Armed Burglary Interrupted in Progress Near College of New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — At 10:46 a.m., New Rochelle Police responded to a call of an interrupted burglary at 17 Willow Drive near the College of New Rochelle. Police are looking for two suspects, one of them armed, after they fled the scene in a Black BMW with a New York license plate that includes the number “9547”.

The first suspect is described as male, black, 6′ 0″ dressed all in black. He had a handgun with a wooden handle. The second suspect is described as male, hispanic, 5’10”, stocky build, wearing a knitted hat.

A woman residing at 17 Willow Drive came home to find a burglary in progress. The first suspect threw her down onto the ground and held a gun to her head. The suspect then bound the woman, stole cash and other items before fleeing the house on foot. The victim was able to untie herself in time to see the first suspect get into the vehicle driven by the second suspect. The pair was last seen driving down Leland Avenue towards Pelham Road. This according to sources familiar with the police investigation.

Police responded quickly and are on scene now. The call initially went out as an armed home invasion. The difference is whether someone was in the house when the break-in occurred. If the victim was in the house at the time of entry by the suspect it would constitute an armed home invasion. In this case, the victim was outside the house and came upon the suspect who was already in the house.

The investigation is still ongoing. Anyone with information is urged to contact the New Rochelle Police Department at (914) 654-2300.

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    1. She should sue the JN
      When will the insanity end. Homes without guns will have to get them.
      We are all targets now.

      1. Dumb
        Yeah then your kids can shoot themselves in the face when they figure the combo or find the key to the lock box great advice maybe she should get a dog or security system instead

      2. Not DUMB??. Journal News DUMB???
        You have nothing to worry about for now. What happens when the JN stops paying for your security??? Where is the security for the rest of us???

        FACT: a newspaper with shrinking circulation numbers alienenates it’s remaining readership with a dangerous PR stunt. What a disconnect. A woman has to face an armed gunman who knew there were no guns onsite.

        We are having this discussion because of the DUMB journal news. Not many journalist jobs around. Where will you go once the paper folds.

        Maybe Gannett approved the stunt as an excuse to close a failing publication.

        Time will tell.

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        Makes no sense. Smart enough to figure out the combination but dumb enough to point a gun at their face and pull the trigger.

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