miracles in a religious procession through the streets of Lima. The boulevards are dressed in purple to celebrate the Lord of Miracles his annual procession through the streets of Lima where over 2 million faithful clogged the old part of Lima.

Its name originated in a massive earthquake in the 18th century, which destroyed most of the city leaving only that mural standing up. Without doubt the earthquakes experienced by Lima, Peru during the 17th and 18th Centuries contributed to the beginning, the growth and the solidification of devoted veneration to the mural known as The Lord of Miracles.

Come this Sunday at 130PM to Blessed Sacrament on Centre Avenue to witness a beautiful procession and listen to music from Peru and dancing of marineras. Thank you,

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